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  1. Plus ça change...

    I bet the people there felt terror. Ku Klux Kunt needs the "assailants" to be wearing "rags on their heads" like "Haji pull starts" to be "terrorists". Otherwise they are just regular angry 'Mericans improperly exercising their God-given right to bear arms and inadvertently executing people attending a holiday party at a center for the mentally disabled while wearing freely available tactical body armor and AR-15 assault weapons. ...with Liberty and Justice for all.
  2. Plus ça change...

    Speaking of Terrorist and Terrorism: http://www.cbs8.com/story/30651519/live-stream-multiple-victims-reported-shot-in-san-bernardino
  3. Plus ça change...

    Oracular vision. All seeing. All knowing.
  4. Plus ça change...

    Shitnado coming. The "I am the Liquor" episode has to be the funniest alcohol-themed comedy I've ever seen. "Lahey goes on a massive bender and tricks Cory and Trevor into telling him about the hash driveway." Priceless.
  5. Plus ça change...

    So many experts here, on such a wide range of topics.
  6. Plus ça change...

    Dawkins: "Islam is evil. Buy my books."
  7. Plus ça change...

    Christianity exterminated most of the indigenous peoples on N and S America, who knows how many in colonial Africa and Asia. The US and its allies have continued this proud tradition ever since, blasting "godless" communists and heathens constantly for every generation. 2.5 million dead in East Asia 1954-75? "Domino Effect". Islam has its own dark heritage. Common theme? Religion.
  8. White Chuck E Face Couloir. Maximum fun in The Hills.
  9. Plus ça change...

    Time for a pogrom. Annihilate... ...ISIS/ISIL that is, to be clear.
  10. Cerberus 5.11d Squamish - Pendulum Fall

    Between GoBlos and drones, climbing movies are getting uninspiring and unimpressive. Case in point: [video:vimeo]142431235 Underwhelming...
  11. colfax ice

    Chilly in Deming this morning. Definitely cold up there. Head up into the seracs for short, weird, and overhanging. Head to the toe to lower down into gaping maws. Bring prusiks or an ascender in case you can't climb out.
  12. PNW ice in an el Nino winter

    Random ramblings... It needs to be cold for there to be ice. And and you need water. And not a lot of snow to bury it all. When I first moved out here from NH 20 years ago, I thought: "There's going to ice climbs everywhere!" Wa, wa, waaaaaa..... The best year was the brutally cold Thanksgiving week, probably a two week stretch when just about everything froze. We climbed waterfall ice outside of Van Zandt on route 9 at about 500' elevation. The best scenario is the "Arctic Blast" coming down the Frasier River Valley. All that good stuff near Hope comes in solid. Getting in good ice around here takes dedication, and money to buy gasoline to go somewhere else.
  13. Debates

    Yes! CPB teaches theology!!
  14. The Hyperbolometer sure does get pegged.
  15. The bullshit meter is redlining on this one. Tell me about it... Here's my totally unsolicited opinion of no value: Kurt said: "That said, the route is not without hazards and should be viewed as an alpine climb." From Rad's Knee Jerk: "Implicit in this comment is the idea that sport climbers don't belong in the mountains, they don't deserve to be there, and that the mountains are the exclusive domain of wise, tough men who eat nails for breakfast. Get over yourselves. I, for one, am happy to share the mountains with anyone who wants to be there. The next generation may start in the gym, but they are going to push the envelope in the trad/alpine world. Just look at LeClerc, Caldwell, Lama, Honnold." Actually, implicit in the comment I made was: "Perhaps a mixed line on such a route might have discouraged eager folks with less experience from perhaps getting in over their heads up there. Pretty committing location for alpine sport climbing, in my humble, unsolicited opinion". I don't know where you got all of the rest, or why your panties got in such a bunch, but whatever. ANAM is full of people who "got in over their heads". A newly minted and already crowded (deservedly so, it seems) fully bolted "alpine climb" is perhaps not the best place to learn the new skills and attitudes that gym climbing, or sport climbing at the crag, does not and cannot prepare you for. 8 pitches, 5 teams in a day, rapping off in the dark, rockfall in an approach gully, loose rock on route. All these are objective hazards present on many popular alpine climbs, sure. My point was that I feel that a fully bolted alpine climb could have the undesired effect of luring the inexperienced up and onto a challenging route with objective hazards in a committing location. It's your route. You put it up. It's your legacy. You choose to fully bolt it. You also promoted it here and encouraged others to give it a try. Simple fact is that I am concerned that some of the people who may take you up on your offer might not have the requisite skill set to meet the challenge.
  16. Looks like a great line, and a lot of hard scrubbing for both of you I don't want to arm chair quarterback here, but I see in the pictures that there seems to be plenty of spots for gear next to some of your bolt placements. Perhaps a mixed line on such a route might have discouraged eager folks with less experience from perhaps getting in over their heads up there. Pretty committing location for alpine sport climbing, in my humble, unsolicited opinion.
  17. denali?

    ...and, because we REALLY care about global climate change, and are willing to do ANYTHING to reverse its course, we shall now refer to this as the "Mount McKinley". Happy driving!
  18. Go Bernie

    Says the guy whose sig line on cc.com used to be: "I love pussy but hate the bitch it's attached to" You make Trump look like a Boy Scout with your rhetoric you misogynist asshole Bob was talking about his dog.
  19. Go Bernie

  20. Go Bernie

    How many teats a Holstein got?
  21. Drones

    The End Times Are Upon Us
  22. Logging at Index Lower Town Wall

    Eventually the cliffs at the Index Town Wall will be ablated by the solar wind. Bolts at Smith? Non-issue, compared to Beijing. Breeders keep having kids. I am all for keeping the wilds wild, preserving trees, picking up trash, etc, etc, but in the grand scheme, none of this matters. So don't get your panties in a bunch.
  23. Logging at Index Lower Town Wall

    Let's see how that logging at the base of the Lower Town Wall is coming along:
  24. Logging at Index Lower Town Wall

    Paleo-Climbing, nude, in your Vibram Five Fingers. The only way to go. We must save Gaia. Save the trees. No bolts, gear only, ground up. Climb hard, or climb tard.
  25. Logging at Index Lower Town Wall

    Yes. I have always had this problem. The conundrum that you face is that if you "climb" you automatically disrespect "the resource". Unless you walk to the crag and free solo. People argue for the tree that is being cut down after driving a car to the crag and pulling out a rope and gear made from petroleum and extracted minerals as they participate in an activity that serves no social good. Climbing is not a noble cause, it is an inherently selfish endeavor. It is a waste of energy resources and it destroys the environment, period. But people want to argue over trees and bolts.