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  1. The hearings officer approved Clackamas County to move forward and allow for a conditional use ( recreation) on a zoned timber site. This hearing happened on Oct 22nd and was another hurdle for the County to address before the Madrone could become a park.


    The full details are below.







    Regarding an application by Clackamas County Parks ) F I N A L O R D E R


    for a conditional use permit to establish a new County park ) Casefile No.


    Hardscrabble Quarry / Madrone Wall Park in the Timber ) Z0522-09-C


    Zone. ) (Clackamas County Parks)




    1. The applicant, Clackamas County Parks, requests approval of a conditional use permit to establish a new County park – Hardscrabble Quarry / Madrone Wall Park, on 43.99 acres in the Timber zone. The proposal includes parking spaces for 20 vehicles, bike parking, one vault toilet, trails for all levels of visitors from ADA to advance hikers, Madrone Wall for climbing, interpretive signs, trailhead kiosk and an improved overlook above Madrone Wall. The park will have operational hours from approximately 6 am to 9 pm, April through October and from approximately 6 am to 6 pm, November through March. The park will be open for day use only. Access to the property is from Hwy 224.


    a. Clackamas County Parks initiated a public concept planning process for the Hardscrabble Quarry site in spring of 2008. Public involvement included 3 public workshops, meetings with the neighbors and additional interested parties, as well as an opportunity for public comment to the Parks Advisory Board. The process was completed in early 2009 with concept plan approval by the Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners. Components of the “Concept Site Plan for Madrone Wall” park include:


    + New 20-foot wide gravel driveway along existing roadbed.

    + Eight-foot wide gravel path to connect pedestrians to the Eastbound TriMet bus stop

    + New gate at entrance

    + Gravel parking for 20 vehicles in the existing clearing at the east end of the entry driveway

    + Passenger drop-off at northeast portion of the parking lot

    + One vault toilet building near the parking lot

    + Loop trails will be provided for a variety of skill levels and experiences. Beginners, intermediate, and advanced expert trails are shown on the Concept Plan (Exhibit 5). Trails will typically be 4-5 ‘ wide and soft-surface (dirt or there similar compacted surface)

    + South of the proposed park area, a new quarter-mile ADA accessible nature trail will {be developed} to teach site visitors about the unique ecosystem of the Madrone Wall site. The accessible trial will be of a firm and stable surface (e.g. permeable pavement or compacted sub-base with crusher fines)

    + Three types of signs will be utilized in the park: educational signs, interpretive signs, and an entry monument. A trailhead kiosk will feature information about the park and Clackamas County Parks

    + Bike parking

    + Stairs that provide advanced access to the top of the wall

    + An improved overlook above the wall.

    + It is estimated that approximately 50-100 people (including local seniors, children, families and employees/volunteers) will use the park over the course of a day.


    * Park rangers from nearby Barton and Carver Parks will open and close the gate daily for use.


    2. On October 22, 2009 hearings officer Kenneth Helm (the "hearings officer") conducted a public hearing to receive testimony and evidence about the application. County staff recommended approval of the application with 35 conditions of approval. Several parties testified in support of the application. There was no opposition testimony. There are no contested issues associated with this application. The applicant requested clarifying modifications to conditions 7, 13, 19 and 22.




    1. The hearings officer received testimony at the public hearing about this application on October 22, 2009. All exhibits and records of testimony are filed with the Planning Division, Clackamas County Department of Transportation and Development. At the beginning of the hearing, the hearings officer made the declaration required by ORS 197.763. The hearings officer disclaimed any ex parte contacts, bias or conflicts of interest. The hearings officer stated that the only relevant criteria were those identified in the staff report, that participants should direct their comments to those criteria, and failure to raise all arguments may result in waiver of arguments at subsequent appeal forums. The following is a summary by the hearings officer of selected relevant testimony.


    a. At the hearing, County planner Sandy Ingalls summarized the staff report and the history of the subject property. Staff recommended approval of the application.


    b. The applicant made a short presentation and requested the following modifications to the conditions of approval:


    “7. Park hours of operation shall be from no earlier than 6:0 a.m. to no later than 9:00 p.m. April – October and no earlier than 6:00 a.m. to no later than 6:00 p.m. November – March.”


