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  1. Other talents?

    -Singing classical stuff- opera, arias, etc. I am a soprano -learning anything related to the health, muscles, exercise, human body -cooking gormet food -running 5Ks, playing water polo
  2. quickest way to heal blisters?

    My former cross country coach who was a pretty elite athlete used to cut a small hole in the blister, pump it full of pain reliever Neosporn, cover it with a band-aid, then cover it with duck tape and rub vasaline over the top. If you were planning on going hiking/climbing say, tomorrow, this is the proceedure i would follow. If not, use what everyone else is saying. I have run on big blisters pain-free before using this stystem... the neosporn keeps things bacteria-free while providing pain relief and helping your skin to heal, the ducktape helps keep the bandaid on and vasaline cuts friction.
  3. How crowded do you think it'll be at 8 mile? Any suggestions on where my friend and I should crash Saturday night? Will anyone else be around who is willing to share their campsite with 2 lovely ladies?
  4. Camping in Leavenworth this Saturday

    I didn't get the PM. Did you put an "i" in girl? The orchard sounds grand.
  5. Considering Bellingham...

    I like Bellingham! I have climbed at Mt. Erie in November and had 60 degree weather before. Many times I have climbed there when it was raining in the ham. Bellingham also has less rainfall than Seattle on average. I don't think Bellingham is dark and dismall at all. Maybe it's because i have lived in Western WA almost my whole life and that's what i'm used to though. Went up to Squamish last weekend (1 hour and 45 mins away for world class climbing!) and there's always Skaha if it's raining in Squamish. People are friendly here, downtown has good restaurants and shops, you can bike pretty much anywhere, and when the sun is out, it is amazing. Honestly, if you're considering moving anywhere in Western Washington other than like, Squim, you're going to have to deal with rainy days. Suck it up and buy a rain jacket.
  6. The Bellevue Rant Thread

    Every so often I go home to Bellevue to visit my parents and every time I hate that place more. What are some of your worst experiences you've had in Bellevue?
  7. dehydrated states of america

    So not only is some of America drying up, Americans are also becoming increasintly dehydrated themselves. http://www.natural-cure-alternatives.com/water.html This is an interesting article about how vital water is for us. 37% of Americans mistake thirst for hunger...
  8. You don't know what love is

    "I wanna know what love is I want you to show me I wanna feel what love is I know you can show me" Man, I love 80's love songs
  9. The Bellevue Rant Thread

    Would not say happy... but yes, it did make me laugh... mostly because i knew it was coming and thought it was funny that i was right.
  10. Another Bush Flop

    well said.
  11. The Bellevue Rant Thread

    overcompensating again?
  12. The Bellevue Rant Thread

    what a load of bullshit. SUV's? They are everywhere, not just Bellevue. I recently interviewed for a job in downtown Seattle and the parking garage was full of SUVs - hogging up all the compact spots. Personally, I have never owned an SUV, and neither do many of my neighbors. And so what if we did, or do? Some of us have families and actually use those extra seats in our cars - we aren't all narcissistic singles. Go to college and get a successful job? Sounds like sour grapes from a loser who can't compete. All there is to life? Pray tell, what is there to life? Promiscuous sex with partner after partner? Drinking and partying in bars? Listening to your favorite alternative band live? Working a dead-end meaningless job? Or maybe you're lookin for man to take care of you, and in the meantime, you'll just have fun? Most people grow up beyond this 18-25 lifestyle, raise families and move to suburbia for better schools, nicer neighborhoods, and benefits like parks that aren't taken over by the local bums, school districts that are actually good, and reasonable taxes. I don't have a problem with people going to college. I think you misunderstood me. I have a problem with people in Bellevue and other places being obsessed with the status associated with a certain college. If I didn't go to UW or the East Coast for school I was considered a "failure" at my high school. I think going to school and becoming educated is great! In Bellevue people were more concerned with the name of the school than the actual learning that would take place there. Also, you said "successful job". How would you define success? I don't have a problem with people getting a successful job. I think that is lovely. But just because it pays well does not mean it is successful. That is another thing people from Bellevue don't understand. They are looking for jobs with a name attatched to them again; looking for that status and the fatty paycheck that goes along with it. Also- that parking garage was probably filled with SUVs FROM a home on the Eastside. No one is going to try to parallel park one of those downtown Seattle in front of their appartment building.
  13. The Bellevue Rant Thread

    Oh really? Why do you think that? Did you attend Newport, Bellevue, Sammamish, or Interlake? Went to Newport- we were in Newsweek for one of the highest number of AP tests taken per student in the country. Part of the reason why so many students took the tests were that they could afford to pay $80 a test and the Bellevue School District had a policy that said if you refused to take the AP test, you had to take the district one (which was almost exactly identical) and it would count on your overall grade in the class. So they forced kids to pay and take the tests (which most of the student body could afford) to avoid having that test count on their grade incase they failed it. We also had great test scores... because if most of the students failed the WASL their parents would disown them or they missed out on their $200 bonus for their grades. Saw so much cheating go on there it was sickening. Also, many of the students were tutored privately or went to math camps over the summer (both which cost a considerable amount of money, let me remind you), so they came into the schools ahead. I'm not surprised that Bellevue has the highest test scores in the state. I would attribute most of that to money. I only had 4 valuable classes out of my whole high school career there and most of my friends would admit the same thing. Just curious- how do you define "best"?
  14. The Bellevue Rant Thread

    I do live somewhere else- Bellingham. Well, at least i don't get run over or have fists shaken at me when i bike on the road here. Plus there are FAR FEWER SUVs here and practically no traffic. So yes on some of those things and no on the rest. I know that there is no perfect place to live, but I think Bellingham has many more environmentally minded and down-to-earth people. I like that... guess i just fit in better here and going back to Bellevue is a rude reminder that people can actually think that that kind of extravegant living is normal.
  15. Shout out to all y'alls

    Really enjoyed the last half of your pics. That rock looks amazing!! Is it weird that i just wanted to shove my hand in those cracks? Anyway... that's on my list of "to do's" now!
  16. The Bellevue Rant Thread

    i'm just sick of snivelling, 19-year-old twats who think suburbia sucks because it doesn't appeal to their superficial, lame, narcissistic, single, partying lifestyle. Hope you don't think that's why i hate it. I personally am sick of the SUVs, un-biker friendly roads, over consumption, shopping malls, gigantic houses, and people thinking that getting rich, where you go to college, and what job you land is all there is to life.
  17. The Bellevue Rant Thread

    Sounds like you're a little angry and have been in Bellevue for too long
  18. state the obvious thread

    you're in the wrong thread
  19. [TR] Guye Peak - Improbable Traverse [FFA/FKA] 6/1/2007

    This is hilarious!!
  20. I don't know about you, but i'm definitely getting that umbrella... definitely a climber's necessity.
  21. Getting ASS

    you can roller blade 50 miles as well i guess. Yes, i'll be around this summer. GOt an internship up here.
  22. Getting ASS

    A cheaper alternative is just to roller blade.
  23. Summer Wounds

  24. Summer Wounds

    Was leading a 5.9 sport climb and fell. Ended up pendulum swinging into a flake that was sticking out.