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  1. Hello Climbers and Madrone Supporters,


    Below is taken from our latest FB post:



    Join us for the 3rd and possibly final weekend of trail building out at the Madrone. While we've made huge progress on two new trails, more work needs to be done on those, as well as improving the trail in sections along the base of the wall. We are working with the Trailkeepers of Oregon again, so please sign up through this link: http://www.trailkeepersoforegon.org/events/#Madrone


    9am-3pm both Saturday and Sunday


    If you have significant experience in building trails please let me know here or via FB message. The more crew leaders we have, the more people we can have sign up.


    Many hands make light work, and we want to get as much done before the Feb 1st closure with peregrines.


    Also, there is a crew of climbers (Micah/Topher) who are installing new bolts and anchors out at the Madrone. Please donate to their cause for making sure that the hardware at our local crags is bomber! http://mazamas.org/about-us/donate-to-the-mazamas/


    Thanks so much!!

    Kellie Rice

    President, MWPC

  2. Calling all climbers!


    It's time to get our hands dirty once again!

    Join us for the first 3 weekends in November from 9am-3pm

    each Saturday and Sunday. Come for one day, or pitch in for more!


    Below are more of the details from our FB page, but we will be out there:

    -Sat/Sun Nov. 5th & 6th from 9am-3pm

    -Sat/Sun Nov. 12th & 13th from 9am-3pm

    -Sat/Sun Nov. 19th & 20th from 9am-3pm


    Please register for each event you plan to attend on the Trailkeepers of Oregon website: http://www.trailkeepersoforegon.org/events/#Madrone


    Thanks so much!

    Kellie Rice

    President, MWPC


    Our FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/336410606751038/


    Parking will be on site in the newly constructed parking lot, along the road leading up, and there is also a small gravel space for several cars near 197th and HWY 224. The site is just about 2 miles east of Carver on HWY 224 and just west of 197th.


    What to wear: Boots ( no sneakers allowed!), long pants, long shirt, glasses (safety, sunglasses, prescription), work gloves.


    What to bring: rain gear, change of clothes for afterwards (optional), hard hats if you have your own. Lunch, snacks and water.


    What to expect: minimal hiking, steep and uneven slopes, rocky sections, and POISON OAK! It is out there and especially near the wall.


    What will be provided: tools, hard hats, & safety glasses.


    What you get for volunteering: Oodles of good karma and good juju!


    Thanks for sharing and promoting our event to help spread the word! Maybe the climbing gyms and outdoor shops want to have a fun comp to see how many volunteers they can rally to show up?

    See you there, and THANKS!!



  3. Hello Climbers,


    Keith and I met with some key folks yesterday evening around trail building, bolt/anchor replacement, and minimal landscape improvements around the new parking area.


    A couple of folks from the Trailkeepers of Oregon joined us and will be going out there in the next few weeks to flag a trail from the parking lot up to the wall.


    Keith and I are looking for some expert trail builders who could direct and support a small group of volunteers as they improve your designated section of trail. If you have ever been to a Smith Rock Spring Thing, we want to do something similar. We are looking at the first 3 weekends in November ( 5/6, 12/13 & 19/20) to build trails and do some planting. We want to get as much done as possible because of the nesting peregrines and the Feb 1st closure. (I personally love the birds, but I wish they would leave and find a new place to breed!)


    Our local ASCA rep (Micah) will be out there with his crew in the coming weeks to replace any unsafe/recalled hardware, too.


    Please send me a message, reply to this post, or go to our Madrone FB page if you would like to be a crew leader for a section of trail.


    Many thanks!

    Kellie Rice

    President, Madrone Wall Preservation Committee

  4. Located just north of HWY 224 and east of Carver...


    The MWPC provided the Oregon National Guard-224 Engineers with a BBQ lunch yesterday as a THANK YOU for all of their hard work to begin the first phase of the construction plans. The Guard were able to improve the old roadway in from HWY 224 and create the base for the parking lot (former meadow). They also constructed the beginnings of an ADA trail, and dug the hole to support a vault toilet.


