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    Warm water with two caps full of woollite, hand wash in bath tub, rinse with cold water. Woollite does not harm DWR, if you want to be super safe, air dry, then tighten all your straps down throw it in the dryer and tumble dry low heat for 10 mins, this reactivates the DWR.
  2. Tent Question

    What about the MH EVO 2, all the magazines reviewers give it a thumbs up.
  3. Getting my tax return shortly and was wondering if anyone has any experience with either.
  4. REI appreciation thread:

    I imagine it might be hard to hire a full staff of outdoor enthusiasts in North Chicago. How is this the consumers problem?
  5. Im new here

    Welcome, on monday we are having a debate on if a cleveland steamer is aid.
  6. REI appreciation thread:

    Yesterday I had to explain to a REI associate that a Gregory Denali Pro carries more then a Gregory Lassen (the only pack they had over 4000in3). Then when I asked if they had any double boots, the REI associate and I quote "what are those". I walked out right then, made a promise never to return to any of their stores or buy from them again. This was store in North Chicago
  7. Guide service recommendation

    I signed up for a course with Alpine Ascents, since they came highly recommended from a former colleague. They have been nothing but excellent, they answer emails inside of an hour and are very patient answering questions. I have no experience dealing with AAI, but I hear they are good. My $.02 is sign up for a six-day course, IL version of climbing is waiting at the climbing gym wall staring up at a soccer mom falling out of her 2 sizes to small prana top and Mich. can't be much better. Better to learn right.
  8. 5500+ pack

  9. 5500+ pack

    It is for a 6 day mountaineering course. It is in part of the required gear list. The and no shops around here carry anything that big, besides the Osprey Cresent 110. I have read some reviews and the Gregory Denali gets good reviews.
  10. Stupid Alpine Training?

    Back in my military days, an instructor of mine had a training tool called the chariot of fire. This training aid was a wooden pallet with a lawn chair, a cooler, a radio that played nothing but tejano, and an umbrella bolted on to the wood. Plus two sand bags being dragged behind it. We would drag that pallet up and down the beach for hours, while he would sit in the chair and contemplate our next training evolution. That got a lot of strange looks from the girls on the beach. But I will say this after a few weeks of that; there was no pain humping around a 100-pound ruck.
  11. 5500+ pack

    took a look at the MEC site and the prices are very good, how is the quality.
  12. 5500+ pack

    Looking for a pack above 5500ci, just wondering if anyone has some good suggestions. Thx
  13. Soft shell pant recommendations?

    I have heard good things about the Mammut Courmayeur pants.
  14. Belay jackets?

    Is the wild things belay jacket a good buy?

    Same here, after the Enron circus, the company I work for decided it was in their best interest to spy on their own leadership. You would not believe the amount of shady sh*t that half million a year people try to get away with.