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  1. North Sister Question

    Lousy enlargement of picture from last fall taken from above meadow looking up at face of traverse. Bowling alley IS where red circle is, actual traverse on snow is likely higher up than blue circle. Summit is left side.
  2. Mt jefferson

    I would call or email the Detroit Ranger Station. I was interested in Marion Lk TH a couple weeks ago (listed no access) but when I emailed was told it was clear to TH. Things change fast and they update website slowly.
  3. Photopost gallery upgrade

    fixed...or not?
  4. Where did you start from?
  5. Dogs and Mt St Helens

    Officially: http://www.fs.fed.us./gpnf/04mshnvm/trails/index.shtml Trails in the Restricted Area (yes the mountain IS in this area) A restricted area has been established in the heart of the National Volcanic Monument to protect opportunities for scientific research and allow for the recovery of plant and animal life. The following rules apply in the restricted area: Stay on the trail; off-trail travel prohibited. ($100.00 minimum fine). No camping is allowed in the restricted area. Disturbing research plots or removal of any natural feature is strictly prohibited. Access into the crater is strictly prohibited. Fires are not allowed within the blast area. Stoves are allowed within the blast area. Pets and bicycles are prohibited. For more detailed information and maps, contact one of the Visitor Centers or a Forest Ranger District Office.
  6. Dogs and Mt St Helens

    Far as I know it is the same rule as the surrounding forest, dogs permitted on a leash. I will try to find it on the FS page.
  7. Dogs and Mt St Helens

    Mickey refuses to be drug anywhere. He either leads or stays home
  8. Dogs and Mt St Helens

    They used to be OK. Course you need to teach your buddy to stay close. Avoid windy days - they are real hard on their eyes.
  9. Another accident on Hood

    I learned the hard way a long time ago never take a dog climbing or hiking that is bigger than you can pack out. Anyways, not sure why they would take a dog up in these conditions but lots of dogs love to do it. My pooch, mostly cocker spaniel, when he was younger has been up Mt. St Helens twice, South Sister, Middle Sister 3 or 4 times and all but the very top of the North Sister as well as hiking hundreds of other wilderness miles. Probably the reason he still is around at 17 and up to 10+ miles. GREAT NEWS on the group being found OK!
  10. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    No more video on the net, how about on cable???
  11. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Plus cnn feed breaks up a lot as helicopter repositions. Nothing right now.
  12. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Please keep it clean, Live feed on cnn.com. 3 minutes for free or $2.95 a month internet quality video if you're like me and no cable. Our prayers are with them, Get them out alive!
  13. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Choppers can ferry searchers in even though it is Wilderness as it is an emergency (I have seen it done). Trouble is it takes much calmer conditions than you are likely to see up there this time of year to safely get close enough to the ground to put someone down.
  14. HOOD This weekend?

    He was WALKING
  15. Photopost gallery upgrade

    I like that link
  16. HOOD This weekend?

    Ditto that. Bundled up and took the wife, kids and a friend up yesterday to walk a couple miles of the trail from the Lodge north in the 'snow'. Downright nasty. Icy, gusty wind, just a few inches of windblown snow and these tiny ice pellets sandblasting your face. We didn't get far cause our friend was fearful of sliding off the trail where the wind depostied snow was deeper. Decided to check out the fireplace in the old lodge instead Saw a guy slowly slide down the hill in the wind on the ice in the parking lot quite a ways little by little until a lodge employee came over and grabbed him.
  17. Fall Colors Picture Post

  18. Another call for photos

    I have quite a few pics from a couple trips I will see if I can post some this weekend. Not sure what you want but have general tourist takes pictures kind of things...
  19. Climb: Just a walk-PCT BB Lake to Jeff Park Date of Climb: 10/21/2006 Trip Report: Quite possibly the best late season hike in Oregon!?! The Highway in is as good of a road as ever! But my '91 Nissan w/ low hanging pipes made it fine! Approach Notes: Just enough snow to smooth the rocks up high...
  20. It is a pretty place any time of year but especially fall. The only people I saw were a couple heading over the top of the ridge to do the same thing (camp) that asked directions. It looks like this weekend would be a repeat, doubt enough snow fell yesterday to cause any problem.
  21. Video Editing Software?

    I have used Windows Movie maker for a long time too. It gets the job done and it is FREE
  22. Another call for photos

    Did you ever get any responses?
  23. st helens info?

    Climbing Season - November 01-March 31 A permit is required. A permit fee is not charged. Climbing use is unrestricted. On-line registration is not required. You must register and pick up your permit at Jacks. I still have three blank permits and parking passes Jack's gave me... http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/threadz/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/596281/an/0/page/0#596281
  24. Climb: North Sister (solo attempt)-South Ridge etc Date of Climb: 9/9/2006 Trip Report: Left Portland at 3:45 am and Obsidian Trailhead at 7:15. Felt ok but after a few hours gradually got ill to the point weakness and fatigue were my constant companions. Had not been up the North for several years and prefer to go when the traverse is melted out. Made fair time to the bottom of the south ridge but the long scree slog took a huge toll on my already severe lack of energy. Managed to get up on to the ridge proper and discovered the 'traditional route' skirting the back side and also what looked like a newer way across the face towards the Middle. Choose the old way I had went before and at 9800+ feet discovered even more of the back side had fallen off. As it was 3pm (my pre-decided turn around time) and the unprotected drop around a slippery, rotten point to cross around to the traverse side brought me to a decision to limp back down. Changing out of my boots helped a lot and I got to the car by dark. Not sure why I felt so bad (pushing 50 ?) but it was still a good day. Had the entrire North and Middle to myself above the meadow. Beautiful day. Looks like 4K snow level the next few days will wipe out any new tries for now. Oh well... Wish I knew some climbing buddies with more gear... Gear Notes: Boots, brought ax and crampons but not needed, rope would have assured success. Global Warming: Massive glacial melt creek: Approach Notes: great trail to ridge. Scree to attain upper ridge bad as EVER.