    It is hard to believe that this day has finally come after Clackamas County closed the Madrone Wall site 19 years ago. It has taken a ton of perseverance and thinking outside the box to get us here. You can thank Keith, Chris Carey, and Ian Caldwell, the founding members of the MWPC. I stepped in in 2004 as Ian already had moved to Central OR, where he continues to do amazing things for Smith Rock.


    While the turnover in the MWPC has been minimal, the staff and parks board member changes at the County have been constant, and it had been a bit of a challenge to continue to build new relationships at the County since 1999. But forward progress continues...


    Up next for the site improvements include: an electronic gate, vault toilet installation, management plans, info kiosk, and trail building! Lots and lots of trailbuilding! We will inform you all here of volunteer events, and probably under the Access Issues forum, as well as our FB page.



    The view where the road turns into the parking lot.


    The Guard along with some County staff, and Keith and myself


    The road in from HWY 224


    A sign given to the Guard by the County that will be erected on site. Keith's head peers over the sign as he speaks to the Guard.


    While we are on our way, please keep in mind that the site is NOT OPEN to climbing, hiking, or any other kind of recreation. The Guard have kicked climbers out in the last 2 weeks, and other contractors will be there this fall to complete the work with and without County supervision. Please continue to respect the County's wishes, and do not access the site. We are anticipating a Summer 2017 opening.



    Keith, Chris, and Kellie

    Madrone Wall Preservation Committee

  5. Hello Climbers!


    Just a reminder about the construction phase beginning next week. Thanks for respecting the closure. This post is from our FB page:


    The MWPC wanted to give all of our supporters a reminder and to please continue to respect the closure. For those that have respected the closure, you should know that you have truly been a part of why this preservation effort is closing in on success. Given the OR National Guard will be working at the site for much of August to build out the access road and parking area, the County's closure is even more important to respect. Please do not access this site until it is opened, which is tentatively July 1, 2017.


    Keith, Chris & Kellie, The MWPC.


  6. Thanks for asking, Chad.


    Yes, there will be seasonal peregrine closures. We are in the process of drafting an MOU. We also have to draft management plans. I am sure that the first day of the closure will always happen ( Feb 1st - a guess?). But if there is not a successful eyrie come late May, climbing and hiking may resume before a July opening.


    I am not stating what will be for certain, but I am making guesses based on what is happening with other climbing areas, like the Monument at Smith.


    I will continue to post important updates here.


    Thanks for asking!


  7. Greetings Climbers,


    We're mostly posting on Facecrack these days, but here is an update:


    The County's goal grand opening Date is July 1, 2017 (Most likely because of nesting peregrines & giving them time to fledge.)


    1) The Oregon National Guard (1249 from Salem) is on board to begin some of the construction work from Aug 5-20th (This Summer!). They will work 2 weeks straight to construct the road in from HWY 224.

    2) The MWPC is working on a draft MOU with the County about what each of us is responsible for and will do to support the Madrone as a park.

    3) Portland General Electric is cued up to install a light and connect electricity for an electric gate at the entrance from HWY 224.


    There are not any scheduled dates for trailbuilding parties yet, but there will definitely be some and most likely after the main construction is done. We're on our way folks!


    Stay tuned and like us on FB (Search Madrone Wall Preservation Committee)




    President, MWPC

  8. Here's another fun event to add to the list of things to do on St Patty's Day!


    The Oregon chapter of the American Alpine Club has invited Keith to do a presentation about what's happening with the positive forward progress on the Madrone Wall.

    You can view that Facebook event here:



    The low down:

    March 17th

    Evolution Healthcare and Fitness

    905 SE Ankeny St


    Short films, beer, & prizes, too


    Thanks for reading!


    President, Madrone Wall Preservation Committee


  9. Thanks, Bill, for posting the article!

    Keith definitely wins the perseverance award!


