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  1. Hi All This weekend we're having a sample sale in Vancouver. Upstairs at Valhalla Pure (222 West Broadway) will be packed with our Canadian-made goods and we even bring you some pieces from our new Hutterite Down Collection. There will also be a $10 jackets rack, so you can stock up on those Christmas presents you've been meaning to get. Everything will be 40% to 90% off, some really good deals to be had. So come see what's new, find some great gear, and say "Hello" to the Westcomb team! This sale is open to everybody so feel free to pass it along all your friends, post it on all the blog Facebook and forums and report it on the 6:00 news. Ha! Ha! Ha! Sale start Friday at 3:00pm to 8pm, Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sunday 11am to 5pm. See you all there. Cheers, Gabriel www.westcomb.com
  2. Pertex Endurance

    Hi Darstog I've only posted here a few time, I do work for Westcomb. One of my buddy told me about this tread and thought I should reply. I certainly don't want this to be "commercial post" but we do have a couple eVent insulated jacket, one in particular is probably more of interest to you. It's not on our website yet so fell free to give me a call or email Cheers Gabriel coteg AT westcomb dot com
  3. Hi Dru and all first off I agree with you 100% on the masqueraded post, I too think they don’t have a place on this forum. I have been working in the industry for 10 years and although I have never heard of someone being "paid to post" I am sure there out there. I do however really enjoy having professional like Will Gadd, Murrey and the bunch intelligently contributing to this forum. It took me a very long time to start posting here in fear of getting "flame" but in the end if people are stay up about who they are then we can make a inform judgment on there credibility. Ok the actual point of this post is that has a manufacturer/designer I really value the opinion and review posted here and I must say that its a great source of inspiration for me. It would be very sad if this tread discouraged people like Davis to post there opinions on there latest acquire gear. On different note I just say Return 2 Sender (climbing movie) and man am I pump! Got's to find me some of them desert crack ... Cheers Gabriel
  4. Boot Dryers

    I've been using this for some time: http://www.boottle.org They do look, well pretty kinky but they work great. A friend of mine design and produce them, and he's now trying to get them into store...meanwhile I think he ship from his house if you want one. Cheers Gabriel
  5. schoeller fabrics

    Hi ssy and Crackers I'm happy you like the explanation, I don't work for Schoeller but I do work for a apparel company that uses there fabric, I found the CFM rating mostly by talking to the rep and on there fabric swatch. It kind of sucks that they don't make that information more available, but then again most consumer are not familiar with this rating. WB400 coating is rated at 1 to 3 CFM so really you wont suffer from convective heat lost unless your in a force 9+ storm. At that point I think the design come a lot into play, wether the collar and hem has draw cords and if the main zipper has a good backing. Personally I have been loving the WB400 for just about every thing, except hight exertion activity like steep hiking and running ( who am i kidding I hate running) ... Hope this helps Ciao for now Gabriel
  6. schoeller fabrics

    Dynamic VS Dryskin VS Dryskin Extreme VS 3XDry VS WB-400 VS WB-formula Alright here it goes: The Dynamic family is huge for Schoeller, a quick description would be : 4 way stretch woven nylon, non coated or laminated. so usually pretty light stretchy and very breathable. Dryskin is basically a Dynamic fabric but while being woven they weave stray yarn on the inside which is in turn sheered off to desired length. What this achieve is that the fabric itself wont be directly sitting on your skin but the little sheered polyester yarns " Fuzz" acting like tentacle, collecting and wicking sweat to the face where it can be disperse and evaporated. Dryskin Extreme is the same except that its woven with a Cordura yarn for added abrasion resistance. Now 3XDry is a moisture management chemical appliqué, it can be applied to almost all fabric. On the outside fabric it acts as a spoof-up DWR repelling and beading water, and on the inside it greatly helps with vapor transportation hence the better wicking, faster drying, water and dirt repelling. You should also check out Nano Sphere Technology it's very cool... Ok , The WB400 is a Foam coating that is applied to any fabric. They take for instance a Dynamic fabric roll and pass it on a conveyor belt that both applies and uses a knife blade to spread the foam coat equally. Now this process can be used on its own but because of the rubbery feel of the coating ( not very nice against the skin ) they usually laminate fleece or knits to it at the same time that they coat the fabric. The WB400 coating is cool because it achieved something kind of unique and that is a fabric rated at 3CFM ( CFM stand for cubic foot per minute of air permeability when subjected to 35 knot of wind). In the real world that means that the fabric will breath very well compare to Gore's Windstopper rated at 0CFM, but is still very windproof. We all know that breathability and water/windproofness is in direct opposition, at 3 cfm you won't feel clammy from moderate exertion, you won't notice wind unless standing in front of a Gale and it's going to take a very long time for you to get wet from rain, especially if the face fabric has a good DWR. Finally the WB Formula is in the same line as the WB400 except that it is a membrane not a coating and that this membrane is fully waterproof/windproof, So of course less breathable. I hope this help and that my grammar and spelling are not too bad, English being my second language. -- Gabriel