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  1. Signs are pretty dumb. A "climber" should be able to follow a trail and know enough not to just stomp all over the place. Pick up and pack out Your own damn garbage. A shitter might be a good idea until some fool tips it over. Good bye road side camping.


    a management plan like the one at GOTG would ruin the Icicle.


    What kind of world do we live in when we depend on others to tell us what we can climb ? When we can climb it ? and that we have to get permission to climb it. Stupid.


    its the dumb down factor, follow the masses and do what everyone else does to be accepted. Not the reason I started climbing.


    How soon You all forget about "DUSEL" and how great that would be for the Icicle we where told. Also was a accepted use of public land that would of shut down the whole canyon to any activity.



  2. "TONS" of dangerous hardware ? really tons ? come on.


    Kurt's efforts are welcomed, that's for sure.


    I think sitting around a talking about bad anchors or hardware does no good. Asking someone to fix it like the USFS or LMA is a waste. If Your running across so much of it when you out there carry some gear and just fix it. Is that to much to ask ? Before the time comes you have to seek permission from the powers that be to do so.


    And yes I have done more then my share of anchor replacements, fixing bad bolts trail maintenance cleaned rap tat picking up bloody tape and garbage etc in the Icicle.


  3. Nice trip report.

    I did the same hike and climb last year with my daughter who is now grown and gone. Growen up I took her all over the place on many hikes and climbs around Leavenworth often screaming and kicking, but after a few years now she is asking me to get out there and do things with her.

    Most kids will never know the pleasures of the mountians !


  4. I use to enjoy the place, then people from the wet side found it and it lost all its charm.


    Sol, it sucks to be out in there in the Icicle having a good day only to run into people who act like that. You handled it well with the laugh, makes them think your crazy and maybe they wont come back for fear of the mad men who hang out around there.


    Cheers !