    This $88,590 grant from Clackamas County Tourism Development Commission will add to about approximately $70,000 in large anonymous donations, REI/AAC grants, and current funds in our piggybank from previous grants and donations should be enough to get started on construction in the late summer and fall of 2016.


    I am assuming that the Oregon National Guard 1249 Innovative Readiness Team will be doing the work. (See previous posts here in the Access Forum if you were not aware). That is what we've been hoping for anyways.


    Clackamas County have set an opening goal date of July 1, 2017, and probably to make sure that any successful eyries of peregrines have had a chance to fledge. I am thinking this is the main reason for the delay between construction being done by 12/2016 and opening 6 months later. Things that will be in the works and we may be calling upon climbers and other local experts to help develop management plans. We have accessed plans in recent years from Beacon Rock and Smith Rock.


    Thanks for all of the support over the years everyone!


    Kellie Rice

    President, Madrone Wall Preservation Committee





  10. This seems appropriate for the Spray Forum...


    It might help, and it can't hurt.

    The house is located in the Foster-Powell Neighborhood a little north and east of Woodstock. It's my boyfriend's house. He's a carpenter, and remodeled the inside himself with a little help from his friends...

    Thanks for looking!


    Link is here: http://www.meadowsgroup.com/megr/modules/internet/search/includes/mapsearch/listingpopup.asp?mlsid=267&mlsnumber=15339487&l=y

  11. Great news and a big relief!


    At the citizen-led Parks Advisory Board (PAB) meeting last night, it was unanimously decided that the Madrone will move forward towards park creation! It seems odd to say that because there was a possibility that it would not move forward due to a lack of funding. Sam Drevo with Clackamas County Tourism really sealed the deal, as tourism dollars from those who access this site will help generate funds for local businesses. This concept was a big win for the volunteer members of the PAB.


    Keith and I will be working with the County Park Staff over the next few weeks on matching grant applications, completed engineering plans from TY Lin, and formalizing other applications and permit processes with the National Guard, Transportation, and the construction process. Some deadlines for these are coming up quick, too. The draft MOU between the County and the MWPC will also be finalized. Thanks to Chris Winter for drafting this for us, and thanks to him for his support. The PAB will discuss the progress that both us and the Parks Manager will have completed at the May PAB meeting. Accountability by the County will finally be in place: they have to keep up their end of the bargain now. It was refreshing to see the support of the PAB, too, as it is a very different and more positive PAB than what Keith and I worked with 4-5 years ago.


    Keith has really busted his hump over the years for the Madrone. Many have no idea the intense work he has done behind the scenes to even get us to this place. The National Guard and TY Lin are two great examples, and Keith is the one who reached out. The old saying goes, "If you don't ask, the answer is always no." He wanted this to happen, and believed in himself and believed in the underdog overcoming the politicos and naysayers. If you see him, please remember to thank him!


    A big thanks to the Mazamas, American Alpine Club, Access Fund, local citizens Joan Zuber and Charlene DeBruin, all of the climbing gyms in town, and outdoor stores who have supported us over the years. Thanks to all of you who have supported us, too!


    Thank you for continuing to respect the closure. We will keep you posted here and on Facebook for updates on where we are at.



    Kellie Rice

    President, MWPC

    Like us on FB - https://www.facebook.com/madronewall




  12. Climbers:


    In less than 2 weeks the future of the Madrone will be decided on once and for all. I say this with urgency because I had a feeling of the possible decision that the Parks Advisory Board may decide to never do anything with the Madrone.


    We had an info booth at Planet Granite last night for a few hours, and when I heard Keith tell a couple of climbers who stopped by to inquire, he stated that:



    " A decision will be made whether to move forward towards park creation, or keep it closed forever."


    This is the first time I heard him say this publicly to anyone, and so I am putting out my final request to you all. Please pass this email along to anyone, or connect with friends on Facebook. What are the issues or reasons?


