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  1. transition to trad

    so I just started climbing regularly about 3 months ago in the gym (edgeworks, tacoma). I'm trying to prepare myself to do a lot of climbing come spring/summer. I haven't done any leading yet so I'm obviously not going to go out and use any trad advice I'm given right off the bat, but I just wanted to get some different peoples advice on moving from top roping to sport and eventually to trad. what kind of things can I work on and develope habits for? what's the safest way I can practice placing my own pro. I've already started to build my rack slowly so I want to practice whatever I can to prepare myself for when I'm actaully ready to hit up some challenging leading. any tips would be greatly appriciated. sean
  2. transition to trad

    wow thanks for all the advice guys. I have a lot to go from. I'm just about done with John Longs climbing anchors and a climbing friend of mine is going to work with me on leading in the gym on thursday so that will definitely bring me closer to where I want to be. also this may seem like a dumb question; I know what aid climbing is but in my particular circumstance are you guys refering to placing gear while top roping/sport climbing?
  3. Alpiners Anonymous: PDX dry tool night

    hey just have some questions. I knew to the whole dry tool thing. so do you guys climb established routes or do you place your own pro? I don't have any previous ice lce climbing experience but sounds like fun.
  4. Bigwalling Osborne!

    yeah I second that. It was pretty astonishing to see how he has channeled his energy into something much different than we might expect. Climb on osborne!!
  5. climbers unite

    I have a little climbing experience but for the most part a beginner. Been climbing at Edgeworks gym in Tacoma for a month, and I looking for people to climb there with and eventually outdoors. if anybody is interested let me know.