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  1. SOLO run Dec 31st.....?

    lol.....you guys are awesome in your own ways. But just to cover my arse.........I posted because I thought that perhaps there might be a sick bastard which would like to do a class 4 in the winter, thats all. I am far from trying to draw attention, if I wanted attention I would post on backpacker.com......lol Anyway.....you guys still make me laugh.
  2. Yes.... can we cuddle and drink hot chocolate besides the fire place again. If you let me rub your back, I'll give you your favorite foot massage....ta-he-he-he.
  3. how big is it?

  4. SOLO run Dec 31st.....?

    And if it ever reached your mouth in Seattle you would be mine. OK folks....fight is over, we are friends again.
  5. SOLO run Dec 31st.....?

    DID YOU HEAR ME BITCH? Sorry folks.....didnt mean to yell, just wanted the bitch to hear.
  6. SOLO run Dec 31st.....?

    ........That sounds like a bitchen idea Steve.
  7. SOLO run Dec 31st.....?

    LOL....Thanks for making me laugh once again Dechristo. BTW WageSlave......I would do anything I say here off the internet and in person....including waving my cock, so if you doubt that for one minute, bring it, I know you have more to lose than I, if you are smart....back the fuck up and figure out that you may be way over your head with me.....even from the safe confines of your computer.
  8. SOLO run Dec 31st.....?

    I'll make sure I do Colin....And it would probably reach your mouth in Seattle.
  9. Correction.........................My bad, typo on my part, what else.....Sorry- I wrote the wrong thing. Your still a dick MMatt
  10. SOLO run Dec 31st.....?

    LOL.......Im going solo, so are they (by the way...these guys are used to hard climbs, they arent weekend warriors). Suicide mission.....lol..........I consider this route a warm up for the rest of the real winter. Im going up there to party, test a new tent, and ski some 60 deg snow, why?............because I can.
  11. SOLO run Dec 31st.....?

    Someone had the nerve to PM me and call me a sick fucker.....lol
  12. SOLO run Dec 31st.....?

    Northern aspect now...
  13. SOLO run Dec 31st.....?

    Yeah.....Its just as funny as Messner staring in a Norelco commercial. But I assure you, that I will complete my climb.
  14. SOLO run Dec 31st.....?

    Well, got 2 guys, one from PDX, and the other from Japan, they claim they can hang. The route of choice will be Thermogenesis. Decending the Mowich face. The offer still stands for anyone else..........Just might turn out to be party as always.
  15. North Face Mountain 25 Tent

    Thrill me, put up a pic.
  16. Marmot makes an ev3? Anyway.....if it was a typo and you meant a MT hardware ev3...then I can say its an ok tent (perfect staging tent), it does its job well. I like my ev2 better ofcourse. I used my ev2 all up and down denali before, and found that condensation was minimal on some days, however the ev3 has bigger vents, and works a bit better in that area.
  17. Approch Skis used with silvertta bindings

    Those are fine, but I bet you can find something cheaper on ebay or geartrade.com.
  18. Bring it......I promise you will be surprised.
  19. No worries, as of tomorrow, I will be back in the park for the next few months...Longmire/ Paradise/ Muir. I'll post some updates tomorrow and see if I can get the TLM station online again.
  20. SOLO run Dec 31st.....?

    Many people here know who I am and have seen that I do what I say I am going to do.... I don't think you get it do you.
  21. 2001 Moss Hooped Outland 4 season, 1-2 person Mountaineering tent. Precursor to the MSR Sentinel. Great Tent in Great Condition. 210 obo$ http://www.backcountry-equipment.com/tents/moss_outlandhooped.html Awesome Tent, and lightweight...Can and WILL take a Hammering from the weather.