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  1. Alpiners Anonymous: PDX dry tool night

    Beacon was a sweet time last wed/thurs...my first time there since i moved to Wisconsin from Idaho 5 years ago, and then some. Joseph was a great host. I won't admit to climbing anything there, because of my own tweakage of the moment: 4 broken ribs from a fall at devils lake a couple weeks back. But i can say that if i had seconded the first pitch of dodds jam, or the entire southeast corner on thurs, i would have had to climb with one arm and major doses of percocet... I first climbed beacon in 1980, when it was "the best climbing area in Oregon." It might still be, thanks to an ongoing effort of open dialogue and stewardship. Today, beacon is, well, just that...a beacon: it shines, it guides, it lends direction to (pardon the pejorative) a climbing world that, in many respects, has lost its way along the vertical path. It’s one hell of a treasure, but for the rampant poison oak, which should deter anyone with a rack of quickdraws to herd elsewhere. To the stewards: Keep tweaking Beacon. The birds are rooting for you.