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  1. I have a 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser that I take on climbing trips for sale. It is the most vital peice of climbing gear you could ever need, any trip over 10 miles needs a car and this is a perfect climbing car. It has 161K miles, it is had two owners, my dad then myself. It has a rebuilt engine due to a oil pump that went bad and after an hour of no oil in the engine it went bad. I spend over $6,000 on the engine and it is perfect now. It has 33" tires with a good snow tread on them(only 9 months new) I just put a new catalytic converter on it also. Price is $11K, O.B.O. and I live in portland oregon. PM me for more details or call 503-730-6743 if you live in the area and want to come see it. I will be putting pictures up soon, it will be ready for delivery next weekend(June 25th) Note: car does not come with the stereo pictured, it will come with an AM/FM/CD player. -Travis Alright, here are the pictures i have so far back odometer side inside tires
  2. New climbing trip car

    Thank you all for your suggestions, and to the people that own WRX's you just made my choice permanent, thank you! Remember though, if you have another suggestion, it has to be AWD or 4 wheel drive, it has to be a sedan, at has to get at least 24 MPG and be a 4 door and under 17K. And i would prefer if it did 0-60 in under 6.0(hence the wrx and not 2.5rs) -Travis
  3. Home bouldering wall

    I have a space in my basement that is a 45 degree overhang, it is 8 feet tall(so it is about 11 feet long) and 4 feet wide. Is this to small of an area for a home bouldering wall, will i never use it because it is to small and short or will it be worth it to practice 3-5 hard moves in such a small area. How many routes could i set in this area and how far apart should i drill holes for t-nuts?
  4. New climbing trip car

    I just wanted to get everybodys opinion on a good car for climbing. I currently have a 1996 toyota land cruiser, but it polutes way to much and uses to much gas plus it has a lot of miles. I am looking for a car only, not a wagon, that has sufficient room for 3 packs, 3 sleeping bags and 3 people, i want the car to be fun and fast AWD or good snow handling is a must. So far i am thinking a subaru WRX, any other ideas? EDIT: Price has to be under 17K, no RX hyrbrids, hummers or school buses please.
  5. I get off work at 4:00 in hillsboro(sometimes later) and am getting a membership at PRG. I climb 10's and will be geting my lead card next time i am there. I also climb outdoors on weekends, i have a full sport and trad rack. I am mostly looking for a belay partner at PRG. -Travis
  6. Smith Rocks Camping

    I always camp at the grasslands. If you want to meet up with people either A make a huge freaking fire, or B go to a huge freaking fire. Everytime i have a fire over 3 feet tall people come walking over like zombies pulling out food and beers and they start talking. And if you want a shower, its only $2 if you didn't camp at the biv.
  7. Introducing myself

    Hey all, I am travis, I reside in portland over the summer and Eugene for the school term. I am learning trad, sport up to 10a/b and top rope 10c/d. I meet a few people from cc.com at smith rock two weekends ago(june3rd 4th 5th) I was in the red landcruiser with katy(she posts her) If you were climbing with me, message me so i can know some people here. -Travis