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  1. My daughter (age 10) is going through the Shasta Mountain Guides intro to mountaineering course in June (Mom insisted). She hits the treadmill everyday after school getting ready for the course. She did great on Rainier (http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/697989/fpart/3) this spring and can't wait for Shasta.
  2. To Plastic or Not

    I have used Vasque Super Alpinistas for the last couple of years (Rainier, Hood, Lassen, etc.), and have not had any complaints about them in comfort or performance. They are sort of a hybrid plastic/leather boot. Way more comfortable than the Koflach Degrees I've worn in the past.
  3. Gear for Muir?

    Had a great time on Rainier on our way up to Muir. It rained the whole trip, but that just added to the mountain experiance. My daughter was the only person under 18 that we saw all day. She got many good comments from the other climbers on the route. Thanks again for the advice from everyone.
  4. FS: nuptses, crampons, reactors, precip jacket

    I'll take the crampons. PM sent.
  5. Gear for Muir?

    Already prepared. Compass, map, gps, and the knowledge to use them. If anyone is going to be on the mountain, June 14-16, give us a shout.
  6. Gear for Muir?

    Thanks for the advice. I am planning on having her carry just a small camelback and I am going to carry the rest. I have a pair of G-10s that fit her boots that I am going to take just in case but I think that just the added security of trekking poles will be sufficient. Has anyone had there children go through any of the snow schools offered by the various guide services? I learned a lot when I went to one with Timberline at Hood.
  7. Gear for Muir?

    My daughter (10) and I will be doing the route up to camp muir on June 15th. She has all of the proper clothing and equipment (fleece, shells, goggles, poles, etc.). Will hiking boots be OK or will she need to rent mountaineering boots. Should I take her crampons? She has already been high up on Hood and Lassen.
  8. I going to be climbing Mt. Mcloughlin on 6/25/06. Does anyone know what the conditions on the upper mountain are like this time of year?
  9. I climbed with Bob Camps of Longs Peak and Yosemite fame a couple of years ago. He was in his 60s at the time and we were climbing some very hard southern sandstone. Getting smoked by an old man was a humbling experience. Best day of climbing ever.
  10. Mt. Fuji

    I going to be in Japan on business the whole month of Sept. near Mt. Fuji. Has anyone done it? What were the logistics of the climb?
  11. boot break-in

    I finally got a new pair of mountaineering boots (Vasque Super Alpinista). Is there any kind of break-in I need to do to these boots?
  12. what kind of crampons?

    I just up-graded my boots to a new pair of Vasque Super Alpinistas and I also want to get a better pair of crampons (currently using some old salewa 12 points). I will be mostly on cascade mountains and possibly some Mexican volcanoes. Should I get 10 point or 12? Strap-on or clip? Any particular brand?
  13. aluminum crampons?

    Are aluminum crampons suitable for Cascade mountains?
  14. Guide service recommendation

    I did Mt. Hood in May 2004 with Timberline Guides. Learned a lot in snow climbing school and loved every second of it. Standing at 9,500 ft. in whiteout conditions and not anyone else on the mountain definitely gave that "big mountain" feeling.
  15. Windproof Mid layers

    I have knock-off copy of the MH Tech jacket by Campmor. I have worn it on many climbs both winter and spring (-20F to +40 F). Did Mt. Hood in May during white out condition to the top 2 years ago with it. Absolutely no problems and only about $70.