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  1. Trip: [TR] SEWS - Southwest rib Date: 5/26/2007 Trip Report: Blake, Lisa_D, Billygoat and I parked at Blue Lake Trailhead. Blake and Bill skinned up to the climb and Lisa and I walked. It took about an hour and 45 minutes. The snow was firm enough that i was able to walk in it wearing my trail runners. Took a picture of it from the car on the drive up Quite a few folks were climbing the route, as you may have noticed from all of the TRs on here already. Weather was perfect for climbing. Wasn't cold at all and the rock was dry. I lead the crux pitch (5.8) which is a nice sized crack. There is a variation that is quite nice for the 3rd pitch. Instead of taking the 5.4 route off to the left, you can go straight up the 5.10 finger crack. The crack is thin at the bottome (perfect for my fingers) and then widens. It was a blast. The next pitch was a 5.6, but had one balancy move that i thought was the hardest of the entire climb. The last part is fun though. YOu get to bearhug the rock and work your way up both cracks. Had to do a variation for the last pitch because the crack we were going to go up was wet. Made it to the top at 6PM (we got a late start on our day). Took some pics, saw tim and some friends, shared some chocolate chip cookies with them, and then scrambled and rapped down the spire. We were able to make it off the spire and down to the car before dark. The sunset was amazing and overall the trip was really great. Good rock, good friends, fun approach and decent. Didn't really like the scrambling down to the rap stations (i'm new to that), but even that was ok. Gear Notes: Rack of nuts, cams up to a 5 (need the #5 to protect a section of the 2nd pitch), and chocolate chip cookies.
  2. [TR] Yosemite - Various 5/31/2007

    Impressive! Great pictures! I had been waiting to hear about it. Looked like you had a good time. Was it pretty hot down there?
  3. [TR] SEWS - Southwest rib 5/26/2007

    I think it took about 7 1/2 hours. We did have 2 rope teams (4people) in the beginning, but then Bill didn't do the whole thing with us so throwing the rope down, getting his rope after he rapped, etc took a little longer. So we took longer than most groups. After that mishap we powered up each pitch pretty quickly.
  4. Plans for Long Weekend?

    ski in! Woohooo! I'm actually not skiing though. just climbing.
  5. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good books about female climbers. I'm looking for some inspiring stuff to read to get me pumped for summer climbs.
  6. Gear for Muir?

    I walked up to Muir in my Montrail trail runners. It was August so the snow was pretty well packed down by then, though.
  7. bellingham/ skagit county gyms?

    Here is a link you might find useful. http://www.acadweb.wwu.edu/recreate/subpage.asp?name=membership Doesn't sound like you can become a member unless you're a student, faculty, or have some other connection with WWU. I just started climbing at the Y instead of WWU's gym and IMO it is SO MUCH BETTER. The wall is actually high enough to get a good workout on and there aren't a bunch of boulderers laying around all over the place like at WWU. When it's sunny, i try to climb outside (closest place is Mt. Erie), but the Y is 2 blocks from my house so you can't beat the convenience.
  8. inspiring books about female climbers

    wow! Thanks for all of the titles. I'm excited to start reading! If you think of any more, keep 'em coming.
  9. What makes you fart?

    I'm with you Muffy- milk and icecream are tough for me to handle. It's a shame, too, cuz i live 3 blocks away from Mallards in Bellingham and i LOVE that place.
  10. Guess what tomorrow is!!!

    tomorrow is my dog's birthday!
  11. SUSHI

    Why does everyone like sushi so much? Rice has no flavor, Seaweed should stay in the sea, and raw fish? GROSS! I mean, i've eaten it before, but it's not something i'd pay that much money for. It's expensive, doesn't have much flavor, and not even that good. I know at least one person on this site who thinks the same as i do... but just wondering if anyone else thought that it was marginal and confused why everyone else raves about it.
  12. Good first time climb

    Before i did Rainier I would run 4 miles and then hike Mt. Si as fast as i could. Did that a few times before i climbed rainier and felt pretty good once i got on the mountain. Rainier was my first snow climb/slug and it went really well. I just learned how to self arrest and all that the day before.
  13. Vancouver Pub Club, eh

    Can Bellinghammers come too?
  14. I need Crossword Help

    P.S. I think since these nice folks are helping you out, you ought to share your dinosaur cake if you win.
  15. I need Crossword Help

    Blake. I can't believe you are entering the contest! Last week's prize was a Decemberist's concert ticket and this week is a dinosaur cake. Since the prizes have obviously gone down in value i didn't think you were gonna try this week...

    That is supposed to funny!?!?!? I don't see how something called a rape box can be considered funny, I find it pretty fucking disgusting that someone can market something like this. Gotta love the US where the sound of someone getting raped is found to be funny. Fucking idiotic!!! THank you for saying that. I agree. It's sad how twisted our humor has become.
  17. WWU>CWU... had to throw that in there. After all, we are supposed to be rivals. Plus, we're closer to Squamish than you!
  18. Women take note...you've been all 'splained!

    So cc.com gals, which category are you? Be honest!
  19. I go to Western Washington University located in Bellingham, WA and am an exercise and sports science major. I love it!! Bellingham is a beautiful place and I have been impressed with the education I have received from Western.
  20. Workout Splits

    I've been pretty depressed lately because my PT told me not to run or even pool jog til my achilles tendonitis went away. Running is my stress outlet and with midterms here I'm going crazy. i envy everyone who is getting to do cardio right now. Biking feels good again though, and i'm swimming laps today... but nothing is as good as running. i love it.
  21. Gas Prices above $3 Again

    I'm still legally a dependent, on my parents insurance, etc.
  22. What annoy's you

    Post office and DMV lines. You always think that it'll take 5 minutes because there are a few people in front of you and it ends up taking 45 minutes!!! Also, people who don't let you know you're pissing them off til one day you say something and they explode in your face.
  23. Gas Prices above $3 Again

    Wasn't trying to get all self righteous or anything... and the boyfriend comment was just a joke. I realize that I still live a much more wasteful lifestyle than most people in the world... partly because i'm a middle-class American and can afford to buy lots of things. That's no excuse though. I'm trying to make concious efforts every day to cut back on the footprint i'll leave here and i realize that i have my work cut out for me. My room is about the size of a king bed and i feel incredibly priviledged to have it. I don't eat red meat, try to walk or bike wherever i can rain or shine, try to buy local, etc. All of which are steps in the right direction. I think we should all be affirming each other for the small steps we're trying to make, since it seems like most of ya'll are trying to do your part to be less wasteful.
  24. crack climbing sucks

    I've never used tape before. My hands do get pretty scraped up, though, so maybe i should look into it. I thought scratched up and bleeding hands were just to be expected in crack climbing and that i was doing everything right.
  25. Gas Prices above $3 Again

    Or make boyfriends... My boyfriend has a car and when we go climbing or to the mountains we usually carpool and find a bunch of ppl who also want to go and split the gas.