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  1. Looking for partner tomorrow. Eldorado, North Twin, something else? Or we could hit a crag or easy class 5 alpine. I'm pretty new to class 5. But experienced class 3-4 scrambler and glacier/snow travel. PM me if interested. Leave your email or phone number in the PM. Thatcher
  2. Alpine partner any days 9/10-13

    Pm sent
  3. Looking for partners for Baker or Eldorado or something similar next week once the weather turns. Text or email me if interested: 323.219.9913 Tk421@thatcherkelley.com I have lots of glacier travel experience. I can provide more details when you contact me.
  4. Looking for a third team member to join our team for DC ascent tomorrow night. We'll get on the trail around 6 or 7pm. Email or text if interested: Tk421@thatcherkelley.com 323.219.9913
  5. Looking for one more person to join our team (of 3) going up Rainier DC route this Monday and Tuesday. PM or email me if interested: tk421@thatcherkelley.com
  6. Last minute : Looking for Rainier partner

    I'm game for a DC climb the 17th and 18th if anyone is still looking for partners. Tk421@thatcherkelley.com
  7. Looking to climb DC route in the next few days. Email me if interested: Tk421@thatcherkelley.com
  8. Looking for partners for either Baker as a 2 day climb preferably Easton, but Coleman would be nice too. Or possibly Rainier DC as a one day push (for a good challenge). I'd also be open to something like eldorado peak too. Email me if interested: tk421@thatcherkelley.com
  9. Rainier or Baker slog this wed-fri

    I'm only available Wednesday-Friday unfortunately.
  10. I'm looking for partners for this weekend to do either Baker or Rainier (standard routes). I'm available thurs-Sunday. Email me if your interested and available any two of those days. Tk421@thatcherkelley.com Thanks Thatcher
  11. Thinking of heading up Eldorado in the next couple of days without glacier gear. Anyone been up the East Ridge recently and know the conditions as far as traveling unroped? Thanks, Thatcher
  12. Eldorado East Ridge conditions for Soloing?

    All I'm looking for is recent conditions for the Eldorado and Inspiration glaciers in relation to solo travel.
  13. Glacier Peak questions

    Hello, Wondering current conditions for Glacier Peak. I read all the recent trip reports. We will be hitting the mountain this coming monday-wednesday. Wondering if there is anything recent in the last few days. Planning on heading up the From the North Sauk Trail. Is the road passable to the trailhead? Are there any major creek crossings to be aware of? I was planning on avoiding rope travel. Is this in shape for unroped travel? Is it not preferable to head straight up Disappointment Peak? Or should we head around to the Cool Glacier? If so, is the glacier fairly safe for unroped travel? I do have glacier travel experience. I just don't know the condition of the glaciers/route. Thanks, Thatcher
  14. Looking for a third team member for climbing one of Baker's easier routes. So far it's me and my wife. It will be her first glacier climb (not first snow climb). That's the reason for a 3 day trip. So if anyone is up for joining us, there will be some training involved the first or second day. So it could be a good chance to sharpen up on crevasse rescue skills. We'll probably be dropping down into a crevasse, doing the whole shebang to get my lady up to speed. If interested, email me: thatcherk1@gmail.com or call me 323-219-9913 I don't check CC.com too often. Thanks, Thatcher
  15. Accident on Hood 12-11-09

    Luke, You were a good, selfless, loving and Christlike friend. Thank you for inspiring me to climb harder and farther than I otherwise would. I saw the love of Jesus pervade your live and impact how you treated everyone you knew. You will be missed dearly. Scott, you, your sister and father are in our prayers.
  16. [TR] Eldorado - East Ridge 5/17/2009

    sweet luke, I've never been up there this time of year. Looks like much more fun than september
  17. How do the Lowa Cevedale boots compare to Sportiva Trango S? They are the same price and look similar to the Trangos, but I've never seen anyone actually using them. I have a friend that is about to buy a pair and her choice is between the two. She would have to pay extra shipping to get the Trangos. The Lowas on the other hand are at a local shop. She is inclined to go for the Lowas, but I want to get some good opinions before telling her it's worth the shipping for the Trangos. Also, Lowa says the shoe is "combination crampon" compatible. Is this the same as newmatic? The picture of the boots don't look like there is a place for a heel bail. Can anyone clarify for me? Thanks, Thatcher
  18. Has anyone heard anything about Forest roads being washed out? I suppose we won't really hear anything for a couple days. But i thought I'd check.
  19. yeah im a pussy. i should have followed you up. i regret it now. oh well, it was still worth the weekend. there was some ice forming next to the road just west of the hairpin turn. Nothing climbable yet, but soon! There was nothing at kangaroo pass. all powder. this was all last week during our high pressure system. by now, more snow might mean more ice by the road. is washington pass still open? and yes that is the peak we were heading up.
  20. looking to get out and take advantage of the decent weather tomorrow. anyone else free to hit a peak near snoqualmie pass or maybe somewhere off hwy 20. If the seracs on Baker are still accessible, I'd love to top rope some ice. call or email me if you are interested. 323-219-9913 thatcherk1@gmail.com
  21. ah, too bad. thanks for the info
  22. Saturday to Sunday

    if you still haven't left yet, I'm up for doing something saturday/sunday. I can't leave tonight though. let me know if you are interested: thatcherk1@gmail.com 323-219-9913
  23. Anyone interested in a trip up Baker this week? thursday/friday is best for me, but friday/saturday is doable as well. P.S. what kind of shape is the route in? I assume pretty crappy? is the road still open to the trailhead? call or email me if you are interested in joining me. 323-219-9913 thatcherk1@gmail.com
  24. wanna climb towers?

    I didn't know what forum to post this. so my apologies if i shouldn't have posted this in here. i work for a contractor who does maintenance of radio/tv towers. we are currently looking for one or two climbers for a painting job on a 1000' tower in Portland's west hills. If you live in portland and are savvy with ropes, rigging and rapping, and are comfortable and heights, and have some spare days over the next few weeks, call Joe Harrington at: 206-484-7070. It's hazard pay. thanks, Tk
  25. I need a partner to climb Eldorado or Sahale peak next weekend. Anyone interested? I have a good deal of roped glacier experience. If you are interested I can provide more info. please email me at thatcherk1@gmail.com or call me at 323-219-9913 Thanks, Thatcher