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  1. "Alpinist" in jeopardy?

    I saw a bunch of shirtless, beanie wearing people with toothbrushes and big chalk buckets running away from the scene. Who should I call with these important tips?
  2. Good Winter climbing conditions coming

    That's funny coming from you, douche.
  3. West Face of Hozomeen?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 5.4, right up the center of the face.
  4. Gore - Nobel

    LOLERZ, aren't you a college professor? Idiot.
  5. Popes Realization

    I'm an expert on your life, I read your wikipedia page big boy! You are pretty hot, by the way, you could be my pianist any day.
  6. Finger of Fate Photo Onslaught

    That's a nice vest cowboy.
  7. America, meet your handbasket:

    I'll climb with you chaps, you're pretty hot.
  8. Hahahaha

  9. Willis wall beta

    I would consider soloing your ass.
  10. Hi

    Hi Johnny, I'm new here too, mostly into sport climbing. Let's hook up!