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  1. advise on AT skis

    Hell, I just might be ordering a set of Dynafit TLT's just to check them out. Curious regardless of the pro's and con's....They will go fine with my Matrix dogs.
  2. lots of gear for sale just a few items left!

    After looking at that list, I'm just interested in a pair of glasses.
  3. Mad stoke!!

    groovy brah...
  4. WTB: AT Gear

    Gettin' the winter itch are ya Oly..? And I quote Gapertimmy from OR-: " go shred the gnar brah! it should be super sickay! 7 inchez of freshiez "................ Now tell me that doesn't make ya wanna ski. I have a friend that might be selling his Shuksans 05, 181s... I'd buy them, but my garage looks like A.Mcleans.........I'll ask him about a price.
  5. Just wondering if there was a SAR up on the hill yesterday..Saturday... My landlords called me up after they saw something on the news about some girl being "rescued" up on the mt after "missing" for a while..and so a SAR team found her... That's all I got out of the damn thing from them, go figure, it was happy hour on their clock, but I did take it seriously despite their buzz. Just got worried, because there are a couple of bad ass girls who climb solo up on rainier, and just worried cause shit just has a way of happening...ya know? Anyway.....Any input will make me feel ok about "her".
  6. Recent SAR in the park?

    Ditto...! Thats the type of girl ya marry.
  7. Recent SAR in the park?

    OK, thanks....... A sigh of relief from my end....Just thought it was someone in particular.
  8. Need to get out

    "It's faster horses, younger women, older whiskey and more money" Now that....is awesome.!
  9. is anyone else getting really turned on

    This is just too much.
  10. dude going off on Steve House

    Honestly....... ........He reminds me of Twight.......tons. And of myself, because I just can't keep my mouth shut about certain things...lol
  11. your favourite backcountry ski pack?

    How much more do you realy need for a "larger snack". 5000 more cubic inches?
  12. FS: Hilleberg Keron 3 tent

    This is a great tent, and I personally think the price rocks...!
  13. I tried to get an answer for you through some friends...aka..."database", and no solid answers.... .....But I did get you DMM's # TEL : (905) 991-0022 Hope it helps.
  14. Not sure, can you stand by while I access the DMM database here.......
  15. FS: Moss 4 Season Outland Tent

    Will trade for a used pair of Dynafits too, or an Avy beacon.
  16. HOOD This weekend?

    The lords of hoar-frost loathe me my friend, and the gods of terra firma and I aren't friends. Thanks for the offer, but I believe I am going to pay tribute to the six pilsner lords which reside in my ice box this weekend then..........Savvy?
  17. Damn.......its him again.
  18. This is a good thread.
  19. New Hikers for Glaciers, Please Weigh In

    LOLLOL........I can just picture his eyes turning red through his sunglasses when he said this.