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  1. Bulo conditions?

    where's A-51?
  2. New Beacon Master Topo!

    "Actually, almost all guidebooks present the information I have no interest in and leave out all the info I am - the story of the FA and what was going on with the climbers that led to the route's existence." have to agree with joseph here! Wish there was way more history in the guidebooks. Of course they'd be huge and you couldn't bring them to the climbs. I find that most of my local guidebooks never leave home anyways. However, when I go to Redrocks I'm doing research like a son-of-a-bitch! I'm sure I'll slap down my 40 bucs for my copy. I'm curious to see if any of the latest FA's are listed. Doubt it! stewart
  3. Smoking pot and climbing thread

    Cindy66, would you like to go on a date? You sound like a really interesting person and I would love to get to know you better. I'll wait for your response off-line. Scratch that, I think you and catbirdseat would make a better couple. Stewart
  4. Smoking pot and climbing thread

    trashterkatenana, that was you? My bad! Are you sure you weren't high? Maybe I misunderstood. "Trash someohow managed to arrest me and survive unhurt aided by a tangle that jammed in the belay device" "We were using an pre-existing old sling as a directional (only a mild swing would have resulted had it failed). It held through 6 laps, including a bit of hangdogging." I do not ice climb and wouldn't pretend to understand. I only came across the story after Jens came around to "self-promote" himself in another forum. Hey, I understand using an old sling, sometimes it just gets too heavy and tedious to carry and use your own. Your last line is hilarious. Can I use that in my 4th grade classroom? They'll love it without the "shit" part, maybe I'll just use "do-do" or "#2". trashterkatenana, maybe you can help me out with something. The kids in my classroom always say, "Can't wait till 4:20!" What does this mean? I know it has something to do with marijuana, but I am unsure. trashterkatenana, please be gentle, I realize this is in the "Spray" forum. I am a "good guy", just don't understand how to spray. You guys sound really hard-core, I'm sure I could learn alot from you. Stewart
  5. Smoking pot and climbing thread

    First off, I never smoke. I'd heard this story and It goes like this. Two climbers were high and decide to go "mixed" climbing on a route that was about 90% rock. After laping the route 6 times, on the 6th time the chunk of ice at the top of the route, which they had probable axed into several times that day, "suprisingly" came off as they drove there axe into it. Shocking that ice can only handle so many laps! Then as the ice and climber began to fall, the belay partner tried to get out of the way, and forgot to arrest the fall! Luckily the rope twisted up, knotting up the belay device. Close call! Then as they were begining to lower they inspected a sling they had been using around a tree and realized that the fixed sling was shreaded. I know what your thinking, Why would anyone trust a fixed sling without first inspecting? Another close call. Fortunatly for these two climbers, weed didn't kill them that day. I saw this story in the ice forum section about a month ago.

    "....I can not fall anymore...." NICE
  7. Huge whipper!!!!

    "Steward says it isn't a whipper if you fall on a bolt, even if you did fall the entire pitch." catbirdseat Does it really say "King of Spray" under your name catbirdseat? Please explain, I am relatively new to the site. Ohh yeah, check out my totally huge whipper that is way huge and totally bigger than any other whipper in the history of climbing. Its in the Ice Climbing Forum under "I'm way cooler than anyone on this web site" Its right under Jens post titled; "My whipper on the ice with Tvashketarkena today was bigger and upside down. See ice forum." And then you can check out my other self promotion under "blah, blah, blah" WOW!!! There really are tools that are sharper than an ice axe. Just kidding
  8. Huge whipper!!!!

    Are you ok, Jens? I'm sure it is a big whipper to fall on 6bolts. Oh wait, that guy only had one tcu in and was free climbing, not "aid/ice/mix" climbing. Sorry, without video proof, you're just talking. But hey, thanks for coming by, beating your chest and then letting us know where we could read your amazing "story". Please feel free to let me know, but isn't aid, I mean, ice climbing with screws?
  9. Huge whipper!!!!

    Looks like he could have placed some small gear right after he gets into the crack, a few feet above his last piece. But I wasn't there. Don't the Brits grid bolt cracks? That would have helped
  10. Christian Climbers.

    I gotta go, my head hurts, the "C's" don't listen anyway. I'm going to go climb on plastic. I think god made that too. Just not as good as rock. Why did god make wisdom teeth? I'll read your response later.
  11. Christian Climbers.

    "reinterpreted", That's a different topic. Notice I always use "God's Word"
  12. Christian Climbers.

    "What if they're really hot?" I play along and spit out my religious knowledge. Then ask my girfriend if she thinks there hot. And then..................
  13. Christian Climbers.