    “19. At the applicant’s discretion, a pedestrian path may be constructed along the site frontage of tax lot 3401. If built, the applicant shall design and construct improvements along the site frontage of tax lot 3401 consisting of an eight-foot wide paved pedestrian path with appropriate ADA accessible ramps at each end of the path transitioning either to Highway 224 or the site’s private road/driveway.”


    c. The applicants also requested that the requirements for the shared private driveway identified in conditions 13 and 22 explicitly allow for a 16 foot wide one way road with 10’ x 30’ turnouts to allow cars to pass each other. This was agreed to by the Clackamas County Department of Transportation and Development.


    2. No party requested that the record be left open and the record and hearing closed on October 22, 2009.




    1. I find that the staff report identifies all of the applicable approval standards for the application and contains sufficient findings showing the application does or can comply with those standards subject to recommended conditions of approval. The hearings officer adopts the findings in the staff report as his own.


    2. The Conceptual Site Plan for Madrone Wall, dated August 26, 2009 is incorporated into this decision by this reference. The site plan shall be used to assist the County in interpreting and applying the findings and conclusions of this decision, the staff report and conditions of approval.


    3. I find that the applicant’s requested clarifications to the conditions of approval identified above are consistent with code requirements. With respect to the private drive or road identified in conditions 13 and 22, Robert Hixson of the Clackamas County Department of Transportation and Development agreed at the hearing that a 16 foot wide roadway would be sufficient to comply with county standards. These conditions should be interpreted to allow, among other potential configurations, for a 16 foot wide one way road with 10’ x 30’ turnouts.


    4. Pursuant to the applicant’s request, the conditions of approval are modified as follows:


    “7. Park hours of operation shall be from no earlier than 6:0 a.m. to no later than 9:00 p.m. April – October and no earlier than 6:00 a.m. to no later than 6:00 p.m. November – March.”


    “19. At the applicant’s discretion, a pedestrian path may be constructed along the site frontage of tax lot 3401. If built, the applicant shall design and construct improvements along the site frontage of tax lot 3401 consisting of an eight-foot wide paved pedestrian path with appropriate ADA accessible ramps at each end of the path transitioning either to Highway 224 or the site’s private road/driveway.”


    “13.a. The minimum width for the driving surface shall be 16 feet with two-foot wide shoulders, resulting in an overall width of 20 feet. Minimum vertical clearance shall be 13.5 feet for the full length of the private road/driveway.”


    To condition 22 the following language shall be added: “This condition shall allow, at the applicant’s discretion, a 16 foot wide one way road surface with 10’ x 30’ turnouts to allow cars to pass each other consistent with Clackamas County Road Standards.”




    Based on the above findings and discussion, the hearings officer concludes that conditional use application Z0522-09-C should be approved.




    Based on the findings, discussion and conclusions provided or incorporated herein and the public record in this case, the hearings officer hereby APPROVES Z0522-09-C subject to the following conditions of approval:



    1. Approval is for the specific use identified in the application materials and on the submitted site plan to the extent they are consistent with the remaining conditions of approval.

    2. All necessary development permits (septic, building, electrical, driveway, etc.) shall be obtained prior to any construction. All development shall comply with the development standards of the TBR district except as modified by the conditions herein.

    3. Prior to any development or issuance of any development permits, the applicant shall submit a fire prevention plan in accordance with the policies Clackamas Community Wildfire Prevention Plan and the standards of ZDO Section 406.09. The plan shall be reviewed and approved by the Oregon Department of Forestry, Sandy/Boring Fire District and Clackamas County Planning Division. The plan shall address the requirements for open campfires, accumulation of dead fuels and fuel reduction, smoking and other applicable fire suppression techniques. This plan should also address any required signing or enforcement procedures necessary to carry out the plan. Signing shall be provided in the park to notify users of these requirements.



  2. Keith attended today's hearing. In a voicemail he left me, he was one of 3 speakers this morning. Not sure how many actually attended though. All 3 spoke in support with moving forward with the "conditional use." No one spoke against. Phew!


    The Hearings Officer who ran today's meeting will have a decision within 2 weeks.


    Katie Dunham ( County Planner), stated at the end of the meeting that one of the ways to limit the construction costs is to have the road in from Hwy 224 be a 16 ft wide, single lane, with pull outs, instead of a 22 ft wide 2-lane road. This would decrease the amount of excavation, and reduce construction costs for building the gravel road in from the highway to the parking area.


