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  1. Garmin Etrex Legend (has often outperformed more expensive units) Topo Seattle, Mt. Rainier, Central Cascades, Ver 2.6.8(2 CD set) Topo GPS USA, ver 2.7.7 (1 CD) Case for GPS Serial cable Latest Garmin Software update, v 3.90 I'm not using so its just sitting, works perfectly. $100, local pickup, I'm in Shoreline, WA
  2. For sale, come and get it

    Boots SOLD
  3. Rainier question - camping near Paradise

    It is most definitely NOT OK during spring/summer to camp just above Paradise, stay w/your original plan and stay at Cougar Rock.
  4. "Closed" Roads

    If you're asking about the actual campground, it won't be open until near the end of June, normal. The road into the campground is dependent on a couple of things, Chinook getting open that the DOT site says no sooner than June 6, and Cayuse getting open that the DOT site says 5/24 at EARLIEST. Latest I heard from numerous phone calls was that the WR Campground road had only been cleared so far to the Owyhigh Lks trailhead, its still several miles to the campground.
  5. liberty ridge conditions?

    Rainier website says the road into WR Campground is hopefully opening just before Memorial Day weekend, still 5-8 feet of snow on the road. Carbon side is open, but haven't seen any reports from anyone going in that side yet, its a LONG approach now with the road closed into Ipsut. Call Carbon ranger station, White River ranger station doesn't open until at least Memorial Day weekend.
  6. WANTED: wood shaft ice axe

    Sent PM
  7. best month for Liberty Ridge?

    3rd-4th week in June.
  8. Who wants $250?

    Email me at csrh2 at qwestoffice dot net,have a gravel off street parking area behond the house that likely will suit you, we're in Shoreline so well within your 100 mile request.
  9. Little Tahoma in October: best approach?

    If its after October 7th, the road to White River will be closed for the season making Paradise the viable option, unless you want to add about 8-9 miles each way from Mather "Y" on 410.
  10. Mowich Face Conditions

    All routes on Rainier have suffered badly this year from tons of warm temps and excessive melt. This has exposed LARGE areas above 10,0000 of black, old, glacier ice that many have reported and I've experienced as somewhat bulletproof to pro. The Mowich is melted out with large amounts of exposed 50 degree+ loose scree, rock extremely prone to fall and virtually impossible to protect and the upper section hard exposed ice. This would make climbing it an effort in becoming a human bowling project with you being the pins. Last I checked with the climbing ranger staff there had been no recorded summits of the route this season and if correct no attempts given the status since at least mid July. Add to this the road closures, extended distances of approach, trail damage, and few to no potential rescuers left this late in the season, and hence the view that it might be risky to the point of ridiculous. Try calling the climbing ranger team left there and ask directly about any other advice or updates.
  11. Mowich Face Conditions

    About the Carbon road, the park's website as of 9/26 says, "GOOD NEWS! the road reopens on Saturday, September 22 at 8:00 a.m. to hikers and bicyclists", but at least we know a supply of body bags should be on hand for the attempt. skull
  12. Mowich Face Conditions

    Mowich road closes Oct 8th, Carbon only accessible by hike or bike, planning on a long walk are you?