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  1. I debriefed with Mike yesteday morning at breakfast and it was like talking to someone who had been past the edge and returned to tell about it. It was awesome! I've never felt more stoked for a climb someone else did!! What an incredible adventure! A word on the grade: 5.9+ A2 my ass! He told me the true identity and you'd better be FUCKING HONED for this Beast or you'll be beat down by THE DEVIL'S CLUB!!! I've known Mike for a bunch of years now and when he says this is the second hardest thing that he's done in life, next to taking his board exams, that means it's the hardest climbing he's done in his life. Take a look at the climbing resume on his T-Shirt and do the math. Erik's no slouch, either, when it comes to pulling hard, he just a sport climber who can't tell the difference between Shuksan and Baker and just took part in a MAJOR North Cascades aplinism coup de tat on his first over-nighter. PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT!!!!!!! And talk about QUALITY! In this day and age when people are picking over the SCRAPS for FAs, trying and doing climbs that are in my opinion PURE SHIT, just for the sake of getting their names in Red Fred, these guys march out into the middle of nowhere and peg the Burl-o-meter up an AWESOME wall with an AWESOME line. Note to everyone: TIME TO STEP IT UP!!! We already got the out of the way, and I've got "Dumpling Burn" at both ends, but congrats again! You guys ROCK!! -Justin (Prepare for Bannination in 3...2....1...)