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  1. jealous?

    Jealous, No I have My Eye candy ! Who wants to worry about looks at a Crag ? and Who is looking at Who ? Who would want to live with a Climbing partner? I for one escape from the Family and the World when I climb and would not really want to take it with Me. No matter what She looks like. But I can understand Your feeling lucky, Everyone wants something diffrent out of life thats what makes the World fun and weird.
  2. Leavenworth?

    No before the Across from Castle and Grandmas area. just ablove the trail. kind of below Speckled Spot and before the trail takes off for that place. unsure where Mike put up some stuff. but you can see from the road maybe 1/4 mile before Castle ?
  3. Too much tape!

    Tape is Aid !
  4. Low flying jets in the cascades

    Boy the Stories. Buzzed in the Okanogan once sitting in a Lookout on Tunk Mtn by a F-15 came by even with us and waved. Out in the Wheat fields east of Waterville seen a B-52 flying LOW below us towards Banks Lake. But having spent time the the Air Force, The best was riding along in a F-14 January 1986 We buzzed Main Street Omak at 400 mph about 200feet off the deck, had a big fat smile on My face that day !
  5. Tax Rebate

    I'm buying AMMO ! 7.62 & 45-70 buy the case load
  6. Best individual pitch of 2007?

    No big Alpine this year and things that stick in the mind are unnamed, or I forgot there name, or a blur. But several stick out. I did well over one hundred pitches before I lost count sometime around July A route at J-Tree in early March 5.10b(?) *** out north off the boy scout trail, long pitch of dime sized edges and a really nice south face, felt sick that day and wanted to puke after walking an hour but I did it A unnamed one at Candy Land (?) about 75+ minutes up off the road above Bridge Creek. 5.10a(?) small edges on really clean rock with a sloper crux to a stance. Starts off a big ledge with wonderful views. the wind whipped so hard that day it blew one of my brand new shoes into the world of the lost never to be found again. Birthday solo's Slender Thread, Faken'It & Cajun Queen
  7. Leavenworth?

    Dental is up river after crossing the old pipe line bridge in the Tumwater, just shy of Castle Rock
  8. Leavenworth?

    Was out Saturday lots of snow on stuff in the Tumwater, PFL was good but sketchy in places, did some things On Dental Dome. Lots of good Ice Bouldering out there in the Icicle.
  9. older kids climbing?

    Minx I have a 14 year old boy who enjoys getting out and is getting better. Let Me know if You want to get out in the spring with them. What about a Kids Rope Up ?
  10. Nice done report. Great Pictures ! Cant wait to head down there soon.
  11. Deep thoughts....by jack handy

    If You just climb for numbers I think for the most part You wont be climbing long. Unless You must to keep the people who pay for you to climb happy. The avarage Joe-blow who still climbs after reaching there max number what ever it is, climb for the Love of it. You cant rate Your self worth by what the Media pushes on you or what others do or say. To many people worry about what others think about them and allow that to be the driving force in there lives....and climbs Climb for the moment, Enjoy the Stone, Remember the Day
  12. Leavenworth Mountain Sports

    All Said, LMS is not a place I would want to lose. Its nice to have a Local shop and not have to drive far or spend money on shipping. I will spend money there in the future as I have in the past. And hope they stay there, but customer service means alot.
  13. Leavenworth Mountain Sports

    its great to have a local place to shop, and Brian was great to work with and would work with you on pricing, but that seems to be gone.
  14. Benazir Butto murdered

    You could see this coming from a mile away. Sad and it will have long and short term effects on the region ! and not positive ones.
  15. Leavenworth Mountain Sports

    Sad, butts the place has not been the same. Kind of hate to say it because I like to buy local, and support local but the last few times I have been in there those working seem to not really give a Rats A**
  16. Evel Knievel

    came close to killing myself more then once because of Him. I Really wanted to do some big jumps! Mr Knievel and My father where friends for a long time. He gave Me my 1st dirt bike. RIP
  17. Bombing Iran: Carbon Neutral?

    I think Your Bombers would come out of Guam or North Dakota. The Base in Spain has fewer B-52's less weapons and Guam with Cruse Missles and a larger stock pile Nukes !
  18. Happy B-Day ! Great way to spend the big 40 ! Life just gets better ! So cool that You got to spend it with people You Love ! doing what You Love !
  19. Vantage, Washingtons 1st "Out Door Gym"
  20. Wasps!!!!

    there gone for the most part, have not seen any the last two weekends
  21. Slab East of 11worth?

    Also I think its called "Shit Slab" ????
  22. Slab East of 11worth?

    There are a few routes on it, I think I have a old topo, someplace There are at least two I have done and know of. PM if You end up doing I would be up to it. I have a story about the SP and Bullhorns doing those Routes.
  23. What did you do at ropeup?

    Drank Some Good Beer ! And got to Meet Sherri ! finished a new route, and slept in the truck, what could be better ? Thanks to all who put in the hard work to make it happen !
  24. Rope Up 2007

    I have a little fire wood, I'll bring some up.