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  1. Anyone lose something at the base of Rattletale (Index)? If you can describe it to me, I'll give it back to you! I was there on Wednesday (8/22) and it didn't look like it had been there too long...
  2. Downtown Lunch Spots

    What the hell!? I need to start eating lunch in Seattle!
  3. Downtown Lunch Spots

    Is that the one owned by Mario Batali's dad?
  4. Seattle Pub Club, Tues. Jan 10

    <-- Would it look something like this?
  5. OMFG, part 2

    The other four being...?
  6. Favorite Pie?

    I hate warm fruit, but I love RAZZLEBERRY PIE! I also like chicken pot pies. chicken pot chicken pot chicken pot piiiiiiiie
  7. Books at REI on sale

    FYI... ALL books (incl. guidebooks) at REI are on sale through the end of the day today at 20% off. You can order them online.
  8. An excellent discussion on drugs...

    Why thank you.
  9. An excellent discussion on drugs...

    That was hilarious, thanks!
  10. Lord Vader

    He couldn't guess vest. I'm stopping now at 30 because he asked me if I was thinking of a leotard. Who thinks of a leotard??
  11. Look Out, Annabelle

    This reminds me of this calc class I took at UW. Just about everyone would fall asleep during class, because it was early (for a college student) in the morning and his delivery of math concepts was rather dry. One day I was dozing (I usually was in a half-sleep state); he was lecturing and all of a sudden, he slams his hands on the table, breaking his pencil. He then throws the half of the pencil that he was still holding across the room and yells "WAKE UP! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE! IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO LISTEN I'M LEAVING!" and he storms out of the room. It was pretty damn funny. (Sorry for the thread drift. As you were.)
  12. hybrid cars

    -- I have a hybrid (Toyota Prius) and I like it. There is indeed a tax incentive... something in the amount of $2000-2500, but it only applies to the first owner, not someone like me who bought it used. When I was shopping around for a car I found that the Prius was comparable to the other "normal" cars I was looking at, so I didn't feel I was spending a wad more. And I do the Dance of Joy every time I gas up my car. To tell you the truth I'm not much of a car person. I bought it because I sat in it and it felt right, and the dashboard reminded my sister and me of Darth Vader. I like gadgets, and driving a Prius is like playing a video game. There's a power button. The key is now a cartridge. The controls are now a video screen. The gear shift is now a joystick. It's also very roomy. I can fit my bike in the back with the seats down, and it makes a comfy bed (though I'm not too tall a person). For the mileage it gets (around 50mpg in the summer, 45 in the winter) it's a pretty heavy car so I feel safe. The Prius gets a in my opinion. Also - and this is what the dealer told me so it may be taken with a grain of salt - apparently Toyota is the forerunner in hybrid technology. Starting with the 2004 Priuses (Prii?) they made some pretty good advances in the original technology... both engines/systems are patented, and having the new technology they sold the old technology to Honda. So Honda is using old technology. Just FYI. And when I was researching Hybrids a year ago most of the reports I read said the Toyotas are better than the Hondas.
  13. Care Package

    Thanks for everyone's input.