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  1. I've got a little one on the way, so I'm trying to clear some gear to save for daycare. VW Climbing passes, 1 punch each-$200 for both Giro 9 helmet, M, never crashed-$25 .
  2. Clearing out the closet Kelty Peregrine 1800-in great shape-$50 Woman's Scarpa T2s-used for a few seasons, Scarpa 6-$100 BD Avy Poles-discontinued item, these are aluminum with shafts that connect to make a probe-$50 Whisperlite International, 2 fuel bottles, trillium base, windshield-$60 MSR Alpine 2 pot cookset-$30 Kelty Lightyear 3D-$75 email intheways at gmail dot com for more info. Thanks
  3. I wish, but I'm pretty grateful for the job right now.
  4. I have some gear that I bought at the beginning of winter, hoping to use it this spring. My work schedule is too hectic and I won't be able to use it. Most of it is brand new. Grivel Airtech Evo Axe (58cm)-brand new, never used-$100 Grivel Airtech Evo Crampons (Newmatic)-brand new-$100 Scarpa Escape GTX (Sz 45)-worn a couple of times-$150 Thanks
  5. I've got a whole lotta stuff for sale. I had a knee operation last year and am not going to be using it. Karhu Jak BC with Dynafits, 179 cm, good shape, no core shots or edge damage, skins included-$425 Atomic Pumori with G3 Roxy's (163cm)-these were used by my wife for a couple of years. They are still in good shape with no core shots or blown edges, skins included-$200 Women's T2s (size 23 shell)-my wife skied these with the Pumori listed above. They have the standard (non-Thermo)liners-$125. Women's Patagucci Microburst Jacket and Pants. Jacket are in good condition (size XS)-$100. Pants is in good condition also-$100. Giro 9 Helmet, size M, used for a season or two, no crashes-$25 Women's Bolle Helmet-$15 Scott Storm OTG, good condition, worked well with 9-$25 Cabelas Goretex Gloves, M-$20 Flyfishing Jacket-$15
  6. Sure...$115 plus shipping. Are they 48 or 53 cm?
  7. Would you consider splitting the Airtech tools? I'm just looking for a hammer. Thanks
  8. That's why it's worth it to "earn yer turns"
  9. Thanks for the advice. I just pulled the trigger on a 58. Thanks
  10. Hola! I'm fairly new to the Cascade's, just relocating from Montana. I'm looking for some advice regarding ice axe length. I'm looking at getting a Grivel Air Tech Evo ice axe for primarily ski mountaineering, with some general mountaineering and moderate technical routes thrown in for fun. I would just go with a Raven Pro, but I would like to get something that could handle some moderate mixed routes in the Cascades, but still function well on the volcanos. I have done a small bit of ice climbing, and I would like tools that are a bit more generalist. I spend most of my time skiing and rockclimbing, so I'm looking for some tools that can extend my range. I'm looking at either the 53 or 58 cm axe, probably paired up with a slightly shorter axe. Any thoughts?
  11. Thanks for the replies. I will probably got to 2nd ascent or Pro Ski, depending which I am closer too.
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