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  1. Olympic National Park Plan

    The public comment period has been extended to 9/30/2006.
  2. Cushman fire

    Found out last night that the Cushman Cliffs did indeed burn. It is going to be quite awhile until Staircase can be accessed from the FS road, maybe a year. It will be interesting to see how the cliffs and the surrounding area have changed after burning.
  3. Cushman fire

    For the past several weeks a fire has been burning on the south flank of Mt. Rose in the Staircase area. Does any body know if this fire is threatening the "Cushman Cliffs" area? I know the crag is off limits, but was curious to see how close the fire is to the cliffs. Thanks
  4. [TR] Glacier Peak- DC route 8/13/2006

    That's quite an effort, good for you. We are going to that area this weekend, any bugs?
  5. Has anybody taken the Heather Creek trail (abandoned) from the Dungeness all the way to Gunsight Pass near Mystery?
  6. upcoming guidebook

    Mt. Zion is mentioned as having huge walls, but being composed of mainly conglomerate. or sandstone/siltstone.
  7. upcoming guidebook

    I picked up a copy from alp. ex. in Oly yesterday. I like the crag and alpine rock sections. Even some bouldering mentioned. This new edition will certainly bring more rock climbers to the area, as the book mentions untapped sport climbing potential.
  8. Bretherton is a fun climb in a beautiful area. It's a great workout car to car. I climbed it in May when Upper Lena was frozen. I do recommend it at that time of year, much more enjoyable over snow. Thanks for the good TR.
  9. Alpine Experience in Oly.
  10. DC route 8/17,18,or 19

    I'm looking for partner(s) interested in the DC route on Rainier. 8/17-18 are the best dates, but I am open to any except 8/11-14 and 8/16. Never climbed Rainier but posess solid glacier/crevasse rescue skills. I am pretty fit right now. I'm 36 and live in Shelton.