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  1. Alpiners Anonymous: PDX dry tool night

    Out of towner here. Chuck and I are in for this evening. I didn't bring a computer with me and had to wait for him to get here before I could do any real communication. The pda phone wasn't quite cutting it. Sorry... We're definitely in though. Looking forward to seeing folks again. Raquel
  2. looking for Portland area climbing partner

    Thanks for the info about Beacon. I didn't get into town until 5 though. Would've been fun..
  3. looking for Portland area climbing partner

    My schedule is wide open Tuesday and Friday so any time is good. And I got wheels.
  4. Hi. I'll be visiting from TN this week on a business trip and am looking for someone to climb with. I'll have my harness and shoes, but that's it unfortunately. I'm free Tuesday or Friday but can blow off part of my conference Wed/Thurs if necessary. Climbing comes first. Anyone intersted?
  5. Smith Rock Partner

    I'll be visiting from TN this week Mon-Fri. I'd totally be up for climbing if you have some time.