    Keith felt that the hearing went well.


    More to come!

  3. I was just there this weekend and climbed it. Noticed that X between the 5th and 6th bolts(?), but it seemed pretty solid to me. There is some loose stuff above, but I've gotten into the habit of checking the holds on many routes out there. It's just a part of climbing on that kind of rock, which I must admit that I do love!

  4. A VERY local event!


    I have a 40 ft long bouldering / traversing wall at my elementary school that will need holds installed.


    Bring your tools to tighten these guys on. I can get pizza delivered, but no beer. Otherwise, we can meet at McMenamins or Mad Greek Deli afterwards.


    When: Sunday October 4th from 3:30-6:30 and/or Monday October 5th from 4pm til ?

    Where: Springville School, 6655 NW Joss Ave, Portland 97229



  5. And just to clarify...


    This hearing is different than a public meeting or the "town hall" type meetings that have been held in the past. I've been told that a hearings officer will actually run the meeting. Any land use folks out there who can help me clarify it better?


    This Conditional Use Application Hearing is just one of the steps that the County has to go through in regards to making this zoned timber site a park.


    This upcoming public hearing was mentioned last winter/spring with the timeline that the County had provided, and was posted in this forum. Now the time for the hearing has finally arrived. Note below that the "hours of operation" that they County is proposing the park will be open is a DRAFT. The site still remains closed to public access.


    If you cannot attend the meeting ( most of us cannot), then feel free to submit your comments to the contact below before the hearing date.


    The Conditional Use Application is for Clackamas County to add a "conditional use" on a zoned timber site. The conditional use is for recreational opportunities (climbing, hiking, etc) on a timber site. This hearing would not change what the property is zoned for. A select timber harvest may still happen on site with recreation still taking place.


    The public did provide feedback to the County almost a year ago to NOT harvest ANY of the timber.


    Madrone Wall Park: Notice of Public Hearing




    Date: 22 October 2009, Thursday


    Time: Not to begin before 9:00 a.m., however, it may begin later depending on the length of preceding items


    Location: Development Services Building, Auditorium, 150 Beavercreek Road, Oregon City, Oregon City 97045


    What: A Conditional Use Permit application has been proposed by Clackamas County Parks to establish a new County park – Hardscrabble Quarry/Madrone Wall, on 43.99 acres in the Timber zone. The proposal includes: parking spaces for 20 vehicles, bike parking, one vault toilet, trails for all levels of visitors from ADA to advanced hikers, Madrone Wall for climbing, interpretive signs, trailhead kiosk and an improved overlook above the Madrone Wall. The park will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., April through October and from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., November through March. The park will be open for day use only. Access to the property is from Highway 224.


    All interested citizens are invited to attend the hearing. An agenda will be provided at the hearing. Testimony and evidence should address criteria identified above. Specific questions about the Public Hearing process are directed to Sandy Ingalls, SandyIng@co.clackamas.or.us, 503/742-4532 (Planning Division Staff Contact).


    In the 12 year fight to preserve and re-establish recreational access to the Madrone Wall, this is the ONLY time formal public testimony has EVER been solicited by Clackamas County. If you feel strongly about the future of the Madrone Wall, please come and present your testimony at this Public Hearing.




  7. I haven't taken ICS, but went straight into Advanced Rock back in '03 when I was a Mazama. I know that the format and some of the stuff taught has changed since I was part of that organization. The Mazamas also offer some crevasse rescue weekend type classes. If you have the resume, and have climbed with some of the folks in the Mazamas before, you might be able to skip ICS entirely.


    I do know that many of the people who have taken ICS classes in the past have met some really great climbing friends, and they've all gone off and done some fun peaks on their own after they did take the class.


    Good luck!

  8. The Parks Advisory Board met on Tuesday and agreed to keep the initial investment of $100K for the Madrone, and not allocate those funds to another park project.


    If you wrote a letter or e-mail, Thank you. It worked. The Park Staff actually commented on how many letters they received in regards to this one issue, and our call to action.


    Please continue to send your comments in, and more information will be available in the coming months about moving forward with construction at the site.


    We're not sure how much $100K will do for improvements at the site, but it's a starting point and our group can now apply for Access Fund grants, and fundraise specifically for construction costs and materials.



