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  1. red rock ideas

    Geronimo is only 5.6 but I thought it was really fun.
  2. Basic Aid Climb Suggestions

    City park at Index. Two sets of nuts are all you really need.
  3. Dry-tooling holds

    Stone Gardens makes a bunch of the holds out of simple squares of plywood, works great.
  4. Alpine and tele skis, tele boots

    Price drop: $250 for either pair of skis and bindings, $150 for the boots. I will split skis/bindings if anybody is interesting. I think the Wateas with Dynafits on them would be a nice light spring touring rig.
  5. Alpine and tele skis, tele boots

    Make me an offer!
  6. I need a better breakable leash

    I've been thinking about this lately. How is the fuse going to tell the difference between an avalanche and a good hard fall? You can do a lot of fiddling about with breaking strengths, but I don't think anybody can tell you for sure what forces you'll encounter in a real avalanche. I'd wager it's very easy to create more force in a crash than you'll see in an avalanche. I'm thinking that if you really don't want to lose your skis on a normal day, but really don't want to get submarined in an avalanche... the right answer is brakes.
  7. Alpine and tele skis, tele boots

  8. Ice climbing this Friday

    There isn't any ice. Bring your skis.
  9. 2012 / 13 Washington Ice Conditions

    It's not working because it was typed wrong.
  10. 2012 / 13 Washington Ice Conditions

    Careno Crag is a whole rock area, Black Power is a climb/area on the approach to Careno. They're some of the first routes on the north side as you drive into the canyon. Don't know about Candlestein.
  11. Index climbing conditions now?

    You might also consider Davis-Holland, I've seen it climbed in February. Though you may need to french/aid some of the bottom pitch.
  12. Salomon Pocket Rockets and Fritschis

    185 Pocket Rockets with blue/gray Fritchis set for a size 28 boot. Skis are beat up but functional. I do NOT have skins. $125 OBO. Feel free to lowball me. Seriously, I want these gone. Pics: http://stk.tetongravity.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=95756&d=1348550220 http://stk.tetongravity.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=95987&d=1348550220 http://stk.tetongravity.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=95988&d=1348550220
  13. Salomon Pocket Rockets and Fritschis

  14. Colchuck Lake on 11/2...

    I will be a little more blunt, because I'm not sure you're hearing the good advice that's been given already: This is not a good idea. There won't be a trail for most of the way. You will be traveling in snow, with variable and unpredictable conditions, almost the whole way. You will be in avalanche terrain many times on this loop. You need a good bit of winter travel experience before trying something of this magnitude. You can gain this experience pretty quickly, if you're dedicated, but this is not something you can do some research on from your computer, and then just go out and do. You are underestimating how hard this is, and this is literally how inexperienced people get themselves killed in the winter. Hiking up to Colchuck lake, however, is a fine idea. Much of the winter there will be a boot pack trail in place, the terrain is pretty safe, and the mileage is reasonable. Start small! Stay safe, learn some things, and you'll be able to work up to this plan quickly.
  15. Rainier Dc route-saturday 11/3/12

    You should check the weather forecast.
  16. Debunk this.

    This is not true. In 1945, a B25 flew into the Empire State building. This plane weighs 10 tons, 15-20 times less than a 767, and was trying to avoid hitting the building at the time. You see how that might be different, right?
  17. No power

    It's not like this thread was good to begin with. Just GGK ranting nonsensically about how he's decided the world doesn't make sense, while we can all see he is the one who doesn't make sense. Kinda reminds me of Gary actually. Less funny though.
  18. No power

    Who told you that, and why did you believe it?
  19. Mount Stuart

    The only reason I would ever go UP the Cascadian is to ski down it.
  20. Mount Stuart

    It was snowing down to 3000 feet the last couple of days, did you notice that? I saw fresh snow on Whitehorse and 3 Fingers this morning, and they are much shorter than Stuart. You'll be traveling in snow, so you need to be prepared for that, and it's already the time of year that avalanches may start to pose a threat. Not a lot of people go up Stuart in the winter. It certainly can be done, but it's a whole different ballgame from climbing it in the summer.
  21. SI Joint Recovery

    I have some SI issues too. Here is a really good thread I bookmarked. http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/1061771/gonew/1/SI_issues
  22. Do I need to retire my ice axe?

    This is also widely understood to be false. For example: http://www.geir.com/mythbuster.html http://www.supertopo.com/climbing/thread.php?topic_id=999032 The rule most people use is, if it looks fine, it is.
  23. Stickclipping BBQ the Pope at Smith

    Ethics at Smith are so fucking weird.
  24. Rookie Stripes

    I've always thought this kind of post was rooted in egotism. Hasn't rained in 2 months. Don't worry, it'll all be washed away in a couple weeks.
  25. this winter - good or bad?

    Not sure where you're getting the information you're talking about... the pictures in the linked page don't say warm, they say equal chances for above/normal/below temp. They do say below normal precip. The discussion indicates an el nino is likely, but that a strong el nino seems unlikely to develop at this point. http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/long_range/fxus05.html