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  1. Anyone been up Gib ledges lately? Is it worth bringing snowshoes on the upper mountain? or just stick to boots/crampons?

    Also any beta on descent is welcome. Is descending Gib ok, or is ID the way to go? And what condition is ID in this days? Cadaver vs. Cathedral gap?

    I'm planning on heading up Friday/Saturday (hopefully they open the route back up by then.)



    RIP to the climber presumed dead who is still up there.


    Thanks for any information!

  2. I don't know who has reached the summit this winter, but I'm looking at this week's weather window as a decent chance to make a bid. Probably skin up to Muir Thursday. Then climb gib ledges or ingraham dir. Friday. I don't think I'm proficient enough on skis to summit in them. I'll ditch them at Muir.


    Anyone interested in joining?

  3. I'm interested but I work Tuesday. I'm available monday, Wednesday, Thursday. I'd be down to try rainier Wednesday-Thursday. I also wanna do a day trip of baker, St. Helens or hood (skiing) and could do any of those any day day but Tuesday.


    Email me if interested:


  4. Most of my free time is on weekdays. Hoping to find some weekday partners out there. I live in Seatac, so Snoqualmie is closest, but I'll go as far as baker for some good skiing.


    Email me if you're interested in connecting up one of these days. Tk421@thatcherkelley.com