    I like you virendra7, I don't really understand you, but would love to party with you. Who is that on the sax, Coltrane? I believe everyone has there own "God" and should be allowed to define them how they want. My "God" or whatever, doesn't require that I convert anyone or go to church. It, he, she, requires me to go climbing more than 100 times a year, hiking, respecting nature, etc. Coltrane had "A Love Supreme" for his God. And his god was ok with him shootin smack, I guess.
  14. Christian Climbers.

    No doubt greenfork, Christianity is helpful for many unstable people. And whatever works for you, great! But to the ladies that stop by my house and want to pray with me. Please leave me alone and seek out the homeless people on every street corner who really do need help. They could use a little God in there "Hell on Earth"
  15. Christian Climbers.

    ryland_moore, did you know that you will get to just outside heaven's gate and then they look you up in "THE BOOK OF LIFE"? If you don't make it past that, into the "Lake of Fire" with you. Accepting the baby Jesus just gets you a shot at being judged, just like everyone else. Please explain why I am wrong. As, I'm sure that I am in your interpretation of "God's word"
  16. Christian Climbers.

    Growing up in a conservative Babtist family, all they ever told us was how to convert someone, how to bring up religion in everyday conversations, etc. I was worried all my friends at school would go to Hell. I was convinced Catholics, Muslims, Buddist were all going to Hell and it was my job to get them on "God's side" Greenfork, pay attention to the world you live in!! Its all around us!!
  17. Christian Climbers.

    JosephH, do you really feel that the monk's in Tibet are really hunting you like prey and trying to create war, genocide, etc. Tibetians may be some of the purist people on the face of the planet. But they don't go out and try to convert anyone, unlike other religions, people come to them. Well the Chinese will beat all there good thoughts right out of them. I was once "a God fearing Man", I'm afraid of snake's, rats, heights, and the Religious Right. Not everyone in a religion is evil, are they JosephH? Just 99%
  18. Steve V and company

    Did you see Prince at the Halftime Show. Best Halftime Ever. Although that may have been the first one I actually watched. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivH45qH1vNA Pimp's and Ho's
  19. spraypainting metal gear?

    Hold on, orange is my color. Plan on spraying once a year depending on use. My biners get heavy use but a little flake of paint always remains. I'd only spray the "spine" of the biners
  20. Beacon Rock/PDX area this Sunday (1/28)?

    Hey I love "Gin and Juice", even if you do sing it the hippie way. Solo past me again, I'm bound to put a cap in ya azz!! Snoop
  21. Job Search Tactics

    The position I'm appling for is interviewing several candidates. Fortunately I know a friend who has worked with the Manager of the department nearly 10yrs ago. I'm using that to my advantage, along with letters of recomendations and emails from my friend to the manager. I've made it to the 2nd round, Hopefully I'll have a chance and make it to the final round. The problem is this, I really want the job and can think of nothing else that I'd rather do, besides, of course, climb. Just hope they have 4 months of vacation and 2 months of sick time so I can go to Yosemite, Joshua, Red rocks, Gunks, Levenworth, Etc.
  22. Beacon Rock/PDX area this Sunday (1/28)?

    probably ivan on one of his solo laps! ( just kidding ivan ) 10 years ago it would have been andrew and ken because they were CRAZY! Actually it was Ivan, singing "Gin and Juice" the whole way. The closest I get to soloing is just cliping all the pins on the corner. But I'm sure they would hold a whipper. Please send bags of shit to; Snoop Dog PO Box 911 Compton, Ca 42000
  23. Beacon Rock/PDX area this Sunday (1/28)?

    Ahh Pink back to your old icon. Nice. Other people still get freaked out andcould injure themselves cuz they are glaze-eyed. I went climbing with my girlfriend out at Beacon. It was her first time out there and someone soloed past her on P1. Not Cool. She is not that confident and the person soloing made her nervous to the point she was looking down at the soloist coming up behind her and not paying attention to what she was doing. Scary
  24. Beacon Rock/PDX area this Sunday (1/28)?

    I will probable get shit for this. When people solo out at beacon on busy days, it bothers me. First of all its "Solo". There are plenty of rookies out there who get glaze-eyed when they see someone soloing and then don't pay attention to the experience that they are supposed to be having. I am a rookie. Second is the case you mention or knocking off a rock etc. Seeing someone die can't be that fun. I've only seen someone die once. It was in a hospital and very expected, but still burnt into my memory. My answer to your question. They solo to show off, which will be there "down-fall". No its not fair. And if you were there first, tell them once they've reached the ground to "please go somewhere else, cuz they are making you nervous."
  25. he's back!

    What happen Pink? You changed your icon again. Did you go split-personality on us?