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  1. How Long should projects remain virgin?

    I see how you are. Your Spray buddy just sent me a PM and asked me to stop messing with you. Apparently, he's afraid you'll get banned and then he won't get to read your post's. So, I'll see ya next time. Yeah, mama jokes. Brilliant! Stewart
  2. How Long should projects remain virgin?

    Come on, I'm not going to click on your comment. Now run along, back to spray! God, its like trying to get a puppy to stop peeing on the carpet!
  3. How Long should projects remain virgin?

    what? Please explain and try to speak clearly this time.
  4. The Mazama Store

    That is hilarious G-Spotter! Come on, tell another one!
  5. How Long should projects remain virgin?

    Wow G-Spotter, your still here! Didn't I send you back to Spray? Ahh, once you've got the disease its tough to get rid of. Isn't there anything happening up in Canada ehh! Again, your comments are amazing! Please go away! I could meet you in spray, but I don't think your ready for the verbal assault! You make me tired with your Canadian education. Stewart
  6. How Long should projects remain virgin?

    There is a list of people that the route would have been handed down to, including myself. However, you are right in the fact that none of us would have asked to climb it. Maybe you can change your name if you care to post after this event. Maybe one day you will become humble, I feel as though you cannot recognize that you are in fact becoming humble. Nothing wrong with that. History is History. You climbed it! I will be contacting you soon in regards to other issues. Hopefully everyone will learn something from this, I know that I have. Stewart
  7. How Long should projects remain virgin?

    EgoBoy, routes have been handed down several times out at "unnamed Crag" Didn't you study your history book? Is it not true that you were givin Jason's number by the elder before the project was sent? Do you not agree that "The Humbling" is the perfect name for that route with all the events that have takin place? Thanks for the lessons! Stewart
  8. How Long should projects remain virgin?

    All right then, I've learned alot and am thankful to everyone for contributing to my education. Rule #1 Make all attempts to contact developers before poaching a route Rule #2 Always follow Rule #1 Rule #3 After poaching said route, keep it to yourself and move on. Rule #4 When starting a new on-line account, never call yourself Egoboy. Rule #5 Always follow Rule #1 Now Newbies, hopefully you haven't posted your gear on ebay, but if you did I'm looking for a new set of aliens. Wait, newbies don't climb traditional lines. G-Spotter, thanks for your helpful comments! Now run along back to spray where people give a shit what your saying! Stewart
  9. Broughton's -- Bat Wall conditions

    I've heard They removed the nest by filling it with gas and then fire bombing it. Thats why it still looks like a nest cuz the honey was burned to the wall. Please don't use gas. Someone should educate the farmer above about soil erosion and how to prevent it. Stewart
  10. How Long should projects remain virgin?

    If a project is at a State Park, is it possible to close the project to only one person? Isn't the State Park for everyone to use? Stewart
  11. How Long should projects remain virgin?

    Thanks Jens and Russ! All good points, just hope Jason doesn't take down the route's. That would be a shame as The Crumbling is one of the most popular route's out there.
  12. How Long should projects remain virgin?

    Yo Hemp22, I think we met a while back. What do you think about attempting the climb? Does each pitch get a different name even though its the same climb? Should posting an unfinished climb on line hold your spot? Is it ok to put in a shitty anchor and then send people out to go and climb it? In my opinion, No, No, and No! That is a classic wall! many people have been waiting for that pitch. I'm not sure that you can reserve a line on a classic wall like that. If you ever want to give it a try, I'll belay. I know that you climb at that grade so I would love to take pics or belay or give it a try myself. I'm sure that this phil caracter has good intentions, but he should replace that first anchor. Do you agree?
  13. How Long should projects remain virgin?

    Big Dipper! What's the word on that? I don't agree with you calling him out on-line, but oh-well. I certainly hope jason will understand and the sender will learn something as well. I think that most projects should be open, After a few failed attempts. I had a project in Eastern Oregon for over a year, I just couldn't get back to it. I ended up going back and in my mind got the FFA. Found out later that another friend sent it unknowing that it had not been freed. But that is a trad line, so I wasn't upset. God or whoever put this rock here, who am I to own anything?
  14. How Long should projects remain virgin?