    1) They don't seek out funding sources and grants for the Madrone.

    2) They are not really fond of climbers, and never have been.


    Our group, legislators, businesses, and citizens from around the Pacific NW, including many of you, have chimed in their support over the years. THANKS for doing this! The dozens of positive benefits of this site being re-opened have been communicated. Those arguments include: tourism dollars, scout troop experiences, exercise and mental health benefits, liveable communities, search and rescue group practices, science classrooms for student field trips, improved home values near the area, and opportunities for different types of recreation besides climbing. There are many more benefits to this site being opened, too!


    What can you do?

    1) Fill out the Action Alert. Write in your own words or sign it as is. Just over 400 letters have been submitted since the Action Alert was posted in early March. I think there are more than 400 people who want to climb here. I think we can get more people to submit their own letter. In fact, we need it! Link below:




    2) Pass this on to anyone you know in Clackamas County and ask for their support.

    3) If you do know residents in Clackamas County, maybe they have a personal connection with the Commissioners or a Parks Board member? Have them reach out to those key decision makers. They can contact me directly via this email for more information.

    4) Please do any of this by next Friday, April 17th.


    Keith and I are working very hard behind the scenes with meetings and conference calls with some potential key players.


    Thanks for your support!


    Kellie Rice

    President, Madrone Wall Preservation Committee


  13. Below is my letter to Clackamas County. Warning: it's long, but I am trying to sway the majority of the Commissioners. I sent it out on Sunday on MWPC letterhead. One thing that Keith and I have learned, and while it may come as no surprise, is that the five County Commissioners are very divided. Two of the five lean towards parks and the environment, and one who does not. There are two more who could sway either way depending upon how certain members of the citizen-led PAB vote, and their own values. Simply put to Keith and I by an involved citizen: "The pro-environment, tree-hugging arguement will not win 3 of the Commissioner votes."


    You still have time to submit your own letter, or sign your name to the Access Fund Action Alert. You can modify the template to your desire, too. The alert has been extended, because the Madrone will be discussed at the April 21st PAB meeting.


    Contact info for the Commissioners is : bcc@clackamas.us, and contact for Parks Manager Rick Gruen is parksreservations@clackamas.us. The Action Alert will deliver to the above email addresses.


    Thanks for reading and thanks for your support!




    VIA Email


    Dear Commissioner Schrader and Manager Gruen:


    Since 2004, I have been a Director and President of the Madrone Wall Preservation Committee, which became a 501© 3 in 1999. During my tenure, I have had opportunities to observe and interact with former Commissioners Larry Sowa, Bill Kennemer, Lynn Peterson, and of course, current Commissioner Martha Schrader. I’ve also had opportunities to work with the Parks Advisory Board, Dan Zinzer, Katie Dunham, Mike McLees, Tonia Burns, and other Parks staff.


    I am not mentioning former employees and elected officials as a means to rattle off names to show clout, but to show you that our organization over the last 18 years has worked with Clackamas County to establish and collaboratively build a partnership, which has always been one of our four main objectives for our existence (stop quarry/logging at site, re-establish access to public property, open a public park, and be a long term steward of park as a “friends of” organization working with Clackamas County Parks).


    Back in January 2006, the Board of County Commissioners unanimously accepted and approved the Parks Advisory Board’s (PAB) recommendation to put the Madrone Wall into the Parks Master Plan, retain in public ownership, and included as a priority for master planning as a future park. It was an exciting time, and not only for our all-volunteer non-profit, but for the hundreds of citizens, well-established and respected non-profits, Clackamas County CPO’s, legislators at the local, state and national level, City of Damascus, Metro, and the various businesses within Carver and the Portland area (see ledger of confirmed support on this this letter).


    This 44 acre open space along the Wild and Scenic Clackamas River has the potential for so many various recreational opportunities: hiking, native plant and flower identification, rock climbing, picnicking, opportunities for Search and Rescue groups to practice high-angle rescue, a place for students of all ages to learn about botany and native plants, and an anchor site that would combine nearby property of 88 acres purchased by Metro in 2009 for the “east side big park” concept of the Clackamas River Bluffs in a park-barren area of Clackamas County.


