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  1. There goes another one

    I'll sell anything for 15 million, I'm suprised that's all they were worth.
  2. Climber, homeless, and needs help..........

    Post deleted by Koolaid
  3. New REI Bitch Thread

    ...fyi, they have gotten alot better and guarantee their products for life. They have a shop in S. Seattle and replace or repair any OR thing you have....
  4. Triumph NW-West ridge routes.

    ...Sorry for the large format, I'll take it down if I can't get it smaller. Is there an HTML code that reduces the picture size (anyone?) - Nevermind, it's [-med.jpg]
  5. Triumph NW-West ridge routes.

    Here's a pic fromt the SE ala Mt. Trapper taken not too long ago...
  6. An idea whose time has come

    or how about this? http://www.bodyworlds.com This is a bizarre, emotional traveling exhibit that showcases real bodies in back to life poses....donate your body online?
  7. [TR] Shuksan- Sulphide Glacier 8/15/2005

    For the record, said group were in fact a considerate, good natured group that were happy to let us and others go by. Then again, what else can you do when you've chosen to tie up a route with 9 people, which is my only qualm...you guys were part of an organization with a reputable enough name to avoid "leader mistakes" like that. As in, so you don't HAVE to wait for hours on end so you can let people by. But whatever, I'm not the keeper of the hills and I'm purposefully not slandering your club by name, everyone should be a better person for having spent a perfect day like that on the summit ... You forget your whole party was zoned out directly underneath the very ropes you were rapping on, however, point taken. JoshK is right though, I was amazed there was only as many people as there were after reading the NPS trail reports of 40+ people on the route the other week. BTW, everytime I yell KOOLAID!!!, Einstein's mama comes bustin' through the wall.... - now can't we all just, you know...get along????
  8. Climb: Shuksan-Sulphide Glacier Date of Climb: 8/15/2005 Trip Report: ...Had one of those climbs that begins with..."Wanna get out this weekend/YES/where?/uh...Buckner, no, Shuksan?/sure, pick you up at 5". We'd been shut out a combined 5 times on this one due to everything, but the weather report called for yellow orbs and delivered. We hit the trail at 8:30 and were at the glacier within a couple hours... The route is still in great shape, took us a little under 6 hours to reach the summit pyramid. The scrambling gully was clogged with a rappeling party of 9(!) from a popular climbing club I'll refrain from naming. The baking sun and an hour wait had our patience down so we called a halt to thier rappel and climbed on past. The moves through the gulley are easy and straightforward 3-4 class moves, but deadly exposed. We summited 20 minutes later to a near cloudless view. Shared the summit with two cats from Glacier who'd come up the Chimneys. (R&A, awesome meeting the both of you, hopefully we meet again) Spent a solid hour on the summit and wasn't surprised to find the 9 party in the same place. I actually felt bad for some of them, as the (now) four of us scrambled past them in 20 minutes, not kicking so much as a pebble on them. They had been hung out in the blazing heat for hours and had hours to go, I doubted many would care to climb again. It goes w/o saying that clogging a route like that is irresponsible and dangerous at best, glad I wasn't leading that one. We hopped down to the glacier, roped up and were off. We walked in the perfect evening light, spinning in circles at the scenery. It was a perfect day, we'd had the Sulphide to ourselves on a Saturday, spent 9 hours climbing and 11.5 car to car... Approach Notes: Route is in great shape. Bring a rap rope if you don't have downclimb skills...