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  1. A bunch o random stuff for sale

    pm sent on crampons
  2. Alpine suit, Miscellaneous stuff.

    interested in the crampon pouch and capline. Is it still available?
  3. FS: Downhill Ski Gear

    Interested in both sets of crampons, depending on how they attach to your boots also intersted in the axe
  4. Anyone know of an Arcteryx Bora pack for sale?

    I've got a friend with a bora 40 that he is wanting to part with, he just switched to a new pack. If this is the size you are interested PM me your email address and I will pass it on.
  5. Random Crap For Sale

    interested in the crampons, are they still available and what size of boots will they cover. Thanks scott
  6. More Women's Gear Added - Spring Cleaning Sale

    Interested in the stove and pot. What would the shipping be to 65805? Yep i'm stuck in the midwest.
  7. I have a S.O.S. (Survival on Snow) Avy shovel. It is a Metal Blade,Pro Model Telescoping Handle w/ snow saw. I also have a ABC probe. SALE PENDING Both are completly brand new and have never been used. here is the link for the shovel Shovel Link The shovel has the tag still on the handle. I got these as a gift and would like to pass them on. Shovel Retails for $80 Shovel Shipped to your door for $50
  8. FS: Shovel - Price Reduced

    shameless bump, Someone buy my shovel, make me an offer
  9. wtb small camalots

    I have a .1 and .2 that I would sell you. They have never been placed on a climb and only carried a couple of times. I bought the set and then realized that I would never want to climb above something so small. I would ship them both to you for $55 I can send pics if you PM me a email address
  10. FS: Shovel - Price Reduced

    Someone make me an offer I need to sell this stuff.