    I have question for Clackamas County and the PAB, because I honestly do not know the answer. Does the County have a number of “Friends of” groups that support and maintain their parks and open spaces? To me, it certainly seems to be a need and an asset when “friends of” groups and committed volunteers step forward. I am aware of groups that clean up the Clackamas River, Barton and Carver Parks, Johnson Creek Watershed, and even groups such as SOLV, but I am curious if there are others who have been able to demonstrate what we have shown you, and that is about creating a partnership and supporting a uniquely beautiful place that so many have been patiently waiting to enjoy. You cannot deny the efforts that our group has made over the last 18 years:


    1) Secured completed engineering construction plans from T.Y. Lin International, all done pro-bono and at a savings to the County of $30,000.


    2) Organized three successful volunteer stewardship events between 2008 and 2010 with Tonia Burns, Dan Zinzer and other Park staff where over 200 volunteers used their own muscle for 800 hours to remove illegally dumped rubbish, remove invasive plant species, and build new trails, and all for a place that is still not open to the public.


    3) Applied for and received over a dozen grants valued at tens of thousands of dollars from well respected businesses and organizations including: REI, Meyer Memorial Trust, Jubitz Family Foundation, Mazamas, Access Fund, American Alpine Club and Patagonia over the years. This also does not include the individual donations, and the various fundraisers that our group has been able to organize in conjunction with local businesses and non-profits. These funds have helped finance, in collaboration with Clackamas County, many studies including economic quarry and land appraisal studies thereby deriving value for the County at zero cost.


    4) Reached out to the 1249th Engineering Battalion with the Oregon National Guard from Salem, whose responsibility is to go into disaster zones and build roads and bridges. We’ve continued to build a relationship with the Oregon National Guard since 2009 when we worked directly with Clackamas County Parks to assist them in submitting a detailed Innovative Readiness Training grant from Oregon National Guard. We visited the site in 2009 and 2010 with Guard soldiers, and as recently as February 13th of this year, Keith Daellenbach toured with First Lieutenant Heath Henry out at the site with County permission. The Guard is eager and ready to help move this project forward, as they supply their own construction gear, and physical labor, at a generous cost savings in labor estimated to be $57K to the County to implement the engineering plans and concept design. What an amazing opportunity to give our service men and women valuable hands on training when the time comes that they must possess to be deployed, and they’ve done this type of work locally before! A great example is on the north side of Lewis & Clark State Park at exit 18 in the Columbia River Gorge, which is known as “1000 Acre Park/ Sandy River Delta”


    Whether you can answer my question above now or not is not of importance. You see, from our beginnings, our group and our mission has always been about forming partnerships and collaborating. For the last 18 years, we’ve shown you through our words and our actions that we want to work with the County on the Madrone Wall property, and we have done so directly with the Commissioners, PAB, Parks staff, and additional outside agencies and businesses who can directly assist the County move this site forward towards park creation. This continued collaborative approach is something that we look forward to.



    Kellie Rice

    President, Madrone Wall Preservation Committee

    Beaverton, OR

  14. Hello Climbers!


    Below is a link from the Access Fund for an Action Alert for the Madrone Wall, which is located just east of Carver, OR. Please take a moment and have your voice be heard by signing the form, which will go directly to the Commissioners and key Park Staff. You can certainly write your own letter if you wish. And if you live in Clackamas County, we definitely want you to speak up!


    Keith and I will be attending a City Council meeting for Milwaukee to try and gather their support for the Madrone Wall site tomorrow ( Tuesday) night, and we will also be in attendance at the next Parks Advisory Board (PAB) meeting that is tentatively scheduled for March 16th. Stay tuned and thanks for the support!