  9. Asking $300.00


    10 degree, Regular size. Includes Toucan groundsheet that allows you to sleep two to the bag. I am selling this because we just don't use it. We realized that we both prefer to sleep in our own individual bags when we are out camping. The bag has the Epic encapsulate material in the shell.


    This is a very high quality bag, lightly used and in excellent condition. I also make it a point to store all my sleeping bags uncompressed which maintans the fill.


    For more information:









  10. Off_White


    It was in January of 2006 when the County Commissioners stated that:

    1) This site will not be sold for quarrying or private development,

    2)This site will be put into the inventory of land for future park space, and

    3) To ask their Parks Board to move forward and develop a parks master plan.


    Up until 2006? There were still plans for the County to quarry the site, or sell it off to a private quarry operation or housing developer. So, yes, it has been closed for 12 years, but has only been actually preserved for 3.5 years.


    My faith in the public process? It was because of the hundreds of people who wrote, called, e-mailed, and attended public meetings that got this place preserved in the first place between the 2004 and January 2006 timeframe. I actually spent several hours in the 4 climbing gyms here in P-town ( and before the Circuit opened)asking people to sign petition letters.


    Obviously a bigger fight took place before 2004 to actually stop the initial quarrying plans back in 1997 when it closed. The real reason for the closure of the site in '97 was because the County was just a few months away from opening it back up for quarrying. The County will tell the public that it was because of liability, but the MWPC at that time filed a FOIA and came upon the actual quarry plans.


    My faith in the County is far less, but they did spend $80,000 on a parks master plan in conjunction with Alta Planning and Design. The initial investment in creating that plan at least showed some progress in moving forward. You can view that plan at www.madronewall.com. or at savemadrone.org


    Why $80K? It's part of Metro's money from the recent bond, and our taxpayer dollars, so ask the County why it costed $80K. You have the contact info.

  11. It will need a parking area, restroom, and a road in for emergency vehicles. The trail development is an extra based on the master plan for the site. Clackamas County cannot have a park without including those top 3 needs I mentioned above.


    It is actually illegal ( an dangerous along this stretch) to park along Hwy 224. People do it anyways for river access, but again, Clackamas County would not create an official park and not have adequate parking for park users.


    This info as to the "why" has all been posted in this forum, and has been communicated at many of the public meetings, fundraisers, and on our snail mail list.


    Thanks for asking, Kevin

  12. We just found out that the Madrone will not be receiving a matching grant through Oregon State Parks-Local Government Grant Program. This matching grant would have been an additional $100,000 on top of the $100K that the County had budgeted for the construction costs to start the improvements out at the site.

    This matching grant program was something that Clackamas County had to apply for since they have larger sums of money. The MWPC could not apply for this grant since the we are not a "local government."


    The Clackamas County Parks Board had also discussed ( and I mentioned this in my last update in June), that the $100K that Clackamas County had budgeted COULD go to other park projects.


    What does this mean? This means that the chances of this site becoming a park in the near future ( one year from now) would be put on the backburner, and who knows how much longer it could take because of the lack of funding. If you're asking about the Access Fund, they only give grants up to $10,000 per year, which won't do much for the amount it will cost for the construction of the road in and parking area. If Clackamas County does not invest any money at this site, we won't be able to apply for an AF grant anyways.


    If you care to share your input with Clackamas County Commissioners, please include in your letter to be creative with the $100K they did budget and NOT spend it on other park projects. Also, to be creative and work with the Oregon National Guard to see how much work they can get done with the $100K. You can also include that the Boring Station/ Springwater Corridor project DOES have access, but after 12 years, the publicly owned Madrone Wall site remains closed. You can read a letter I wrote that says similar things in this forum under the June 2009 update.

    You can e-mail them at:

    bcc@co.clackamas.or.us - general e-mail

    lynnpet@co.clackamas.or.us - Lynn Peterson, Chair

    baustin@co.clackamas.or.us - Bob Austin

    alininger@co.clackamas.or.us - Ann Lininger

    clehan@co.clackamas.or.us - Charlotte Lehan

    jbernard@co.clackamas.or.us - Jim Bernard


  13. My boyfriend and I are planning on heading down the first week in August. We should arrive August 1st or 2nd and be leaving on the 7th. Does anyone have a group site that has some room? He's stayed near Lee Vining before, and there are other sites around there that don't take reservations which we can try also when we arrive.


