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  1. Do you hate the ACLU?

    The ACLU....helping "paranoid liberals" hide their kiddie porn since 1952. (not to mention helping Rush Limbaugh beat his drug rap). Yeah.
  2. Landis Kicks Ass

    Along JayB's line of thinking....wouldn't testosterone be used to bulk up? And even then an athelet would use it over a long period of time and not simply inject it to get a sudden boost for the next day. I could see someone transfusing rbcs to get a boost because I would assume the positive effects would be almost instantaneous. Why in the world would he be doing steroids (testosterone) in the middle of the Tour? It will be interesting to see if his previous tests show an increased level or if this is the only time it showed up (fishy). I am sure they took samples from him earlier. I have heard that they sometimes test the Tour riders 3 days in row.
  3. K2 Anniversary

    K1 = Masherbrum K3 = Gasherbrum IV which is arguable Bonatti's greatest FA.
  4. There is no way that an altitude of 2000 feet would be causing this. Good luck.
  5. Looks like my SUV is killing the Ogre...... At least the Monk will get a well deserved break. http://steelturman.typepad.com/thesteeldeal/2006/07/look_out_below.html

    Baby seal clubbers.
  7. Enumclaw

    http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/artsentertainment/2003097374_horse03.html If I were from Enumclaw, I'd be pissed that they always fail to mention that the sicktard that was into getting banged by a poor horse (that just happened to be stabled in Enumclaw) was a Seattlite.
  8. Aurora Bridge at Noon

    "I posted it on this site both as a humorous story (I think it is) but also so that others might not make the same mistake." Uh...don't think you have to worry about that. I don't know if there is another person in Seattle that wouldn't have anticipated attracting attention doing this. At least no one that is smart enough to be alive after climbing as long as you have.
  9. for all you pinko lefties

    Damn JayB.....you're making a lot of sense today (could be that your posts just look good next to that idiot ZimZam). I have a hard time sleeping at night knowing that there are nuts like ZimZam wasting space on this planet.
  10. accident at Little Si

    Minx....ever tripped and fallen off your high horse? Of course we all hope the guy is OK. I think we also care about the sport he probably cares about.....hence the discussion.
  11. Bush Did What?

    surely you jest DH!
  12. Bush Did What?

    Yeah...it's almost as remote as ANWR, and just as devoid of fauna.
  13. More news you might have missed...

    Matt and Peter P. What about the centrifuge tubes?
  14. accident at Little Si

    I don't think that we want to encourage people to rope up before crossing the ledge. This will only increase the the cluster f* factor. I prefer taking the lowest ledge across and the higher ledge coming back. I really wouldn't want to look up as I'm crossing and see somebody on the high route roped up. Can't imagine a better way of clearing the ledge than having some noob attached to a rope weaving his way through the crowd.
  15. DH and Chuck.. Is Gary Y. really an idiot or are you cats simply jerks? I've never met the guy so I'm ignorant.