    President, MWPC


    Like us on FB if you have not already! https://www.facebook.com/madronewall



  15. For the last 15 years our group has been asking that people respect the closure and we will continue to do so. Keith and I have only climbed there 1 or two days and only after one of our trailbuilding days when the County gave us permission.


    Park staff and members of the Parks Board have actually thrown that fact in Keith's face stating ( I'm not quoting), "Climbers are still out there and ignoring the "No Trespassing" signs." Of course the very same people conveniently forget to add the local's dumping old appliances and car parts, drinking and target shooting, and even homeowners just taking their dogs for a walk in an open area.


    Do we need a different approach? You bet, but Keith and I can't 'win' this alone, and that's why we've involved Chris Winter, the Access Fund, AAC & Mazamas. We've had lots of support from the Portland community over the years ( and THANKS!), and definitely some Clackamas County residents, too, but it is Keith ( mainly) who is on the phone every week trying to connect with them, attending monthly Parks Board meetings, etc. Only when we've rallied people have others shown up to meetings, written letters, attended fundraisers and so on. We really need the residents of Clackamas County to hold their elected officials, Park staff and Parks Board accountable for park creation and improved livability within their communities. A couple of rock climbers from Portland and Beaverton are not going to motivate those that are in control to get the Madrone Wall park moving forward.


    If you or anyone on this forum would like to meet with Keith and I because you have ideas or suggestions about some possible strategies that might help, then feel free to contact me here in a PM. We would certainly appreciate it, and we are looking forward to our brainstorming session in January with the folks at the Mazamas, Access Fund, AAC and Chris Winter.


    Thank you!

  16. My apologies for not spending much time on this forum in recent months. I will try and do better about that.


    To respond to hemp22’s post, here are the basics: The County moved about $60k in funding for the Madrone ( from the ‘08 or ‘09 Metro Bond Measure) into the Springwater Trail improvements. So, it’s true that there is no funding from the County right now. In regards to the Oregon National Guard IRT out of Salem, that did not ‘fall through’ ( County’s statement to hemp22), but there also has been a change in leadership at the OR Nat. Guard, and they have been deployed. Keith still has had a positive relationship with the ONG, and are willing to do the work so long as they are not deployed. They can’t do anything until the County accepts the engineering plans ( read thru to the end) and funds the project. And as for the volunteer work, we are not going to continue to build trails and clean up the site if the County does not make a commitment to move forward.


    We wanted to give you an update on where we’re at and what has been accomplished, but I think I need to start off with a bit of both a long-standing and more recent battle our group has had with Clackamas County.


    1) Keith has done an amazing job of forming and trying to form relationships with the County Parks Staff over the years. One of our main battles is the turnover of new parks staff and department heads, who don’t ever receive a whole lot of information about the Madrone Wall when they join on as staff because it is so low on their priority list. It seems like our group ( Keith really) who does all of the outreach to the new staff about this site.


    2) Since July, Keith has tirelessly tried to work with and reach out to the new Parks Department Head, but he refuses to return Keith’s calls or emails. Basically the door has been closed on us.


    3) Both Keith and I are not residents of Clackamas County, which may be part of the reason why their new staff members are not really responding to us. It is my gut feeling that we are really going to call upon the residents and businesses of Clackamas County to stand up for parks, the Madrone, and to be the driving voice in getting the the ball rolling on this. Keith has been the squeaky wheel for 15 years, but we’re going to need the help of residents who live in the area.


    Here is what has been accomplished and where we are headed. ( Exact months /timeline are a little fuzzy)


    1) Keith and I have connected with Chris Winter ( CRAG Law), Joe Sambataro ( Access Fund-Access Director & NW Regional Director), and Adam Clinton Baylor ( Mazamas & Oregon Access Fund RC). We have a conference call scheduled in January with other key folks from the American Alpine Club about some strategies and a new approach.