    Thought I'd start here...You can send me a PM if you have something.



  14. I'm just the messenger, so I won't have all of the answers.


    Lakeside Bikes in Downtown LO is looking for a full time sales person (not a mechanic position-although you can ask). I'm working there part time this summer since the teaching gig is on hiatus for a couple of months.


    Mostly a road bike shop with some cyclocross, fixie's/SS, hybrid, and mountain bikes. We sell Pegoretti, Bianchi, Cannondale, Pinarello, De Rosa, Look, and Time Bikes. A few of the employees race, but it's certainly not a requirement.


    Knowledge of bikes is a necessity, and experience in bike sales is a plus. A willingness to learn and be coached from years of experience is a must.


    Wage? I believe it's somewhat negotiable and it's DOE. Might range between $10 and $12/hour to start. The last gal we interviewed never asked about the wage being negotiable, and kinda ended up being her loss....or our loss. She should have tried or at least asked about starting salary and raises. They would have worked with her.


    Talk to Gordon Haber or Amy Hunter-Dillinger at Lakeside Bikes. Bring a resume. http://lakeside-bikes.com

  15. Two dates in Oregon:

    I heard it's a $5.00 entrance fee at the door.


    6/26 at 7pm in Bend at Climb Time

    address is 555 Arizona St. Studio 50


    6/28 at 6pm in Portland at Club Sport

    18120 SW Lower Boones Ferry Rd


    Matt is traveling to various cities in the US, and his shows will include images and video incuding England's famous Gritstone.

    The is an hour long show, and there will also be some great raffle prizes.

  16. Below is a letter I sent to Katie Dunham today. E-mail addresses are:

    kdunham@co.clackamas.or.us ( Katie Dunham, Planner), bcc@co.clackamas.or.us ( Board of County Commissioners), lynnpet@co.clackamas.or.us ( Lynne Peterson is the Commissioner Chair)



    On June 10th, Katie made a presentation in Bend to the Oregon State Parks Board ( OSP) for the Madrone project to receive a matching grant. OSP has funds from Oregon Lottery money and other sources that helps agencies like Clackamas County, city parks, etc., receive significant grant money for matching funds to create or expand parks.


    Clackamas County has budgeted $100K of their own funding in hopes of receiving another $100K from this OSP Local Government Grant. This OSP Local Gov't Grant is something that our group, the MWPC, cannot apply for because we do not have a source of significant funding. Hence, a matching grant. Clackamas County did spend $80K for the Madrone Wall Master Plan which was completed in the Fall of '08. You can see those plans at our site, www.savemadrone.org, or the County's site, www.madronewall.com


    Ian Caldwell, former MWPC President, and State Parks employee, was at the hearing for other grant applications. When Katie was asked by the Board which 2 of the 3 grant projects Clackamas County preferred to receive funding for, Katie stated the the Madone was not one of them. Each applicant ( in this case, Clackamas County) can only receive 2 grants per year. The Clackamas County Parks Department would prefer to see funding for the Springwater Trail improvements in Boring, and one of their North Clackamas sites. I know that Clackamas County was seeking a $500K matching grant for the Springwater Trail, but I'm not sure how much the County was seeking for the North Clackamas Park site.


    When Keith attended the Parks Advisory Board meeting this last Tuesday, the PAB, along with Katie Dunham and Dan Zinzer, stated that if the Madrone did not receive a matching grant, then the $100K that was being budgeted by the County would go to help other projects within Clackamas County.


    Lame? Yes! This means that the County's proposed funding to even start something at this site would go to help other parks, and once again, the Madrone would be put on the back burner!

    This local gov't grant program that OSP has will have less grant money next year than they did this year because of everything that is happening with the economy, income and property tax dollars, RV sales ( which make contributions to park funding), and so on.


    We will know by mid-late July which grants Clackamas County will be receiving funding for their park projects.


    A total pain in my arse, and a thorn in my side!





    Last week in Bend you made a presentation for the Local Government Grant application for the Madrone Wall, Boring Station, and a North Clackamas Park. I'm sure that the Boring Station/ Springwater Trail project has received a great deal of support from businesses as well as residents in the area. Any improvements to the Springwater Trail are certainly an asset to the region.