    So sport route's with no tag or rope hanging are ok. Cuz I got my eye on an unfinished project that I'm sure everyone's been lookin at for 30 years. Now it has a directional bolt and an anchor. I'm going to give it a top rope and see if its even possible for me to do. If its possible, do I need to contact the person who did P1 and put in the anchor and directional? I would think not, since the wall is ultra-classic and the bolted line is kind-of disrespectful in my opinion. Putting up p1 before you knew p2 was possible. Then naming p1 in relation to the ultra-classic traditional line. If the route is possible for me, do I get to rename it? That is mostly, what my concern is. And I even like "Lord of the Rings"! Kevbone, when are you going to finish your project? I saw someone give it a try last week, all-gear. They took at the crux but then finished it clean, then it got dark and no red-point. Sorry to call ya out buddy. Stewart PS, should this get moved to Spray or is it still informative for newbies?
  15. [TR] Yosemite - several 5/7/2007

    You da man Bill stewart
  16. Poison oak

    yeah garlon and oil. True about the licence, but don't know anyone who would give you a ticket for getting rid of oak. Most people would thank you as long as you are applying correctly and with caution for others. Don't overspray on a busy day where other climbers will be walking through. Stewart
  17. Poison oak

    "Tecnu" is the only product that I have found or trusted to remove the oils from your body. Removing the Oil is the most important thing to do. Otherwise, it will continue to spread. If I think I may have even come close to the stuff I follow every direction on the package for 3 days then if the rash appears, every day on infected area. At the doctors, if really bad. Request the steroid shot. This gets rid of it almost instantly. I haven't need to do that since using Tecnu. Except for the time it rubbed into my eye and began shutting my eye almost instantly. Don't rub face!! Also, wash clothes, dog, bed sheets, etc. Cross bow works. However, will need repeated aplication, follow directions precisly. Early morning is best on sunny days, not warmer than 65 degrees. I had sprayed the oak on the pathways of broughton about 4 or 5 yrs ago and the parks did it about 2yrs ago. Posion oak is relentless and will always come back somewhere. I like the sign they put up at broughton showing you a green spot that is supposed to be a pic of the oak. good try! Top of North Face is covered for the Gadolf top out. I will also be spraying again this year, but the everything helps. Stewart
  18. Pack it in! Pack it Out!

    Thank God it doesn't apply to climbing!
  19. New Route?/North Face of Broughton

    So I climbed P1 of Frodo's Journey today. The hangers are actually black, must be the upper pitch with the shine. P2 looks fun. Great route! Until you get to the anchor. One bolt is only half way in and not equalized for rappeling. Had to leave gear to lower down safetly. A few of the lead bolts where spinning, which isn't too big of deal. If you are going to post a route online, shouldn't the anchor be ready for people to climb? Stewart
  20. Pack it in! Pack it Out!

    Just buzzed!
  21. New Route?/North Face of Broughton

    I think I"m going to start discovering P2. Yo Mark, Lucy, lindsay and I send our best to Max! Snoop
  22. Yosemite ride share

    Yo, you need to do some training this weekend?
  23. New Route?/North Face of Broughton

    Just not sure if the North Face needs to have a new 40ft sport route with shiny bolts. PACK IT IN PACK IT OUT! or maybe use camoflage hangers, or something. Just finish the route. don't put an anchor at 40ft. I'm drunk and should be be thrown out of here! Stewart
  24. New Route?/North Face of Broughton

    The top half is the project, but the anchors at 45ft, c'mon. Just did gandolf's and was a little distracted by the amount of bolts to the right to the left, just everywhere. I admit, I've checked out that line in the past, looks great, but thought everyone knew to use camo hangers. Was a little surly when I started this thread. My apologies. Stewart
  25. NBA