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  1. Veggie Booty Call

    i hear that the process of making that stuff pollutes more than the pollutedness of Styrofoam. just like how the process of recycling paper uses up vast more amounts of nonrenewable resources (petroleum) and ruins the atmosphere than just cutting down a few more trees that will be replanted...probably in southern washington where the climbing and hiking isn't very good anyway. oh and both recycled paper and corn starch foam reportedly eats babies and fetuses.
  2. I'm a semi-experienced climber who is also in the film business. I'm beginning to put together a small documentary about climbers and climbing and issues related to climbing. I am trying to get some good climbing stories. Good can mean anything. Any climbing experience that is interesting and entertaining to listen to. Please email me at thatcherk1@gmail.com if you have a story or if you know someone that has a story and might be willing to share it. This is for people in western Washington. For good enough of a story, I'd drive to Portland or Bend to interview. Thanks!
  3. Yes, another easterner gonna climb Rainier

    the effing plastic boots that you will probably have to rent will make your feet hamburger and you won't want to go anywhere after getting off Rainier.
  4. I'm thinking of buying this: Arcteryx Alpha Comp Hoody any comments?
  5. If I died tomorrow....

    you wouldn't feel anything. you would be dead. I talked to my dead uncle and he said that people don't feel anything after they die.
  6. Man survives 800 foot fall - ouch!

    you and me both.
  7. Man survives 800 foot fall - ouch!

    that story sounds a lot like a fall that I had last April. I fell 1600 vertical feet down a 50 degree slope of rock and ice mix. Same deal with the injuries. I have a plate in my leg now, and I have lots of cuts on the stomach from the ice and rock. I lost my footing while descending, and the ax wouldnt grab the solid ice. I was soloing, and the first person to find me was the head of search and rescue for the area who was out hiking that day. And they flew me off the mountain just in time in high winds and bad weather. However a week later some famous climber/sierra guidebook writer fell in the exact spot that I did and came out a lot worse. I think it was because he wasn't wearing a helmet. thats all, just wanted to give my input.
  8. anyone been up DC lately? does it still have some snow on it? Is the route pretty good above the cleaver? Hows the gap between Ingraham and the cleaver? Any information would be helpful. I hate climbing rainier in August. I sure do like the Ingraham direct route much better than the stupid cleaver. peace.
  9. How are conditions on Rainier DC route?

    im climbing with some new guys, and I tried to convince them to do emmons, but they didn't want to. I've been up the mountain 3 times and every time has been DC route. As hard as I try I can't seem to get anyone else to want to try another route. Oh well. about emmons, I hear it's tricky to get down to the glacier from the rock on the approach to shurman. is that true only late in the season, or is it even true at all?
  10. How are conditions on Rainier DC route?

    Yeah, I'm an idiot. I remembered the blog just after posting here. thanks.
  11. Anyone know the conditions of the coleman/deming route on baker? how is the bergschrund? Thanks!
  12. rainier, baker, adams august

    so I have myself and one other for sure with a couple other possible. I am heading up to baker to climb the 10th and 11th. we will be doing the coleman/deming route. anyone is welcome to join. email me if interested. thatcher@biola.edu
  13. its on sale at mountaingear for $215. thats why I wanted to find out about it.
  14. rainier, baker, adams august

    I would climb rainier mid next week. I'm not the fastest climber in the world, but I will certainly make it to the top. I've done the mountain three times before. I also have all my own gear let me know if you are interested
  15. I have a pair of bionic pros, They have the small shaft thing and don't fit my boots. Does anyone know where i can order the longer peice to make them fit? I can't find it on any black diamond website. Thanks.
  16. nevermind, i found it
  17. Baker august 7-10thish

    looking for a couple people to climb baker with me between the 7th and 10th. I can do either coleman or easton depending on conditions. I've done coleman in the past. I have all my own equipment minus rope. PM me if interested.
  18. thanks, but I'm planning on using it on some cascade volcanoes and in the Sierras . Where I live doesn't necessarily facilitate where I'm planning on hiking or climbing you wank.
  19. Me and a friend are driving up to Seattle from LA leaving the 5th. We want to stop by Shasta and climb it on the way up. I was stuck in a whiteout at 12k ft last november, and I am now determined to finish it off. We are planning on doing the avy gulch route. I have a stove. Right now I don't have a tent, but I might be able to borrow one. PM, email or call me if you are interested. email: thatcher@biola.edu phone: 323-219-9913
  20. bivying/soloing shasta?

    aight. i probably will stay in socal, but will be making frequent trips to the northwest. So we will definately have to climb another mountain.
  21. bivying/soloing shasta?

    yeah two days is better than one for sure. Would you consider doing it the following weekend, aka the 1st,2nd or 3rd? This weekend I am busy. I'm a little out of shape now, but will be more in shape by that weekend...and im determined to summit that dang mountain after being caught in a storm last thanksgiving on the mountain. So I won't be defeated this time. Anyways, let me know if you are up to it for like the 2nd and 3rd or something like that.
  22. bivying/soloing shasta?

    oh yeah...well still doable in a day if you are packed light and don't mind hiking for a long time.
  23. bivying/soloing shasta?

    mark, just do it in a day. wake up at like 11pm in the parking lot, and start hiking. pack light. it's only 6,000ft elevation gain. Then just glissade down the whole mountain. well after lake helen it isn't very steep. So you could bring the skiis. P.S. I am pretty sure I'll be driving up to seattle from LA in early or mid august and will be up for a shasta climb with you. I'll send you an email when I know for sure when I'm heading up there.
  24. boots and crampons

    what happened to your glaciers? i finally got a pair. they sure do beat my old degrees
  25. I am thinking of doing a traverse around Rainier this summer. Not the wonderland trail, but up hight at about 8-11,000 ft on the glaciers and rocks. I have been around the East side climbing both DC and Emmons to the top. Does anyone have any suggestions on routes or where to find good routes. I am thinking of going couterclockwise from camp Muir, then across to the Ingraham, etc. Any ideas? are there any unpassable sections? Thanks.