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  1. Is this legal?

    ok, here's a compromise. All residents of the world and texas whose last name begins with BUSH are required to be vacinated with a anti-procreation drug.
  2. Spaced-out Astronaut Arrested!

    Another fine product of the Naval Academy, appearently screwing goats wasn't enough. get sum
  3. softshell pants??

    I appreciate the input from everyone. That's what I like about this site..battle tested recommendations. Alpaholic, I have the champs, they are about 3 years old, with a gorillia glue stain on the leg, it looks like I was dry humped by an elephant--there's no way you would want them, but they are a good conversation ice breaker.
  4. softshell pants??

    Does anyone have a recommendation for softshell pants that are as bomber as my Mammuts, but doesn't give the wearer the appearence of a Euro porn star??
  5. Climbing Film - The White Hell of Pitz Palu

    The Mountain (1956)-Spencer Tracy and Robert Wagner. A good script with some decent mountaineering scenes.
  6. Interesting Anomaly

    It's like grad school or any discipline for that matter,...you should be familiar with the literature...past and current.
  7. Lewd?

    breasts in public should be held to the same standard as gum in a classroom. If you plan to share, don't whip it out.
  8. Cheney v Wolfie!

    It's amazing how principled those poindexters become (republican and democrat alike)when faced with any issue that has the possibility of causing them personal loss or grief. Same pile of shit...different fly.
  9. Change this forum post name

    I thought that area was a province of Hong Kong????
  10. What a fucking pussy. When you're dumb you suffer.
  11. Bradford Washburn RIP - End of an Era

    Escape from Lucania (Washburn and Bates) is an excellent read.
  12. LBJ then, GWB now........

    How about Rumscock and McNamfucker.
  13. Foto Caption Fun!

    Typical mountie prep for the chair lift.
  14. Leashes= cheating (many say)

    I like leashes, because shit happens and I don't want to be a liability to my partner and create an epic. They work well for me and the euro's can piss off
  15. First Winter Ascent this Friday

    jamin = son of Arc