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  1. Slap Tear

    I am in Seattle but deleted my Facebook account so don't have access. I did see an Ortho who indicated that I also have a frozen shoulder. Taking care of that first through PT and then we'll see where things stand with the tear.
  2. Slap Tear

    I'm wondering if anybody has a good recommendation for an Ortho who knows how to deal with SLAP tears and climbers? As an old guy who wants to continue climbing for another 30 years, I really want to evaluate many options before I commit to surgery and/or a surgeon. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  3. My kids are getting stir crazy with no school and the weather is looking promising for next week. Just wondering if any of the western Washington bouldering areas dry out after a week or so of no rain? I can hook them up with rope climbing all day long, but my youngsters primarily want to boulder.
  4. current song in your head

    Sorry, couldn't help it!
  5. Climbing/bouldering near Joseph, Oregon

    Thanks Jason. I saw that, but I was hoping for more the lazy man's guide (Cragging and Bouldering). We'll only have a few days and I'm not sure my buddy would be up for a long approach/alpine route. I would like to spend a little time there and knock off some of the longer objectives!
  6. I'll be spending the last week in September in the Wallawas near Joseph, OR and am hoping to pull on some rock while there. I'm meeting with a buddy who climbs once a year, so nothing to committing. The Google (the definitive source of everything) is providing little to no info, but in looking at photos of the area, there has to be at least some bouldering. If I need to just throw in a pad and rope, that's what I'll do, but any beta would be much appreciated.
  7. Finding dry rock routes after rain

    Banks Lake. Plus the routes need a little more traffic.
  8. Toproping at Smith

    I'll be down in Redmond Oregon 2/1 through 2/3 and if the weather cooperates, I was hoping to set up a top rope for my daughter. She's twelve, two small to belay me on lead, and kinda crushes. Since I'm not really confident in her ability to rope gun yet, does anybody know of any 10's, 11's or 12's that can easily be top roped? I've been down there a bunch, looked on-line and am coming up with extremely limited options. If it were summer, the gorge would be great, but I want to keep it fun, by not freezing to death!
  9. Swelling in palm below ring finger?

    My wife has been providing deep massage on my hand as well. Hurts, but seems to have stopped what was a fairly rapid progression. I have also been taking about 1200 IU's of vitamin E daily. This dosage is below what is "recommended" online, but I'm a little skeptical about doubling the dose.
  10. Swelling in palm below ring finger?

    I got diagnosed with Dupuytren's last Thursday. Mine is a bit painful and seems to have developed in the last 3 weeks. My main question is... If my hand turns into a claw, will that be considered aid?
  11. I think they are from 2001 or so. Tops are scratched, bottoms are good, and the bindings are great. If you've ever wanted to give Tele a try, come and get them. FREE Scott
  12. Seattle Area Partner

    Looking for a partner to climb with on a regular basis. Hoping for the gym a couple of days a week and Fridays outside as frequently as possible. Also would like to get in a couple of weekend trips and maybe a weeklong trip sometime during the summer. My general preference is to avoid the crowds so long approaches, runouts, brush, and or choss don’t bother me much (ie: alpine or slab). That said, if the only thing to be had is clipping bolts at one of the exits, I’m in. If you have kids, great, I do too so we can understand each other’s potential scheduling “difficulties”. Meet me at the gym or lets grab a beer and scheme.
  13. Misc. Gear

    Cleaning out my basement and have some old gear that I would like somebody to get some use out of. Some of it may belong in the Smithsonian, but it is all still usable. Black Diamond Prophets -Adz and Hammer – Picks are in good shape - $40 each - Sold Grivel Rambo Comp Dual Point Crampons – $60 North Face Soloist Bivy - ~ 2 lbs. - $50 ~55 climbing holds with hardware and a couple of handfuls of jibs. Holds vary; some roof, some sloper, some incuts with very few crimpers. They’re all suitable for hand holds (I used the jibs for feet and crimpers). I also have two 4 X ~7 panels and three ~ 4X4 textured panels from the old Vertical World. There are t-nuts in all the panels- $100 for holds – panels free with holds (if you want them. Sold This is my best guess of the value for this stuff. If you disagree, make me an offer.
  14. Trailer Bike

    I have an Adams Trail-A-Bike that works great. My daughter loves it. She smiles and laughs the entire time we ride (seriously).Got it on Craigslist for $50.
  15. Darrington Sunday

    I have a hall pass for Sunday and was hoping to get out on some slab. Likely 3 o'clock but would be open to suggestions. Ideally looking for somebody with experience, interested in finding a regular partner and who enjoys slurping a beer or two at the end of the day. I've climbed at various Darrington crags over the years so am reasonably familiar with the area. I have a rope, gear, and car so let's get out. Ps. My spouse is looking over my shoulder and requests that you not be a rookie or a really hot chick.