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  1. RIP - Riccardo Cassin

    Mine also, Still have. R.I.P
  2. Sport vs Trad

    I'm with Mr Granite And, you guys need to STFU and go Climbing, be it Trad or Sport or both just get out your doing no good here.
  3. Unknown Classics in the Enchantments

    Great question
  4. [TR] Colchuck Cirque - Backbone Ridge 6/27/2009

    Telemarker, You do good climbs, and climb well from what I read. But how many TR's do we need on the same route ?
  5. nice work keeping an eye on them
  6. A great day!

    Congrats on the House Sol, Heard You had some real help !
  7. Icicle - Warrior Wall

    "Original Route" .10d Wicked & Steller, no bush involved new anchor and cleaned last year.
  8. Icicle - Warrior Wall

    Cool Picture there Bud !
  9. 47 and Sunny in Leavenworth on Saturday is crappy weather ?
  10. Black Power @ leavenworth

    Thanks ! been hard at it.
  11. Black Power @ leavenworth

    Nice out there today, also.
  12. Leavenworth campgrounds?

    Good campgrounds, But there are better places to Climb in town then Castle.
  13. Black Power @ leavenworth

    Dukes of Ballet, has been rebolted this year Doin the Dishes, peices have broken off.
  14. does damnation crack need a fixed pin?

    WTF ? why would even think about it ?
  15. Weapons of Moss Destruction

    Hay thats my hammer !
  16. Stanislav Petrov, The Man Who Saved the World

    Good Read. I Remember well, I spent 72 hours in a B-52 out of Guam flying up and down the coast line of Russia loaded with Nukes waiting for the word to Arm them. There was a lot of tension and mixed feelings in that BUFF ! Had a big weight taken off our shoulders and had a shot of Whisky when we landed. Its was a diffrent time
  17. Omak Rocks Access Update

    Great spot ! I like poking around up there. Dont be spreading the word or next thing you know there will be rules and fools up there !
  18. Unsettling graffiti rennaisance

    What about the Arrows on the trail out there ? WTF is up with that ? seen those a couple of weekends ago and just shook my head thinking what a bunch of dump fucks.
  19. Democratic National Convention

    People who ride in a car with Ted need health care ! or a Grave site. Hillary is not broke, how much of your tax dollors went to her campain ?
  20. Guns in the Wilderness

    unless a person has hunted or been hunted they should keep there lips shut ! blowing smoke out your ass about things you know nothing about makes you look dumb. And Yes I have been mistaken for a deer, thank fucking god the costie hunter was a bad shot! and yes I drew a bead on a dude once that was dressed in black during hunting season. Also the mind of a hunter when he or she is out there is all about the Kill, Your heart starts beating hard with every sound you hear, Your thoughts will race and you eyes will play tricks on you. We had a guy once shoot the family Mule thinking it was a deer he even put a tag on its ears and the poor old beast had shoes on it hoofs ! and it was just above the house in a fenced field. the Guy Knew it was a deer and did not believe us even after we should him the hoofs ! it took a County Sheriff to set his ass straight. The poor kid made a huge mistake he will have to live with forever ! kind of a shitty thing to carry around the rest of his life. I would think kind of like dropping and killing your partner because you did not catch his fall. Just like the dude who shot my Dad in the back once out by Vantage, thought he was a Bird ! Dad lived, wonder if that guy still remembers that day ? My wife is a firearm instructor for Washington State, She has and does everytime she gives a class flunk somebody who has the wrong ideals or reasons to hunting or can not handle a gun in a safe manner. So unless you have been there keep your fucking trap shut !
  21. favorite climbing quotes

    nope not forever, 1st heard along time ago by a now dead best friend. Going first is the best part right ?