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  1. Mountain Hardware?

    Guide services like climbers are also sponsored.....
  2. season length

    As a splitboarder myself I think that for many (not all) tours the board is very practical and a fun way to cruise the mountain. I mean splits do have their down sides, they don't edge as well, so steep traverses can be difficult. Also, rolling terrain is kind of icky unless you are proficient at skiing in split mode. One of the largest split manufacturers is based in Whistler, Prior, yep,yep,yep. So, it mustn't be all that bad
  3. I'm a mac user as well. Hold down the ctrl button when you click and you'll get a right click. Yep,yep,yep.
  4. For the ladies...

    I know that in pants you can order a long version (I think they call it tall) from Arcteryx, even in the XS range. You might not find them in the store, you may need to deal direct or special order through a smaller retailer that will do that kind of thing. Not sure about tops though.
  5. Whenever I go to Mt Baker I stay with www.mtbakerlodging.com They have some kickass cabins and can accommodate a couple (when just my husband and I go).....to a group of friends (6-8 peeps).... to helping me with our annual corporate ski retreat for about 40 people. Love em! I've also stayed at the NC Base Camp and it was an awesome venue. If I was in the Methow I'd definitely stay with them again. Yep,yep,yep.
  6. Rope Question

    However, this adds an extra problem if you need to use any sort of a rescue system that isn't direct haul or if the fallen individual needs to prusik out.
  7. Cascade River Road

    I know when I drove down Cascade River Road at the beginning of June (so 3 weeks ago). The road to Hidden Lake Peak trailhead was gated at the road.
  8. I'm heading out to mazama (my husband is riding in the tour of mazama)....and am hoping to do some climbing as I'm not all that into biking. I know that the Mazama Rock Rendezvous is going on there as well. We could climb as part of that or on our own.....Anyone else headed out that way?
  9. recommend Smith guide service?

    My husband who doesn't climb took me to Smith last year for my birthday and also purchased a climbing companion for me from Chockstone Guides (www.chockstoneclimbing.com). I had a great day. We climbed from 9am-7:00pm. We did some trad, then some sport and then some more trad. This was my first time following trad and my first trip to Smith. We had a couple of mantras for the day that helped to decide where when and what we'd climb and they were simple....stay in the shade and no waiting in line. We ended up climbing at the Red Wall, Mesa Verde Wall, and the Smith Rock Group. It was an excellent day. I would definitely use them again. The guide should do pretty much whatever the client wants to do. If they want adventure they should get it. Yep,yep,yep.
  10. This sounds cool. I'd be up for it every once in a while. When does it start? Time place? I definitely need to log some more time outside and on the sharp end. Have car, rope, and rack....will travel
  11. Time for a new board... splittboard or not?

    Another good point, though you can always use the foot rest on most lifts. Actually many places don't have foot rests....for example baker. So you can't really count on them. I still say buy the right tool for the job.
  12. Time for a new board... splittboard or not?

    Splitboards rock in the bc but they are a bit lack luster inbounds. Not just because they aren't as rigid, they are also a whole heck of a lot heavier and suck when strapped to one foot riding up the lift. If you are not primarily a bc rider I would buy a normal board and then use snowshoes or rent a splitty for the few bc trips you are going to be doing.
  13. Avalanche Course?

    I took a level 1 and the following year a refresher through Mountain Madness a few years ago and would do it again. Yep,yep.yep.
  14. The Official Smiffy Rox Tuft Luv......

    It is free!!
  15. Splitboard

    Wait later in the season (Feb/Mar time frame) and buy them on clearance. You can usually get 40-60% off of retail. That's what I did last year. Sure, you won't have them for early season but there will be tons of splitboarding left. *zoom*