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  1. Another Dirty Democrat

    Anyone ever notice how only Liberals are corrupt?
  2. Another Dirty Democrat

    Enough is enough! Vote Republican and at least the guys visiting their South American mistresses on public dime and having gay sex in airport bathrooms will represent real American values.
  3. Well, That Was Fun

    Damn, how will the dickless cope?
  4. Joe The Plumber Gets Flushed

    with indignation! What a fucking douche. I guess he was looking for a free handout, but now, like Jon Stewart said long ago, looks like he's gonna have to make a living snaking toilets after all. I wonder if he still thinks Obama is going to bankrupt him with taxes if he *hypothetically* ups his business' annual revenue to $250K from the current $13K? I mean, eventually we all get rich if we just work hard enough, after all. No shit, Einstein! You got used, wahhhhhbulance time! He's right about one thing, though- face of Middle America: fat,breathtakingly ignorant and uninformed. If that's what it took to be "done with" Palin, then...
  5. TX crashers Manifesto

    You mean "the big show"? [video:youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HCk3uAkYi0&feature=player_embedded Damn... He's not even subtle about it, the declaration is "if we lose the next election we're going to pick up the guns and start using them". I'm surprised the FBI isn't tracking this wacko.
  6. Music Interlude

  7. Music Interlude

    Word. [video:youtube]21OH0wlkfbc
  8. Joe The Plumber Gets Flushed

    This and This might suggest that ideological politics are only just getting started.

    ...and Care Bears.
  10. PETER!

    this would be even funnier were it not that this is exactly what Glenn Beck said to Palin as he drooled in her lap during his interview with her. But hey they're just entertainers!!
  11. Republicans less popular than Venezuela

    That sounds like a threat, where's the moderator?
  12. Republicans less popular than Venezuela

    wasn't that how Rush dodged the draft?
  13. Republicans less popular than Venezuela

    Then there was the Buddhist who went up to the hot dog vendor and said "make me one with everything".
  14. More blackwater fraud charges

    You guys DO support our troops, don't you? Don't be a hater.
  15. PETER!

    Can't be. When the left organizes protests that are typically much better attended than tea parties, leftists are then reviled as angry, yelling terrorists of some kind. ok, how about overt racism and xenophobia? That sells too.
  16. PETER!

    Because they scream and yell a lot; anger and controversy and conflict sells newspapers and draws crowds of gapers.
  17. PETER!

    well yeah, that's cuz libs ARE retards, so he was speaking the truth AND being funny at the same time. Isn't that brilliant? That, and, she can't have the Blob talking shit about her when she's trying to run a campaign for President...you know, run a campaign while working as a paid correspondant for a major media/news channel, for a few years while saying slyly "oh I'm just thinkin' about it". That's not illegal or unethical at all, doesn't violate any campaign-media relations bylaws whatsoever!
  18. PETER!

    oh, the brilliance of "satire"! That Rush is so entertaining! I can't wait for his next round of negro jokes, you know, the funny satirical kind of racism.
  19. PETER!

    Don't tell anyone. We're still in negotiations.
  20. Fucking healthcare

    Did her.
  21. Fucking healthcare

    wow, and all this time I'd been told it was those welfare babies sponging off the system, and illegal Mexicans that were the entirety of the problem...
  22. Fucking healthcare

    Peter, I'm not sure that the argument is that government healthcare is going to be better by design, rather, that by increasing people's access to it, including but not limited to by means of gov't assistance, is going to result in improved health of the American populace. Granted, lifestyle choices are the best prevention, it's obvious to us outdoor types but it is not so obvious to the average person, and doctors/therapist can provide their patients sound counseling. Also the issue isn't that people who choose to be uninsured can't actually afford the premiums; it is the thought that you could be paying these premiums which do take a bite out of one's budget and still get bankrupted in the event of serious illness or injury. So a lot of willfully uninsured are just so because they'd rather hedge (hope) that they won't get sick or injured and save those premiums in their pocket instead. If you're going to go broke either way...
  23. Fucking healthcare

    and for folks without so much wealth, and/or younger folks who haven't built a fortune and are unlucky enough to get a serious illness or injury? Tough luck? Btw, sorry about your dad- that stuff is stressful for all.
  24. Fucking healthcare

    Oh and the Teleprompter joke is getting old; the implication being that no president ever used notes or such and that the president is a programmed buffoon. Whether you agree with him or not is irrelevant, the guy is obviously intelligent, the problem is that the Tea Party crowd is the champion of "intelligent, thoughtful speech and proper use of the English language is elitism and arrogance!" it's the newspeak of this generation, ignorance is virtue and education is elitist. Get over it. Even Reagan spoke eloquently and that was one of the qualities I appreciated about him despite policy disagreements.
  25. Fucking healthcare

    Actually, I'm not a big fan of the bill either, but I imagine for different reasons- mainly, it is gutted of all the basic things the "reform" was promised to include, but then requires us to buy their still shitty coverage. No thanks! It currently looks like a giant giveaway to the the insurance industry, increasing their enrollments but doing nothing to address rising costs of care and skyrocketing premiums. My problem with the Republican approach is that it is so transparently political and disingenuous: I am convinced that the R's have no interest whatsoever in seeing any legislation passed. Imagine, for them, what it looks like if Dem's and R's work together and produce legislation the public finds pleasing...the end result is Obama and Democrats in congress will look good and get reelected, and they cannot have that. "Starting over" is code for "let's have another year of partisan bickering and character attacks and hopefully the public will be so jaded that we'll gain some seats and set the stage for Sarah in 2012". I'll concede that Pelosi and Reid haven't taken the high ground politically either and that the Dems have reaaly blown a good opportunity to control the debate without appearing to be excluding Republicans, but I believe Obama's actions of late are the actions of a reasonable person who is willing to work with adversaries without pretending his core values have changed. He took direct responsibility for the lack of cspan coverage, and is now arranged to fix that; the response of the R's is another dodge. There's a lot of elements in the bills details that are already good like preexisting conditions and such that really need to get passed. The key for whatever happens is adding legislation that actually helps address the COSTS of care, therefore coverage. I just don't believe the Republicans have any priority apart from obstruction, delay, and reascendency to power. If Obama calling their bluff is a "political trap", then I guess the game is up for them.