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  1. Exit 38 Wed. after work

    Wednesday or Thursday works for me this week. Sounds like people are going Thursday. I'm in! See you at QFC!
  2. Bet that was a nice change from last week, eh? Congrats on the climb! I enjoyed the pics as always. Wish i could have climbed it with you.

    I'd carry it on. Just tell them it's climbing gear. They'll probably have you pull it out, look at it quizzically, and leave it in a heap for you to shove back into your bag. (That was my experience when i flew with Blake in New Zealand). We had harnesses, slings, cams, nuts- pretty much a little bit of everything.
  4. Do you hate Focus On The Family?

    yeah, that's a great way to love the people that you don't feel very loved by.
  5. Climb: Mt. Logan-The harder summit (East summit i think....) Date of Climb: 8/13/2006 Trip Report: On August 11th Blake Herrington and I headed out from Stehekin to go climb Mt. Logan. I was pretty excited about it because it was my first backpacking trip and alpine climbing trip! We got a ride up to the end of the road (where the first wash-out is) and stashed our bikes so that we would not have to walk back down the road at the end of our hike. The first day we just hiked and fished for 3 miles along the road to Bridge Creek and stayed the night there. The next day we continued on the road to Park Creek Pass Trail. When we were on the Stehekin Road we saw a bear eating berries! He was a cutie It was pretty hot outside so Blake and I dunked our heads in the river each time we filled our water bottles. We followed the trail up to Park Creek Pass and camped about 1/4 mile on the West side of the pass for the night. The next day we packed a day pack and headed off-trail through the lovely alpine meadows. Blake whistled at marmots and pointed out picas. We reached the Fremont glacier and got out our ice axes and put on our crampons. Blake's kept falling off so he just didn't use them. The snow was pretty soft and we were only on the glacier for about 15 mins max. There was only one crevasse that we had to cross and the glacier was not steep at all. We had doubled up the rope for walking on the glacier and just kept it that way for the rock climbing... which made for lots of short pitches. I want to say we did 10 pitches or so. The climb went up and around the back of the mountain. This pic is of me wondering how many more we have left... We finally go to the top though and happily ate our bagels from the Stehekin bakery. The view of the Eastside was hazy because of the forest fires but the view of the westside was pretty good Going up the mountain was definitely easier than going back down. We made 2 rappels and did some sketchy scrambling on loose rock that I was not too fond of. Blake said he had forgotten that getting down last year was a bit of a challenge as well when he climbed Logan. I did enjoy walking back down the alpine meadows to get back to camp. And of course also enjoying some water from glacier run-off The next day we hiked back to Stehekin from Park Creek Pass All in all it was a great trip for my first time! Couldn't have asked for better weather, a better route, or a better climbing partner. Gear Notes: Crampons were optional. Had ice axes just incase. Used small cams and nuts. Had 2 larger hexes. Approach Notes: Stehekin road to Park Creek Pass Trail. Once over pass, went off-trail to the mountain. Climbed the summit to the right as you look at the mountain from the Fremont glacier. I guess it'd be the east summit? It's the one you can't just walk up.
  6. Chalk - you've got to be kidding me...

    I have only needed chalk for 2 moves while i have been climbing. Maybe i just don't have overly sweaty hands like some foks, but all in all usually if you move fast enough sweat is not a problem. My rant is about people using chalk in the climbing gyms (or at least at the climbing wall at Western). I feel like I'm breathing it the entire time. The holds are so chalked you can't even see the color of the holds!! If i ever do get my hands a little sweaty, i just have to bang them against the chalky walls. Chalk is for chumps.
  7. Blake, we didn't even have sausage! Cobra_Commander-I was not wearing my mythos because the rock climbing was easy enough to just do in my montrail trail runners. GUess i'll just have to find some harder alpine climbs. Blake, wanna do Gunsight again?
  8. Hit by large rock on shin

    Yeah, it could be a closed hairline tibia fracture... meaning it's a small fracture that does not go all the way through the bone, and the bone does not protrude through the skin. You can try something that helped me identify whether or not i had a fracture... I used my thumb, and starting at the top of my shin bone applied strong pressure and worked my way down the bone. If there is one spot (usually no bigger than the size of your thumb) that has a lot of pain when pressed on, it could be the fracture site. That was the case when I had my stress fracture. Hope that helps! If you can, get it checked out.
  9. Fall Ropeup Plans

    Really? Didn't sound like that to me:
  10. Fall Ropeup Plans

    Sorry fellas, i'd rather make-out with my boyfriend. Sounds like your entertainment will have to be goatroping The 30th is the only weekend in September that works for me.
  11. Fall Ropeup Plans

    I'd like to put in my vote but I don't know if any of you guys care, cuz you're not going to get to lick my shirt even if i do come. Still interested?
  12. WTB: Petzl Ecrin Roc or Elios Helmet (size2)

    John, Are those your helmets? If so, how did that happen? I just got my Elios in the mail today... so hopefully it will last a while...
  13. Exit 38 Wed. after work

  14. Mosquito Sonic doo-dads

    Define "a little bit" please...
  15. Chillout Music

    Zero 7, some Death Cab for Cutie songs, and Damien Rice
  16. INK

    Anyone know of any good tattoo artists close to or in Bellingham? I don't need them to specialize in anything in particular because i just want a word written, but i'd like a safe, clean, not-so-sketchy person to do it.
  17. Exit 38 Wed. after work

    Thursday works for me this week! What time? 4:30 at QFC?
  18. Exit 38 Wed. after work

    i'm sick so i'm not sure if i'm gonna make it today
  19. [TR] Mount Goode- Northeast Buttress 7/3/2006

    HAHA of course he did! Good work, Blake! i bet it was nice climbing in your boots and not getting weird looks from WWU rec center workers, either.
  20. Exit 38 Wed. after work

    Are we all meeting at 4:30 at QFC tomorrow (July 5th)?
  21. Exit 38 Wed. after work

    I have been climbing a little and would also like to meet up with you all tomorrow. Do i need to bring any draws or rope? I have a rope and a few draws. Just let me know!
  22. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any rock climbing guide books that describe the climbs off I-90 (i heard there were some climbs off exit 32 and 38). Or if anyone has any other comments about that climbing or suggestions feel free to post! Thanks!
  23. Great pics! i could say more, but am biting my tongue.
  24. Trail Running in Seattle

    I was talking about trails, since the title was "trail running".
  25. 06/06/06

    It's just a date. If 666 is such a bad number, are all the mothers next year going to be trying to have thier babies on 7/7/07? The most perfect and holy number? Being hyped up about a date kind of reminds me of when people were freaking out about Y2K.