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  1. City of Rocks Memorial Day Weekend

    you know my motto: go naked or go home!
  2. IdaTARDS....Sound off!

    moving to cda from portland in august~looking forward to meeting some local climbing folks
  3. Madrone Wall Fundraiser, 1/26/06 in PDX

    Bill, John has to earn his rope privileges
  4. Climb: Wa Pass/Goat Rock (Mazama)-ice Date of Climb: 1/1/2006 Trip Report: John Frieh, Erik (scheissami), and I set out for Washington Pass in search of ice to help ring in the new year. John and I started our trek up to wa pass at the closure point of hwy 20 (milepost 170). Six inches of snow fell the night prior, and due to John's insistence on an 'alpine start', we provided the first tracks of the day. Nolse spent the first four miles of snowshoeing cooing about the beautiful scenery and peaceful winter silence while I secretly waited for the first snowmobile to pass us so I could use my feminine charms to hitch us a ride. Three hours later, I finally got my wish. I'm still not sure if it was my dazzling smile or nolse's sweat-soaked windshirt that did the trick, but at any rate, the the last three miles were much more enjoyable. Good ice was found right after the hairpin turn at mile 163. Turned out to be a beautiful day...light snow and about 30 degrees. Not too excited about the 7-mile return: View of North and South Early Winter Spires: Erik Joined us the next day to find some ice around Goat Rock in Mazama. After 30 minutes of driving and no leads from the locals, we decided to blaze our own trail...didn't find any ice but found some areas to drytool. John leading: Erik and I on the follow: Erik had a little trouble with the rappel: All in all, a great time! Gear Notes: Anyone need to get a snowmobile off their hands? Approach Notes: Looking cute & cold helps flag down the locals.
  5. Gorge Ice

    Blake~will post photos from wed morning when John returns on Monday. They turned out pretty good.
  6. Women B/C Skiiers?

    I'm in! Just sent you a pm.