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  1. Edmunds Headwall route on Rainier

    Thanks again for your suggestions. You actually know more about these NW routes than the climbing rangers at Paradise. If we descend via the Tahoma Glacier, could we eventually traverse back to high camp at the base of the Edmunds Headwall?
  2. Edmunds Headwall route on Rainier

    Thanks for the photo. We have two cars available for a shuttle, in case we decide to descend via Camp Muir. If we decide to descend on the west side instead, would the Sunset Ridge route be a better choice than the Edmunds Headwall?
  3. Edmunds Headwall route on Rainier

    Thanks for the reply. We’re planning to drive to Mowich Lake. According to the rangers, the road will open on June 28. One of my friends has been on the Edmunds Headwall route before. On summit day, do most groups carry everything up and over the summit, or is returning to high camp (after summitting) a reasonable option?
  4. Edmunds Headwall route on Rainier

    Thanks for the reply. Our group is planning to go there on July 1. If we can’t get to the Edmunds Headwall, is there an alternative route nearby?
  5. I'm planning to take this route in July. Does anyone have a good link to trip reports or photos? Thanks.