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  1. Conditions on Hood SS?

    I liked this Hood conditions thread better....
  2. Yes, the photos you took of me turned out very nice. Thanks! Hey Josh, no pic's of them but here's a picture Dave took of me. I saw them. They were there!
  3. I think I was the guy you helped share photo opp's about 8:15. Good Job on Leutholds! It must have gotten cold for a spell that night because I had a similiar near frostbite spell at the top of the Palmer on the way up. Waited too long to switch to my good gloves and man did I have some burning in my fingers for a few minutes. Fun day on the mountain.
  4. Conditions on Hood SS?

    Saturday morning was PERFECT walking. Best conditions I have ever seen. Awesome styrofoam snow on the cat track. Perfect crampon conditions from Crater Rock up the Old Chute. And a nice fairly easy variation to finish the chute to the right and avoid the short exposed piece of the summit ridge. Going down to the hogsback was nice and firm and then perfect for plunge stepping all the way from Crater Rock to the parking lot.
  5. Conditions on Hood SS?

    No idea on Luethold but Friday night is looking good. Clearing and light winds by midnight 9K freezing level
  6. Conditions on Hood SS?

    Plus the big storms that built up this afternoon dumping up there right not cannot be helping the avy danger.
  7. Conditions on Hood SS?

    Yeah, since my first post my wife quashed the idea anyways:argue:. Could go Saturday night but the avy danger looks to be greatly increasing with the 2nd day of warmer weather. Oh well, maybe next weekend!
  8. Conditions on Hood SS?

    and your point?
  9. Conditions on Hood SS?

    So, looking for opinions on Hood tonight / Saturday morning. Standard SS - Old Chute route. Weather looks like it will be acceptable. NWAC says 2' - 5' fell this week and avi danger is a 3 on their scale of 1 - 5. Seems acceptable to me for doing this route and getting out by mid morning or am I wrong?
  10. Sisters in The Winter

    Not sure about the avalanche danger but you will have to walk from Bachelor Ski Area as the road is gated there. Doubt there could be much avalanche prone area except maybe the stretch up onto the ridge. The lower part is low angle and once up on the ridge you are above the slope.
  11. WTF! Climber falls on St Helens!

    R. I. P. Our prayers are with his family.
  12. R. I. P. Our prayers are with his family.
  13. Cloud Cap Road

    Bummer. Well, good luck on next week but I kinda doubt you'll be able to drive the road. 2-3 feet of snow expected between tonight and Saturday above 3500'.
  14. Cloud Cap Road

    Saturday: Bigger pic's in gallery.
  15. Cloud Cap Road

    Sorry thought this was a thread on the road I will see if I have a picture or 2 this evening.
  16. Cloud Cap Road

    Took the boys hiking up from Cloud Cap onto the spur a ways Saturday. The road is AWESOME. LOTS of new rock especially on the upper 5-6 miles. The lower half is smooth sailing, none of the old ruts or bumps. The upper half is also smooth EXCEPT those darn drainage ditches re-cut nice and steep sided in several places. My old Sentra made it easy even jumping a few camo ditches! Snowed out by tomorrow night?
  17. North Sister conditions

    Pass has been open for a... while... My experience in the past is if it snowed more than an inch or two late summer after it melts out it takes forever to melt again. Of course the hot weather coming up might make it better faster
  18. Cloud Cap/Tilly Jane Road Conditions?

    See: http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/888403/gnarl_ridge_info#Post888403
  19. SS conditions?

    Did you go up the gates or the old chute?
  20. SS conditions?

    Anybody been up SS this week? Conditions?
  21. [TR] Mt Hood - South Side 6/6/2009

    I was up there the 30th also, about 1/4 up the chute, when the snowboarder fell. I could not understand why he would attempt to descend when it was so icy he could hardly get on his board and there was a scant 30-40 foot wide path down between the masses of climbers. As he descended (not on his board) over half the chute with legs/board flailing on one end and an ax in one hand I was sure he was going all the way to the hot rocks. At the last second he did a great job of self arrest. Fortunate everyone else was already or able to get out of the way. Could have been nasty.
  22. Elliot Glacier Headwall

    From 6/3 USFS current conditions update online: Road 3512 which leads to Tilly Jane is impassable due to snow just above the Cooper Spur Ski Area. The road is open to the ski area. Does not sound like a permanent closure some wrote of to me...
  23. SS conditions?

    Yippie! I made it up Hood today - 1st time in 3 years Fat, out of shape, sore knee and all. I think all the same people were still there plus a few more... Summit Shot There is a passing lane on the ridge now Heading Down Beautiful day with perfect conditions.
  24. [TR] Mt Hood South Side 5/20

    Back in the 70's my cousin (God rest his soul) took me up Hood for the first time. My uncle insisted he bring the rope. When we got to the upper mountain I asked, "What about the rope?". He replied "I ain't letting no idiot drag me down the mountain". Looking around I noticed I was the only idiot with him....
  25. Trip: Mt. St. Helens - Monitor Ridge Date: 11/15/2008 Trip Report: Since it was so pretty a day Saturday and it is FREE now I decided to walk up St. Helens along with 50 or 75 other people. No snow until well up the ridge. Very clear day. Big hole still there. Was sitting off by myself eating lunch when I saw something I had never seen on any summit. A lady strips down to a bikini for photo opp's with a few guys. Gear Notes: Start late so the runoff drenched scree on the upper part melts before you get there. Or bring crampons. Approach Notes: Ptarmigan Trail