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  1. I'll be heading up with a couple of friends from Portland who are hoping to get in one of the alpine climbs. The 3 of us do plan on sport climbing while we are there, too. If anyone is going to be in the area (or was wanting to check out the sport climbing in Mazama), shoot me a PM by Thursday morning. You are welcome to join me / us.


    The 3 of range in leading abilities. I'm clipping 10b's and following 11a's.


    Thanks for reading!

  2. Hello,


    I have the Smoot Falcon guide to climbing in Washington, but I've heard there is one specifically for the North Cascades and Mazama area climbs. When looking on Amazon, I saw a spiral book by Bryan Burdo called, "North Cascades Rock." Is this the right book for the area?


    Thanks for any leads!


  3. Hello,


    I hope I'm in the right forum...

    I'm looking into taking 4 days and heading up to Mazama at the end of June. I've never been there, but have heard that the rock climbing and cycling ( road and mountain) is good fun. I'm looking for any tips for the area, including preferred campgrounds, and also any folks who would care to show me around the crag, and even a bike ride or two.



  4. Olive - I'll be arriving tomorrow morning. A friend, Stan will be there this weekend, too, with wife and kids who are competitive climbers. Look for a group of 5 with a 10 year old boy and a 14 year old girl. We'll be doing plenty in your range. My guess is that we'll be mostly on the front side. We may end up in the Lower Gorge or Northern Point if it ends up being too warm. You're welcome to join us.

  5. Saturday May 5th is the day!


    The fun begins at 8am in the parking lot with breakfast, coffee, and other yummies. Sign up to work with crew leaders in teams on various projects. The event will end with a free dinner, beer, auction and slideshow by Mark Hudon.


    Come and help clean up and maintain one of Oregon's many climbing treasures!

  6. NumberNine-


    I've been dealing with mine for years until I finally found a PT that specializes in SI joint dysfunction. Many PT's will focus on a joint or area of the body that they are interested in, but have a basic level of knowledge of rehabing the whole body. So after years of do this one stretch, or strengthen that one muscle, it wasn't that I had A, B, C going on, but more like I had A, B, C, D....all the way to J going on.


    Yours might not be as serious as mine, and I'm happy to say that I'm back to climbing, but still a little conservatively. I'm not running yet, but I hope to give that a try again this summer.


    I definitely had an imbalance of glutes, hip flexors, deep core muscles, spinal extensors, and hamstrings. These all connect into the pelvis and SI joint area. I had a lot of compensatory issues with contracting and isolating one muscle or a group of muscles. Take spinal extension: I would lay face down on the floor and to extend my trunk ( "supermans"), but I would initiate with my hamstrings and glutes first and not my spinal extensors. Same with my core or transverse abdominus muscle and obliques. I would engage my hip flexors to set my core. I had it all wrong!


    So I've spent lots of time on the floor doing these very simple exercises to retrain and re-educate my muscles on how to move and contract when I needed them to. Now I'm doing more advanced exercises on stability balls, bosu balls, foam rollers, etc.


    I would find a PT that specializes in SI joint dysfunction, and sometimes you have to look to womens health type clinics. If you're in Portland, I can recommend a clinic that has 2 campuses. You may get lucky and find a chiro who can do this stuff, but I've gotten a way from those that just pop my back and neck ( which did nothing for 10 years - and I kept paying for it!), and have moved towards active release specialists who make a point to focus on muscle re-education.


    Good luck!

  7. Seamstress,


    FYI for you and for others about the "foot dragging." The Oregon Nat Guard 1249 Battalion just recently returned from the Middle East. They were deployed for some time. The ONG wants the work, and it will take coordination with Clackamas County and the ONG schedule to begin working out at the site. It will also take some funds which are not really available to complete the entire project. The ONG could be deployed again at any time to rebuild roads in war-torn & devastated areas.


