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  1. Gas Prices above $3 Again

    My $30 bus pass for 4 months now sounds like such a good deal! I walk, bike and bus most places since i don't own a car.
  2. Workout Splits

    Um... wow. I am impressed. Now that is a workout!
  3. Anyone ever notice?

    a bite of cranberry sauce and then a swig of milk. Doesn't sound bad? Just try it sometime...
  4. [TR] Dragontail - Triple Couloir 4/19/2007

    Great TR! Thanks for sharing
  5. 5.10 gambit

    Did you buy your mythos tight enough? I have really narrow feet and they work perfectly for me! I just bought them 2.5 sizes too small and they stretched to fit nicely around my whole foot. The first week is hell, but after that they are great! Just got back from squamish and i'd give the mythos an A+.
  6. Climbing Studs

    hahahahaha no thank you but that was a funny joke. Is anyone friends with Kevbone on here? He seems to be the joke of the week. Kevbone, why can't you be nice sometimes?
  7. Climbing Studs

    what a missleading thread title. I was hoping for some pics of climbing studs. All i got was a crappy link and some talk of bouldering.
  8. This weekend I almost

    thank you.
  9. Climbing Studs

    Well said. I hate bouldering cuz i suck at it, get frustrated with it because it's hard and i don't go anywhere, and because of all the idiots who just sit around on crashpads at the gym so they can be in on the "climbing" scene. I climb inside when it is rainy and to work on my forearm strength. At the WWU climbing gym my friends and i are usually the only people on the ropes.
  10. This weekend I almost

    I almost went to class on Friday, but then decided to climb instead. Turns out i didn't miss anything in my classes anyway! I almost stayed home on Saturday instead of going to Squamish because of my physical therapist told me not to climb because of my achilles tendonitis. Went to Squamish anyway and the ankle didn't bother me too bad!
  11. foot orthotics survey

    I am in love with my orthodics! They are the best and have never hurt me. I was having a lot of shinsplint pain while running cross country in high school so i got them. I had a my left leg was shorther than my right so my pT also put a lift in that shoe. I pronated a lot more on my right foot, so that was also corrected. I can't remember how much i paid for them cuz my parents paid for them, but i think insurance covered a bit. The only problem i have had from them is that the padding got rubbed down on my right arch so the plastic started cutting my foot. I just got it resoled and it is as good as new!
  12. Your state (province (Dru)) of origin

    Orange County, CA. THE OC!!!
  13. Curling in BC?

    I hear curling is pretty fun and a couple of friends and I want to try it. If you have ever curled up in B.C. and know of a place to go that has open curling on Friday and Saturday nights, I'd love to hear about it!
  14. Curling in BC?

    tvashtarkatena- i don't think there is going to be any curling because no one can give me any advice on where to curl in BC.
  15. Curling in BC?

    So no one has ever curled up in Canada before?
  16. Curling in BC?

    You sure you've never curled before?!? I don't know very many people who say "light in your loafers"...
  17. Mount Erie: Orange Wall??

    What makes them dangerous, just because they are sideways? I've clipped sideways bolts with confidence before, figuring that they were just as strong as other bolts, but maybe harder to clip.
  18. Index Lower Wall 4/11...?

    Roger's Corner is fun.
  19. hotmail

    Gmail is the best! I switched from yahoo to gmail a long time ago and have been very pleased with it. It also comes with google chat and you can call people on there for free over the internet. The free calling has saved me well over $1000 so far. for gmail.
  20. I don't feel very original posting this because all of the current TRs are about Red Rocks as well, but here are some pics for anyone who is interested! Blake and I flew down to Las Vegas for spring break. We met up with 3 other friends down there and spent 5 days climbing in Red Rocks and 4 days hiking the Paria Canyon, the largest slot canyon in the world. Just wanted to share some pictures! All in all, amazing trip! Here are some pics from Red Rocks. We did a classic multi-pitch 5.7 on the first day. The first part was Johny Vegas and then Solar Slab to the top. We also enjoyed "The Misunderstanding". Great 5.9+ exposed crack. Bring 4 #3 cams. We found a place to bivy for the night... What happens when hungry college students get creative... Yes, we actually brought our soup to a boil using our iron for our stove in our hotel room. Would definitely recommend a 4 day backpacking trip through the Buckskin Gulch and Paria River if you ever get the chance. The canyon is gorgeous and it's a really easy walk (all slightly down hill the whole way). We started at Wire Pass and ended at Lee's Ferry. 43 miles total. We saw petroglyphs in two different locations and each day gives you a different type of environment to walk in. First day is the narrow slot canyon Second day it widens and there are trees and plants on either side. 3rd day it is even wider and definitly looks like "The American Southwest" and the 4th day is beautiful desert with mountains in the distance. Make sure to buy passes ahead of time. Only 20 people are allowed into the canyon to camp for the night each day. It is $5 a night per person. We bought our passes 3 weeks in advance and did not have a problem finding a free date to go. Blake and I wore neoprene socks because the hike weaves back and forth across the Paria River. At the deepest, the water is up to your knees. If we were to do it over again, we both agreed that we would have bought shoes with mesh on the sides to let the water drain out easier because our old tennies we wore were pretty heavy from sand and water trapped in our shoes.
  21. The best OW's from Squamish to Smith

    Post deleted by mythosgrl
  22. Photo contest?

    Can someone tell me what happened to the photo contest from a couple weeks ago?
  23. the queens of spray

    Been a few days since i've been on here. I was surprised this thread was still going. I'd ask for November, because that's my birthday month too, and my favorite month, but apparently Sherri beat me to it. Not sure if I spray enough to be in the calendar, but if you'd like to include me, here are pics. Climbing in New Zealand First trad lead in Squamish Not climbing
  24. Great pics! I'd vote for yours if you put them in the Ice category on the contestizzle thread!!
  25. [TR] Tele

    One time my boyfriend saw a boarder sitting on the slope and thought the girl was hurt... then when he approached her he realized she was on her cell phone.