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  1. dead crow

    so much for engineers being able to problem solve
  2. I_like_MAASCLES!

    Juice makes it easier to get the dogs in the bathtub :tup:
  3. inspiring books about female climbers

    Touching the Void
  4. Beacon Rock: Closed until July 15th...

    :noway: Seriously!?!?! Beacon rock closes in the winter!!! Well that sure is news to me! :rolleyes:
  5. Gas Prices above $3 Again

    If you want something in return for your income tax and don't like traffic why don't you move to Portland? Or can you afford it?
  6. Gas Prices above $3 Again

    No shit....like between Portland and Vancouver, that traffic sucks beyond sucks. If you choose to live in the couve to duck OR property tax but do all your shopping in OR to duck WA sales tax you deserve to sit in traffic for being such a cheap asshole. They should make the I-5 bridge a toll bridge and only charge people who drive across it more than 1x a day
  7. [TR] Dragontail - Triple Couloir 4/19/2007

    It's a great ski :tup:
  8. outerspace walkoff /gear

    Add to that list Tower 1 Route (Big Four) NorthWest Corner(North Early Winters Spire) East Face(Lexington Tower) Dreamer (Darrington) ...and how come you didn't tack Beak Beak Beak and 10% Meterological Vinculation to the top of Princely? ETA ooops, Big Four route is 10a If link ups count you will find link ups just as good (if not better) as anything in WA at Beacon Rock (don't let the crazy old guys make you think it is in OR) Make sure to bring your chalk... it gets hot on the river!
  9. the queens of spray

    I just don't want to be able to see your backside from the frontside.
  10. the queens of spray

    Nothing wrong with some junk in the trunk as long as it doesn't have a tractor trailer behind it
  11. the queens of spray

    Reviewing the other options at hand it would appear to be... how you say... the safest bet? Or perhaps least embarrassing? Then again... baa
  12. the queens of spray

    i'd win i am mean and i only fight to win. plus i out weigh her by about 50 pounds of muscle I hate to burst your bubble hon but I've seen your ass and that definitely isn't muscle
  13. the queens of spray

    Cut to the chase: how many of these hot climbing chics will be at sausagefest?
  14. Peace in the middle east

    Boobies will always be the answer! yes this is safe for work thank baby zombie jesus
  15. funny

    I hear pebble wrestlers don't wash also but that's because they squat