    2) Last Spring, Keith was working with the new Parks Dept Head at Clackamas County. The County approached Keith to write an MOU ( Memorandum of Understanding) about what our group would be responsible for and what the County was responsible for. This is when we connected with Chris Winter, who drafted the MOU with us. We completed that and presented it to the County. Said Dept Head agreed to meet with Keith about the MOU in late summer, and this is when communications ceased with Keith. What did end up happening after months of Keith trying to connect with said Dept Head, Keith ended up getting his hand slapped for doing the MOU, which is REDICULOUSLY HILARIOUS because THE COUNTY ASKED US for the MOU!


    3) Keith did get the civil engineering plans complete from the engineer ( all done pro bono!), which was a 3 year process. What are the engineering plans for again? Roadway access & improvements (ingress/egress) from HWY 224 to the parking area (single lane with pull outs & needs to be wide enough for an emergency vehicle), a gravel parking area where the road ends at the meadow. Leveling of the meadow / parking area would also need to happen. Space for a port-o-potty, picnic table, and park kiosk are smaller pieces of the plans.


    So, our group has done everything the County has asked us for and then some: engineering plans at no cost to them, a ready & willing construction group ( Oregon National Guard IRT) to do the labor, trail building parties a few years back ( thanks to those who volunteered), applied for Access Fund & Mazamas grants for trailbuilding supplies, and an MOU.


    I know many of you are frustrated about what seems to be no forward progress. Trust me, no one is more frustrated than Keith, who has been working on this somehow probably every single day. Stay tuned here for more updates and stay tuned for a new Facebook page for the Madrone Wall group in January. Please share this with anyone who might be interested and especially those in Clackamas County!



    Kellie Rice


  17. Hey,


    This is what I know, which isn't very helpful. I had an email conversation with Keith D a few weeks back asking about any new information.


    He and Clackamas Co. were still waiting on the final civil engineering plans ( pro bono - being completed by the same engineer / firm that is doing the new Sellwood Bridge). I think a minimal draft plan was submitted maybe 6 or so months ago.


    There was also a meeting last Feb. that was organized by Clackamas Co. specifically for the Madrone in regards to some funding and grant money for fire management / prevention. The Madrone site was identified along with a number of open spaces that were at great risk for wildfire concerns. A few climbers did make it to that meeting. Experts had stated that there was so much "fuel" from the meadow, surrounding forested area, and on up at the top of the cliff, that a lot of the brush, invasives, and some evergreens needed to be trimmed (no significant tree cutting).


    So, it was my understanding that a paid crew was supposed to go in there for 2-3 weeks over this past summer to remove invasives, and trim and eliminate some of this "fuel" so that wildfires could be minimized. Money for this did not come from the County, but from grants received specifically for fire management.


    I also remember submitting info to the County maybe almost a year ago, and we provided them with climbing management plans from Beacon, Smith, Skinners Butte, and Mt Hood NF. Peregrines showed up 2-3 years ago ( those darned birds!), and so Clackamas Co wanted to know how other agencies were dealing with this.


    The County cannot move forward on construction at the site without the engineering plans. The 1249 OR National Guard IRT (Salem) returned from the Middle East last winter, and stand ready to do the work once the engineering plans and funding are in place, unless they get deployed again, of course.


    That is really all I can add at this point. I'm sure the foot dragging on the County is partially responsible for the lack of forward progress, but I don't think we're in any position to rush the engineering plans, or the engineer.


    And the County will not open the site to public access without on-site parking, emergency vehicle access, a bathroom facility, a management plan for those birds ( and other issues of concern for them: dogs, bolting, trail user conflicts, etc),and designated trails designed to handle the usage that it will get.


    Thanks for asking, and sorry I couldn't have any exciting news.


    Kellie Rice

    President, Madrone Wall Preservation Committee

  18. Hey there,


    I'm headed up from Portland this Sunday and am interested in checking out the sport climbing area in Mazama. If anyone has any time or is interested in showing me the area, send me a PM by Saturday night. I have a rope, draws, and 10b/c leading skills.