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  1. packing check list for climbing

    Wet ones, and where's the CHAIR?
  2. Find a rock retaining wall. The ones built of three man size rock, stacked five to six feet high, or even the smaller rock size walls. They have multiple crack options of various sizes, for placing gear and building anchors. If you keep an eye out, you’ll probably find one in a publicly accessible place, close to where you live; shopping centers, business parks, along the rail tracks on the shoreline, or your neighbor’s backyard.
  3. What's the best tape for a tape glove?

    Check the Metolius website; they have instructions on making tape gloves.
  4. found cam

    Correction to the previous post; the cam that was found is a size 0, not a number 1.
  5. found cam

    Found, number 1 master cam on top of Icicle Buttress. Send pm with description.
  6. Rack in carry on pack

    Thanks for the replies. Now that I think about it, a few years ago they were only charging for checked baggage, if it was over a certain size and weight. I put the rack in my carry on and kept the weight of my checked bag within the weight limit, to avoid paying extra. Now that they are charging for everything that isn't a carry on, and to avoid issues with TSA, it might be best to keep it with my other gear. Let the thread drift, it's entertaining.
  7. Rack in carry on pack

    Has anyone recently flown to Red Rocks from SeaTac, with a rack in their carry on pack? A few years ago, someone asked a similar question on this site, and most of the replies stated, that it could be done. After reading those, I did it in “09” without any problems. Can I expect to do it again, or have things changed, or did I just get lucky in “09”.
  8. Bath Tub Dome

    So it's called Skid Row, Thanks, fun stuff, and thanks to those who put them up.
  9. [TR] The Cap'n - Mescalito 9/7/2011

    Nice Phil, great photos. Bring POPS with you the next time we are meeting up. Tell him he can hang with some of your climbing Buddies, that are his age. We can take him up something that would probably bore you. Could we Talk you into a slide show?
  10. Bath Tub Dome

    Does anyone have any information on the routes below the lowest tier of Bath Tub Dome. In the guide book, the area resembles the picture of The Cocktail Lounge, but the approach description for that is different than the one for Bath Tub.
  11. homemade rocketbox - car top carrier

    I think Yakima will be calling you soon, offering you a consulting position in their R&D department. The thing is stout to say the least. The 150 lb limit is for while you are driving at 70 mph. While it's parked, I think you could hold a dance contest on top of it, or pitch a tent. Some sort of quick release attachment would be an improvement, as would be the table legs. Maybe the legs could be incorporated into a perimeter railing. Then all you will need, is three more yellow boxes, which could be used as chairs, for a table for four. We will do the boxes foam core this time, vacuumn bag them, lighten them up.
  12. You, back in the day

    That guy on Son of Sam, in a Whillans harnes, thinks it was 85 or 86. Clint was close to brand new on that trip.
  13. You, back in the day

    Isn't that ax one of Larry Penburthy's creations? An ultralight in its day, "The Thunderbird"
  14. Dino Rossi

    Rossi is the lesser of the two evils
  15. juan williams firing - fucked up or not?

    Couldn’t vote for lasagna unless my wife was cooking it. The whole thing was a scripted scam by Bill Reilly, Shaun O’Hannity and Williams. They knew Juan would get bounced due to his remarks and now he’s happily grazing in greener pastures. All of them are part of the Irishfoxtapus cabal that wants to bring NPR down. They want to eliminate tax funds that go to them and shine the light on those who are really pulling the strings at so called public radio. Those intellectual elitist are being guided by liberal socialist George Soros and are deeply in his back pocket. O’ Hannity knows this, as does NO SPIN BILL and their evil plot to ruin Lake Woebegone is disgusting.