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  1. I'll be heading to chamonix for six weeks day after tommorow, what is the best/cheapest way to get to chamonix from geneve airport at 1 in the afternoon. also what good hostels/cheap places to stay. route recomendations or any other awesome things to to there in the spring. thanks Tom
  2. hey has anyone ever flown standby to Geneva or somewhere around there, how do you get back, do you have to pay an unreasonable fare to get back to the states. any other suggestions for cheap flights? I'm planning on going around the end of june. thanks Tom
  3. hey my friend dropped his jetboil stove on the strait away between the trailhead of mountaineers creek and the first bridge. I'm sure he'd love to get it back. pm me if ound. cheers tom
  4. has anybody been around frenchman coulee lateley and seen if fugs falls is in, anything at banks lake? thanks tom
  5. tweaked finger

    yeah i'm pretty sure it's a partial tear. thanks for the advice tom
  6. colchuck lake area avy conditions

    yeah i guess i should have phrased this differently. what i wanted to know is if these routes have considerable avalache danger. ie the top of the couloir ends in an open avalanch slope that will usually send avalanches down the couloir. or the glacier has an alternate way to travel to stay off avalanche slopes. for example you can take a certain way to camp muir to avoid avalanch slopes in winter. thanks tom
  7. i was wondering what the avalanche conditions are like on colchuck ne couloir, or colchuck glacier route this time of year and with this recent snowfall. thanks tom
  8. winter climbing conditions

    what did you have in mind i'm up for almost anything. planned on some skiing with girlfriend and a couple of friends at snoquolomie around chair basin but whatever. got a couple of cobras but the nearest we might get to ice is the chevron pop machine at snoqualomie pass. tom 206 920 4997
  9. tweaked finger

    hey i was climbing at uw gym last night and grabed a small hold too hard and heard a crack it doesn't hurt to bend or anything making me think that i didn't pop a tendon but my knuckle hurts like hell when weighted during climbing. any advise?
  10. hey need a partner for ice in vantage and banks lake tommorow through monday. have a ride from seattle extra pair of tools, crampons but only 7 screws. will probably leave anyway tommorow and look for a partner there call if interested. 206 920 4997 tom
  11. ice 18-21

    yo eric i'm down for some climbing my partners have crapped out i have a car but am looking to head over tomorow 16th for some ice and have to be back tuesday for work. 206 920 4997 if this is eric gratz i think i've climbed with you before. tom
  12. hey i was wondering if anybody knows about the condition of cascade river road since the nfs hasn't updated their website yet. thanks tom
  13. 50 or 60M double ropes

    I'm looking to buy a double rope set up for the cascades and chamonix climbing. any advice on which length 50 or 60m or shorter. I usually wall climb and on alpine outings i find 60 m ropes snag up and probably take more time than just doing more rapells with 50 or less meter ropes your thoughts? tom