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  1. Lillooet help.

    westcoast ice by Don Serl, but you knew that I'm sure. Breakfast at the Reynolds, there's a guest book and damn fine grub. Should be a beer on tap at the Reynolds bar as well, probably MGD or some such swill I usually stay at the 4 pines, clean and easy. Probably something cheaper around but Im a creature of habit and loathe change. Fingers crossed for weather.
  2. BC Ice?

    So, thoughts on ice around Lillooet this weekend? Hasn't gotten anywhere near the high temps they were calling for, think stuff could still be in by sat?
  3. Huge whipper!!!!

    love the spinning at the end,looks ugly. good scream, ads drama.
  4. Stolen gear recovered...file that police report!

    good for you, karma boost for sure.
  5. Self Arrest Vs Self Bely grasp

    Ahhhh... but what is the best way to hold the axe when fighting off mountain ninjas?
  6. New Zealand advice

    Do yourself a favor and check out http://www.rockclimb.co.nz/ Bryce is a good guy and knows the Wharepape very well. My girlfriend and I had a great time cragging around there. Smiths is a really goos spot, and baileys road was the most peacfull, cool climbing we did on the trip. Paynes Ford is also a must, VERY cool spot.
  7. Rock climbing in the sun

    sun?...... you mean when the rain could stop and the clouds might leave... I cant remember... sun.. Ahh I went to flemming today and all the problems seemed steeper and the gravity was higher than I remember. Nice pics, gotta get down there one day.
  8. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Looks like CNN has live feed, seems to work
  9. Risk- why?

    because if I drink enough It seems like a good idea.
  10. here it comes!!

    Its almost too much to hope for
  11. Pitty me in NZ

    I think I pulled a muscle climbing ignimbrite pockets in the sun yesterday, now I can barely surf at Raglan, so I have to sit here and drink beer on vacation. Hows the weather back home?
  12. meh, Im just going to start climbing shit and see how it goes. I kinda like the idea of an completly independant system, nothing to hang over your head.
  13. oh man, I'm flying out on friday, Im so stoked. CANT WAIT!!!!!!! sweet pics.
  14. AT Boots as plastic climbing boots?

    dude, Im sure he meant bunny slippers re-soled in c4 rubber
  15. Let's hear it...

    yeah that sucks, I feel guilty cause Im stuck on this damn island getting shit ready for my trip when I should have roadtriped down to squamish, stupid life decision there. mabey I'll go boulder. bah.