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  1. Charity Rainier Climb 2013?

    Not sure that their 2013 schedule is up, but the Fred Hutch always leads a good series of climbs for cancer research: FHCRC Cancer Climbs .
  2. I had always heard how awesome the winds were, and boy those pictures make me want to take a trip there right away! Looks like a great time! .
  3. Wicked Awesome! I guess I will have to make another trip up the endless granite sidewalk for this one. .
  4. [TR] Colchuck Balanced Rock - West Face (5.11 C1) 8/7/2012

    Fun one eh Stewart? Nice work on the roof traverse, I always felt like it was a boulder problem more than anything (just 500+ feet up). Was there still a pile of tat above the belay leading to the roof? .
  5. Easy big wall in Yosemite?

    Second this suggestion. Did it in a day bringing bivy gear and slept at the top. We enjoyed amazing views of halfdome and the valley at night as well as never seeing another person (after royal arches of course). One of the best bivies ever. Then you can hike to the top of the falls and drop right back down to camp 4 afterwards for a good tour of the area. The route on North dome is spectacular as well, interesting climbing in a great location.
  6. [TR] Mt Rainier - Ptarmigan Ridge 7/10/2012

    I'm a transplant to Teele square as well! I know there is a section for the Orygun folks, maybe we can get one for the Bwoostonians...
  7. Nice one Rad! Looks like a nice day out (minus the ). Thanks for clearing out that tree! I definitely need to take another trip up to Shangri-La .
  8. [TR] Crystal Lake Spire - SW Rib - 19p, 5.8 6/28/2012

    Very awesome Stewart and James! That looks like a full on fun, off the beaten path route! How was the rock quality on the route?
  9. Snakes are awake at Vantage

    Either a bad ass or practicing snake handler... .
  10. Dude! Fricken wicked awesome! .
  11. [TR] Canadian Rockies Melange - 6/11/2012

    Nice looking trip and set of pics .
  12. stolen gear for sale on Boise Craigslist?

    With the exception of the ice axe, it looks like caving gear more than anything. No idea if its stolen though. .
  13. SEW East Buttress Bolt Ladder

    I used mini-CAMP biners, they worked jut fine. If you have a couple thin pieces of webbing I would throw them into the rack just to be safe. I can't really comment on the ease of free climbing as it was around 90 degrees when I did the route. After it was baking in the sun all day, I just wanted to pull on the biners as fast as I could to get into the shade. The 10 portion is more slabby than anything, the 11 looks awesomely fun, steep, and well bolted. Here is my old TR with excessive pitch by pitch beta: http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=892396
  14. SEW East Buttress Bolt Ladder

    As I recall, the first ladder had the most old bolts remaining and the second ladder is in pretty good shape (only a few old bolts remain). Besides being old, the biggest issue with the outdated bolts is that you cannot clip a normal biner to them (you need something very small or you have to girth hitch a sling). If you are up there and are in the mood to upgrade, I say go for it. The route gets a descent amount of traffic and everyone would appreciate the effort!
  15. A6+ ?

    I am not sure what makes something go from A6 to A6+, but I can say that I wouldn't want to fall on the belay. Climbing Mag Hot Flashes
  16. Very nice! The snow conditions must have made the traverse and final pitch fun! .
  17. All I can say, is that was Wicked Awesome! Nice work! I love the gratuitous gear shots as well
  18. Icicle TV

    Works fine.
  19. Wierd Hand Condition

    Bummer Jens! That is exactly where I had a ganglion cyst about 10 years ago. It started out slowly (small like a pea), caused no pain, no reduction in movement. Overtime the cyst became the size of a grape and was restricting my finger motion. I had surgery to have it removed. I was back climbing about 2 weeks later and it doesn't bother me at all now. Not sure that is what you are experiencing, but its a possibility. Good luck!
  20. [TR] Dragontail - Northeast Buttress FWA 2/3/2012

    Nice work! I love the bivy ledge, hopefully you all didn't pack into that one tent
  21. [TR] Mt. Rainier - Gib Ledges 2/4/2012

    Nice work Dan! Glad you got to check this one off the list .
  22. XXXL climbing helmet? - need help

    I wear a size 8 fitted hat, 64cm, 25 1/8". I found the Black Diamond Tracer helmet to fit on nice and tight. That is what I wear, but its definitely near the maximum for me. The Grivel Salamander helmet is supposed to only be 62cm, but I found that I could put it on. I decided not to get this helmet as it was pretty warm. Although I have never tried it on and its hard to find, the HB helmet is supposed to be good for cranially gifted people: http://www.climbing.com/print/equipment/hbd/ If you end up finding a great helmet that works, I would love to know if you find something else out there as well. Good luck!
  23. Splitboard reviews?

    I have the new K2 panoramic. The nice part is that the entire board comes basically ready to go with hardware, skins, etc. I would say I am still really new to the sport, but I definitely like my setup. For the skinning, I am too new to really comment on how it would compare to other setups. For downhill, its fantastic.
  24. Pain near base of thumb/wrist

    Sorry to hear that Stewart! There surely could be lots of potential reasons, but one worth looking into is a ganglion cyst. I have had these on my wrist before, and depending where they form, they can produce infrequent/recurring pain. Sometimes the cyst would be big enough to feel (like a pea or a grape under the skin) and other times they are fairly small and unnoticeable. However, they can cause pain similar to what you are describing even if they are very small. If they are larger, you can try the old house hold remedy of hitting it really hard with a bible (hence the name bible cyst), or they do sometimes just go away. In most cases, I have let them go away, but in one case I had surgery to remove one near my fingers. http://www.emedicinehealth.com/ganglion_cyst/article_em.htm "Ganglion cysts most commonly occur on the back of the hand (60%-70%), at the wrist joint, and can also develop on the palm side of the wrist."