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  1. favorite climbing quotes

    Looks Good - You Go First !
  2. [TR] Gimli - South Ridge 7/26/2008

    Great Route ! It does not get much better !
  3. Gimli access?

    Gimli is Sweet !
  4. Memories

    Being in the High School parking lot with a Rifle in the Back window of the truck and taking Bong hits before class.
  5. Most satisfying pitch ever...

    Any Pitch is a good Pitch with 100 diffrent routes YTD and no clue how many pitches YTD the "Original Route" on Warrior Wall is right up there for this year. All time, I liked them all.
  6. Northwest Forest Pass violation

    Why fix washouts? it keeps more people out of the woods, and thats what they want. Unless your a logger or miner
  7. R.I.P. Tom

    Heard today Tom Clausing was among those who was killed in a mid air crash in Phoenix. I just wanted to send out my thoughts of sadness when I heard the news to his family and friends. He was One of the Great guys out there in the world working to save others. Thank You For the couple of Climbs we shared Tom, seems like a long time ago. Peace be with You and your Family.
  8. The Wilderness & My (Your) Rights

    Experiences with anyone You meet on a trail is what you make it. There are times I feel like talking, and times I dont. But I feel its no ones damn business what I'm doing or where I'm going.
  9. The Wilderness & My (Your) Rights

    Well said Mr. Builder
  10. The Wilderness & My (Your) Rights

    You dont have any right to use your land ! all fees go to salerys and new 4x4's every year so they can keep you out !
  11. One Less Landmark

    I use to love to get drunk there on a Saturday night with the Ex brother inlaw. We could stumble back to his Grandparents house with out a worry. I remember when they passed away and the family got pissed because the family member whole got there house sold it for well over a mill in the late 80's a neat little place with a hugh lot that had a Barber shop in the basement and a Chicken coup out back. Grandma sold eggs. His family had been there from day one for Ballard, coming from Wales I thought then the place was gona change, and it did ! Went there last fall with the kids to walk around on one of our "Trips to the City" the place is now just empty and void of any real identity, kind of like the rest of Seattle, Just plastic and Fake the Heart and soul seems to be gone.
  12. One Less Landmark

    Ballard has not been "Ballard" for a lonf time.
  13. Question, You ask about taking away drills yet you want directions to a new Sport Crag ? done with Drill ?
  14. Solo? Have you or do you?

    This question made me think. Over the years yes, Now yes, in the future yes. I think each has his or her own reason. For me doing so helped get me through some damn F***ing hard times. Now for the joy of being alone with the stone. But not to often. Once or twice a year In the future when I'm old, I can see doing it to prove to myself I can still climb. And to have flash backs to grander days A quick glance at notes, besides bring back memories good and bad, shows somewhere around 30-50 ? routes in the Leavenworth area alone, Many more then once. With most falling in the 5.0 to 5.8 range. Some harder on both those good days and those really F****ed up days. Thanks for making Me think about it !
  15. Wow, Winthrop Also made the list !
  16. Tips for a rainy day

    its always tomorrow in Guam
  17. Tips for a rainy day

    Damn near was ! thank god for that pussy sling
  18. Tips for a rainy day

    was yesterday not Wednesday ?
  19. Tips for a rainy day

    Wednesdays Rule !
  20. RockFest June14th-15th in 11wrth..

    I'm taking Lance's clinic !
  21. Best Country Albums of all Time

    Buck Owens - Live in London, or any live album by Buck
  22. Has anyone ever take a significant

    Yeb, Took a month and went to Kona. Spent my time living in a tent on the hill side. Had just split with the Ex wife of 22 years and needed some space and time to ponder by place in the world and future goals. The company I work for was understanding knowing that I would come back better then when I left. Its good to Clear Your head of everyday things, like computers, cell phones, customer pressure.
  23. Loose Bolts

    will have to stop there and scope on it tomorrow. is this the route the fixed line was hanging on for about a week or so not long ago ?
  24. Loose Bolts

    Sounds to Me like a case of someone not knowing what they where doing.
  25. Loose Bolts

    What Route ?