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  1. Anyone been on the nisqually for serac climbing lately? I've never been down there, but am interested to know if the glacier is in good shape for that? Also hoping to get on it for a basic glacier rescue skills day.
  2. Alpine ice/snow

    Email Sent.
  3. Looking for beta for the North Face route, as well as any other north-side routes: Elliot, Cooper. Anyone been up there the last few weeks?
  4. [TR] Mount Rainier - Tahoma Glacier 6/4/2016

    Great report. Too bad the route is going to be gone soon. It's always looked like a nice way up the mountain.
  5. Looking for recent beta for Mt. Hood North Face

    Oh yeah, sorry for being lazy. Idiot moment. I forgot to check USFS site.
  6. Looking for recent beta for Mt. Hood North Face

    Also, is Cloud Cap trailhead open?
  7. Partner for Reid HW or similar!!

    Seems a little late season, but it looks like a fun route to me if its in good condition. When the weather eventually turns nice, let's see if our schedules line up. I ski and Liberty Ridge is on my list as well. Here is my email: Tk421@thatcherkelley.com
  8. Trip: Mount Baker - North Ridge Climb, Coleman Ski Descent Date: 5/17/2016 Trip Report: I wrote up a report/journal. Instead of rewriting it here, you can just click the link to visit my website. We climbed the North Ridge and Skied the Coleman. It was a fantastic climb and 5 star ski descent. Lot's of photos too. Trip Report-Journal Here Enjoy
  9. Emmons glacier Ski

    Still looking for a Liberty ridge partner, but I'll lower my standard if anyone is interested in climbing/skiing Emmons route. Hit me up if interested Thursday-Friday Tk421@thatcherkelley.com
  10. Liberty Ridge next week

    Looking for partner/s for Liberty Ridge next week between Tuesday and Friday. I'm open to hauling skis up, or not. Email me if interested Tk421@thatcherkelley.com Thanks, Thatcher
  11. Mount Stuart Climb

    Except on skis
  12. Last minute looking for a partner to ski to the tooth and climb it. Route should be clear of snow enough to climb in boots. If your interested text me: 323-219-nine nine one three
  13. 4/23 Shasta Climb/Ski

    Looking for a partner for Shasta on Saturday 4/23. Ski Descent. Let me know if interested: tk421@thatcherkelley.com
  14. Ledges were is great shape. Snow was styrofoam. No open crevasses except one on the Cowlitz going up. A few on the ID going down. More of a journal than a trip report: http://thatcherkelley.com/photography/2016/04/climbing-mount-rainier-gibraltar-ledges/
  15. Gib Ledges beta

    Anyone been up Gib ledges lately? Is it worth bringing snowshoes on the upper mountain? or just stick to boots/crampons? Also any beta on descent is welcome. Is descending Gib ok, or is ID the way to go? And what condition is ID in this days? Cadaver vs. Cathedral gap? I'm planning on heading up Friday/Saturday (hopefully they open the route back up by then.) RIP to the climber presumed dead who is still up there. Thanks for any information!
  16. Gib Ledges beta

    What's typical start time? I hear of people leaving camp at 5am. That seems late to me, but it's also early season.
  17. Gib Ledges beta

    I we at Muir yesterday. The ranger said that gib route was closed until the can extract the climber. He's on the ledges or chute or somewhere along that route. I'm sure it will be open by Friday.
  18. I'll be driving through CA on April 14th and I'm hoping to ski Mt. Shasta. If anyone is interested in meeting me there, email me: tk421@thatcherkelley.com Thanks!
  19. winter ascent of rainier

    I don't know who has reached the summit this winter, but I'm looking at this week's weather window as a decent chance to make a bid. Probably skin up to Muir Thursday. Then climb gib ledges or ingraham dir. Friday. I don't think I'm proficient enough on skis to summit in them. I'll ditch them at Muir. Anyone interested in joining?
  20. I can't believe I just spent an hour reading every single post in this thread. I'm so bored.
  21. Rainier 2/9-10?

    I'm interested but I work Tuesday. I'm available monday, Wednesday, Thursday. I'd be down to try rainier Wednesday-Thursday. I also wanna do a day trip of baker, St. Helens or hood (skiing) and could do any of those any day day but Tuesday. Email me if interested: Tk421@thatcherkelley.com
  22. Most of my free time is on weekdays. Hoping to find some weekday partners out there. I live in Seatac, so Snoqualmie is closest, but I'll go as far as baker for some good skiing. Email me if you're interested in connecting up one of these days. Tk421@thatcherkelley.com
  23. Is there anyone here or does anyone here know someone who has climbed for years and years, but is now shall we say "well aged", yet isn't letting their physical limitations actually limit them, even if it means slower summits. My point is that I want to find some old school guy who is still climbing (because old people climbing are much much more interesting than us yougins) and I would like to shoot a documentary about that person if they have maybe another rainier climb left in them this summer. Let me know if y'all have anyone in mind.
  24. Looking to head up to Exit 38 tomorrow early for half the day. Looking for a partner. Email or text me if interested: 323-219-9913 Tk421@thatcherkelley.com