    I realize that all of your parks are a priority, and I hope and appreciate that you gave the same enthusiasm to the Oregon State Parks Board at your presentation for the Madrone project.


    While you stated that you preferred the Boring Station project to receive grant funding over the Madrone project, I think that the County should still be creative with the funding that you do currently have, and see what can be done with the 100K to at least start the capital improvements at the Madrone site instead of spending that money on other park projects if the Madrone project does not get a matching grant.


    You asked the Madrone Wall Preservation Committee to see if we could find our own civil engineer, and we did! We have several resumes from undergraduate, graduate, and professional engineers at local universities that are willing to do the work pro bono, and the MWPC will be providing a small grant to the engineer(s) who end up getting the bid. I realize that it is not the norm for a "Friends of" group to find their own civil engineer, but you stated that you were trying to be creative in saving money for this specific project.


    In addition to finding several civil engineers who would do the engineering plans at no cost to the County, Keith also made a connection with the Oregon National Guard who can do the construction of the site improvements with no labor costs. The Oregon National Guard is ready with their own construction equipment, and with having done park construction projects before in our area, and it provides this group with valuable training as necessary to help with construction and rebuilding in disaster zones.


    The MWPC has found a couple of significant and creative ways to save Clackamas County money towards the Madrone project.This is a win-win for both the County and the 1000's of supporters who want to see this site move forward into a park in the near future. With all of the work that the MWPC has put into this site and finding legitimate cost cutting ways, even at your request, wouldn't it seem most appropriate to be as creative as well to see what could be done with the $100K that Clackamas County has budgeted for the site, regardless of receiving a matching grant.


    On behalf of the thousands of citizens who have written in, e-mailed, called, attended public meetings, and began to clean up the site at two restoration events, I'm requesting that Clackamas County be creative as well, and find ways to see that the Madrone Wall site begin construction improvements within the timeline that you've provided to us, the public, and your colleagues within Clackamas County.


    Thank you,

    Kellie Rice

    President, Madrone Wall Preservation Committee


  17. Thursday June 25th


    722 SW Taylor St in PDX ( Ride your bike or take MAX)



    Keith Daellenbach will give a one hour presentation/slideshow and Q&A about the current progress and next steps. ( You can find the current info under the Access Forum).

    Raffle pizes for attendees.


    Kellie Rice

    President, MWPC


  18. Someone (a non-climber) told me today that Madrone is open to climbing again. Anyone have any info on this?


    Looks like you got the info you need. I've been posting here on a regular basis. Often monthly, but at the very least every other month. You only have to go back a couple of pages under Access to see the various threads with the updates on what's the latest and where we are at.



  19. http://www.smithrocks.com/flash/routeupdates/index.html


    Sometimes you have to surf a little to find the info....

    Check out the info to the right of this page ( above) in RED text.


    Route Closures:

    Picnic Lunch Wall above 50m, Staender Ridge and the Monument/Little Three Fingered Jack area are closed February - July due to raptor nesting.


    I was just there over the weekend for the clean up. Several signs were along the trail near the Picnic Lunch wall area about the closure above 50 meters. We climbed two routes on the Picnic Lunch Wall ( Honey Pot and Teddy Bears), and we also got on some sport stuff near Super Slab. Parties were in line waiting for Super Slab and Moscow. So, no, there is no closure of the Red Wall Area.

  20. 165 volunteers made it down there. Projects included trail improvements in many areas. Rocks were hauled, dirt was shoveled, fences and retaining walls were built around Wherever I May Roam, Super Slab, Gullies, approach trail from the parking lot, Rope-de-Dope trail area, trail between the Peanut and Cinnamon Slab, garbage pick up, mulching and removing dead junipers. Some work was done at the Grasslands / Skull Hollow, too. Lots of folks worked hard for several hours. Thanks to Ian Caldwell and the rest of the Smith Rock Group for all of their work with this annual event. If you missed it, it's generally the 1st or 2nd Saturday in May. Go to smithrocks.com for more info.


    I'll post the following in another new thread, but there are Prairie Falcons up at the top of the Picnic Lunch Wall area. You can climb up to 50 meters ( 1st pitch ) on the Picnic Lunch wall until mid July or August 1st ( I'm not certain of the date). The upper pitches of Teddy Bear's Picnic and many of the Aid routes are closed at this time.