    No one knows more about the foot dragging and snails pace of park creation out at the site than Keith Daellenbach, one of the founders of the MWPC and our Secretary / Treasurer.

  8. Jon,


    I'm glad to hear that something is progressing with a slideshow fundraiser for the family of the ranger. Is the event going to be in the Seattle area I assume? If so, how can the Portland and / Oregon community contribute? Will there be a way for us to send donations? To the WCC maybe?


    Many thanks!

    Kellie Rice

  9. The flier for this was given to me at the Madrone Wall Fire Mgmt Plan meeting tonight.


    All proceeds benefit the Mountain Leadership Institute, a non profit.


    Tickets are $10 cash at the door or online at mountainleadershipinstitute.com


    Location: The Kravet Building 1640 NW Irving Street PDX 97209 -3 blocks west of the Pearl REI


    Big Wall Climber Mark Smith Presents: Wings of Steel, the most controversial and quite possibly the hardest aid route on El Cap.


    The Story: Mark Smith presents a slideshow of his route, Wings of Steel, on El Cap. Journey back to 1982 and experience sabotage, starvation, and slander as they put up arguably the hardest aid route on El Cap. The climb, trashed by locals as being a "bolt ladder" proved to be harder then their critics' tough language. Countless attempts buy some of the best aid climbers in the world ultimately vindicated Smith and his climbing partner, Richard Jensen.

  10. Yup, it's been awhile. No need to rub your eyes. You're not having a hallucination. This update isn't enough to make you need to sit down, either.


    Our snail mailing went out last week, and it specifically contained two bits of info:

    1) The 30% DRAFT engineering plan is completed by Scott Nettleton ( same PE that is designing the new Sellwood Bridge). Both Clackamas County and the Oregon National Guard 1249 Engineering Battalion / Innovative Readiness Training Program out of Salem needed this piece done.


    2) There is a public meeting this Thursday December 1st at the Carver School ( Hwy 224 and Grand St - 16077 SE Hwy 224, Damascus 97089) from 6pm-8pm in regards to the newly developed Fire Management Plan. You can hear from the County and share your thoughts on their Fire Mgmt. Plan specifically for the Madrone Wall. Clackamas County received a grant for planning and implementing a Fire Mgmt Plan, so no funding to implement / maintain this plan would come out of the small amount that is already budgeted for construction and improvements out at the Madrone ( $65K I believe).


    As for the perpetual question about, "When is it going to open" is a good question to ask the County if you attend this next meeting. Keith and I decided against doing another trail building party / clean up because we felt that the County needs to give us ( all of us climbers / future users) some sort of time-line or anticipated date of when construction will begin ( Oregon National Guard will likely do this and wants to), and thus will give us an idea of when access will finally be restored.


    Thanks for reading!

    Kellie Rice

    President, Madrone Wall Preservation Committee

  11. So my partner bailed on me for Saturday & Sunday.

    Me? I'm just out of PT and can probably TR 10b/c sport with some flailing. Maybe TR basalt at the 9/10a range.

    Probably can lead 10a/b sport now, but it's been 7 months since I've led anything. I can belay anyone on anything.


    I have a friend's house to crash in (have hide-a-key), so no sleeping in below 20 temps outside. I can also drive.

    Passes are looking good for the weekend, too.


    Send me a PM if interested. Can leave from Portland by 7am Saturday.

  12. Thanks to CC.comers Chad, Chris, & Amy, as well as our usual suspects Joseph and Mike, who helped label, stamp, and do the dreaded "dots" task tonight on around 1100 snail mailings, which many of our supporters will be receiving this week.


    More details will come about the info in the flier for those who are not on our mailing list in the next couple of days in this forum.


    If you can, keep Thursday December 1st open for a public meeting at the Carver School RE: the County's proposed Fire Management Plan for the Madrone site. Meeting is from 6pm-8pm.



    Thanks for the support!

    Kellie Rice

    President, Madrone Wall Preservation Committee